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Serena vs. Blair: The Bedroom Edition

melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,099Administrator


edited January 2012 in arts, crafts, & home
gossip girl is all about eye candy! i love the beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes, but most of all, i love the lavish settings. i found a bunch of nice pictures on the interior designer's blog. her name is christina tonkin, and she's also responsible for the sets of sex and the city. i remember reading an interview with her, and she really takes the character's personality and plot situation into consideration, rather than just trying to make the most beautiful sets. you can find more pictures there than what i posted here.

which is your favorite?

blair's bedroom:








serena's bedroom (at blair's place):






serena's bedroom (at her mother's place):







  • TICKLE ME Jx2TICKLE ME Jx2 ? in a FLASH. California, USAPosts: 2,428Member
    I think, if I had to chose, I'd pick Serena's room at Blair's house.
    I love the colors and all the furniture styles compliment each other so well.
    And I LOVE the wall decorations and color.

    But I really REALLY want Blair's closet, hahaha. <3
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  • blushblush vegasPosts: 1,738Member


    My favorite thing about Serena's room is the thing on top of her bed. What is it exactly? When I first saw it, I wanted it so bad LOL. IT'S CUUUTE.
  • PYRITEPYRITE Posts: 15,216Friend of Soompi


    Oh my lawd, those beautiful, beautiful heels...
  • melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,099Administrator


    blush wrote on 24 January 2012 - 09:34 PM:

    My favorite thing about Serena's room is the thing on top of her bed. What is it exactly? When I first saw it, I wanted it so bad LOL. IT'S CUUUTE.

    do you mean the butterflies on the wall? they're made out of crushed beer cans!
    and (scroll down)

    i see a lot of people doing safer DIY versions with paper, though, and that also looks pretty cool.

  • karyeekaryee CanadaPosts: 427Member


    Mm I actually like Blair's room better. And that picture or painting of the eye in Serena's room at her mother's place looks really out of place. 
  • wowastylewowastyle Austin, TXPosts: 2,956Member


    I really love Blair's bedroom, i even found out where I can get her sheets <3 =D

    the picture i love most, is in chuck's bedroom, it's a girl wearing sunglasses.
  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    Serena's is beautiful and more modern than Blair's. It's not my ideal bedroom, but if I had it I wouldn't be complaining. :P
  • inxomniainxomnia FunkytownnPosts: 1,104Member


    edited January 2012
    I think I like Blair's bedroom more. Although the first picture is less than impressive to me, when I looked at the elements of the bedroom, I really liked how everything pieced together and her wardrobe is so lovely! I love the soft textures of her curtains more than Serena's, I prefer the colour scheme and I adore the little lounge. Actually, I love all the furniture choices in Blair's room!

    Serena's room @ Blairs, I like the pop-up butterflies and the large main window. Serena's at her mom's looks too old for her, tbh.

    Edit: went on the blog and just wanted to say, I love the Humphries' Brooklyn loft more than both rooms. Very cosy, comfortable and I love the endless amounts of books. Reminds me of the old days when Dan was still awesome, sigh.
  • c.odettec.odette drifter CANPosts: 148Member, New Member


    Blair's room is amazing because of that shoe closet!
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  • veryhoneyveryhoney Posts: 120Member


    oh my god... this is my dream.......!!ohmy.gif

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  • DelsterDelster Soon to be Crazy Cat Lady. Vancouver BCPosts: 2,675Member


    I prefer the neutral colour scheme of Serena's bedroom but I love the organization of Blair's bedroom! To me, storage space is an absolute must and I like to keep things neatly hidden.
  • Love_LightsLove_Lights Posts: 619Member


    I absolutely love Blair's room! Its so gorgeous :] 

  • sallyensallyen Posts: 1,116Member


    I like Blair's better because it feels more like a personal while Serena's room looks just like a hotel-room.
  • curlyhairedteencurlyhairedteen ElsewherePosts: 223Member


    Wow I really like Blair's bedroom especially her closet. I love how Serena and Blair's room contrast with each other; Serenas' room is bright like her personality while Blairs' is more dark. :sweatingbullets:
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  • YoyoYoyo Posts: 5,677Moderator


    ^ agreed with the personality thing.

    Lol. I actually like Blair's room. I love the colors and everything leans more towards the classy vintage princess like how Blair is. The only thing I like about Serena's room at Blair's is the butterflies besides that I agree with the fact that it looks more like a hotel. Serena's room at her mom's is very funky looking with the poka dots and the different patterns which I love as well. Lol, the eye piece is kind of weird though.

    image image

  • bk1009xbk1009x Posts: 26Member
    love blair's room! her closet i want!!!!!!!
  • AAgurl789AAgurl789 NJPosts: 744Member


    I'm surprised that serena's room at blair's place isn't more eclectic or bohemian chic. Her room looks like a hotel room I agree. The black thing on her bed reminds me of black bats..not into it at all. serena's at her mother's looks alrite. a little small and cluttered. I have yellow bedroom walls, so it's not exactly the most calming color to sleep!

    I would probably never pick the color at blair's place but her room looks very vintage classy without going over the top . Love the audrey portrait and also the marie Antoniette's portrait. her closet is to die for!

    here's the marie antonette's portrait

    blair's dorm room is a copy of her normal bedroom.
  • nana544nana544 Posts: 10,367Member


    I like both, but I would pick Serena's because I love the color that compliments each other.

  • WitchGoddessWitchGoddess ???! Posts: 4,829Member
    I would say Blair's room. I love the pastel blue colors and the wall right behind her bed.
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  • monicarrmonicarr Posts: 35Member
    I love Blair's walk-in closet! Definitely something I want in the future. All those shoes... OMG *dies*. Totally agree that Serena's room in Blair's house looks like a hotel room.. but i love the colours they chose! 
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