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Taking Naps

RayeRaye HawaiiPosts: 379Member


As a kid, I hated naps. I always snuck out of bed when my mom forced me to go to sleep at two-something in the afternoon on weekends, but when I got older, around high school, I found myself falling asleep while watching TV after I finished my homework. In college it got worse. I'd fall asleep on the bus ride home, and on my days off from work, I'd knock out for two hours upon coming home. Now that I'm in a set routine at work, I find myself sleeping for about an hour and a half every weekday, and on weekends, my naps can last up to three hours.

I can't be the only person here who takes a nap on a daily basis. What about everyone else?

Perhaps it's because I don't get enough sleep since I always push staying up until midnight or so, but even when I do go to sleep early (before ten if I'm extremely tired), I find myself taking a nap as if it's a routine regardless of how many hours of rest I got the night before. Is it just something that happens as you get older, or does anyone think it's just a lethargic routine that I set up myself?


  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,624Friend of Soompi


    I think in your case it has become routine in the sense that you're probably not giving your body as much rest as it needs by getting to bed late (and, presumably, getting up early because you are a teacher).  So I think it's only natural for your body to need that little nap during the day to recharge.  I can kind of identify with that because my routine has been to wake up pretty early myself.  And depending upon how early or late I went to bed that night would pretty much dictate how much I need to take a nap during my lunch breaks.  Sometimes it could be so bad that I would start nodding off a little at my desk, lol.

    But anyway, no - I don't think that you are the only one that takes naps as I've noticed coworkers taking naps themselves in their cubicles during their lunch breaks as well.

  • iridescentiridescent Posts: 2,486Friend of Soompi


    I'm prone to taking a nap between classes and work. It's important to me to be bright and alert when I'm working and sometimes just a 30 minute power nap can get me there.

    But I do think it's better to get a solid night's sleep than to get dependent on naps which might affect the quality of night sleep.

    I totally know what you mean though about parents napping when you're little. It's a lot easier to understand now why they would spend their precious days off sleeping instead of doing other things.
  • MusoMuso The Master Of All Pokemon! USAPosts: 2,762Member


    I take naps every chance I get.
    It's always nice to feel refreshed.

    But it is better to have your full 8 hours of sleep so you're not sleepy in the middle of the day.
  • bokaboka MelbournePosts: 2,753Friend of Soompi
    Nope I don't take naps or feel tired during the day.

    Do you fall asleep reading/watching tv/listening to people speak etc?
    Do you feel depressed?
    Do you drink a lot of coffee or cola etc?
    Is work too challenging or not challenging enough?
    Do you have sleep apnoea or poor ventilation in your bedroom?
    Do you get enough iron?
    Please remember to floss your teeth.
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  • BLEEPM0NiKBLEEPM0NiK Posts: 45Member
    I set my alarm on my phone for 30 minute naps , but always end up sleeping for an hour or more... FAIL
  • 'Noche.'Noche. :) Toronto, CanadaPosts: 514Member
    I don't take naps. I'd rather just sleep an hour earlier, and I think a longer, uninterrupted sleep is more restful than short snoozes. I'm the type of person who sleeps 8-9 hours a day, and I've managed to keep to those hours all through school.

    If you feel the urge to take a nap, try to instead do some exercise. And maybe go to bed earlier, at the same time every day, even if you don't fall asleep right away. It sometimes takes me 1-2 hours to fall asleep because I'm thinking about things. With a consistent sleeping schedule, I hardly ever wake up in the middle of the night, but I can get up in the morning without the alarm clock. the last syllable of recorded time
  • NinsharkNinshark I like crabs Posts: 1,744Member


    omg same here -__-

    hated naps, and now I just...take them, not even on purpose, I just fall asleep when I have to!

    It's a matter of discipline and adjusting to freedom sometimes. I didn't fall asleep in class until 12th grade and I felt like junk when I did so. I never did it before because it was so taboo, my dad would be so mad!!!

    and then in college, I made it a habit to sleep in class!?? WHY??!! such a retarded student! Sometimes I'd feel so tired in class that I'd purposely lay my head on my arm to sleep -__- I was so bad, and yeah, my grades too -__-.

    anyway, after my revolution in my college career, I sleep much less and I'm doing much better!
  • happybubblehappybubble Posts: 553Member


    I don't usually take naps because I want to sleep early and longer at night. It's hard for me to sleep at night if I took a nap in the afternoon -_-
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  • vereelimeevereelimee Posts: 45Member


    Naps got me through college.  It became a problem.  Wake up early for class, come home about 2 or 3pm and take a nap for an hour or two.  Then stay up until hw was finished.  Thankfully, that's over.  

    Sometimes it's really good though, especially after a long driving trip.  Those are the best naps, driving home for three hours then falling asleep on the couch and waking up for dinner.  happy.gif
  • hippiehophippiehop I miss the sound of your voice... AtlantaPosts: 6,193Member
    I take naps almost everyday also! I can't help it... It's become routine... especially since I tend to meet up with my boyfriend after he gets off work and that usually results in me staying up later than I wanted to.
  • IrysinonIrysinon Soompi Superstar Posts: 1,460Member


    I always take a nap since my job can be quite slow at times. I also get easily bored, and playing games on the PC or watching DVDs isn't exactly all that much fun anymore for killing time. I enjoy taking naps though. When I wake up, I feel renewed and healthier. Also, since I have a bad case of eczema, it's hard for me to sleep during the night at certain hours. So, naturally, in the mornings I feel like mini cooper. A nap is imperative.

  • LittlePinky82LittlePinky82 S<3NE Posts: 709Member
    Yes, I catch myself taking a nap during the day. I've noticed since I've been going to bed earlier though I don't sleep very long in the afternoon. Just enough time to take a rest. As long as your sleeping schedule doesn't get messed up I think it would be fine to take a rest during the day if you need it.
  • princessberryprincessberry Posts: 218Member, New Member
    im almost the same as you are! :D I take naps VERY OFTEN. haha! And its a looooongggg nap. 

    When I'm at home in the weekend, and when I got 'too free' as i have nothing to do, i will end up sleeping. 

    My mom and sis will be complaining that 'can you just not sleep anymore?!'

    I think I just got not enough of rest? hmm
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  • badboy yardybadboy yardy Santa Clara, CAPosts: 983Friend of Soompi


    I'd love to take naps if I could, but I don't have enough time during the day to take one. Hence, I consume generous amounts of coffee all throughout the day.
  • ilmilioneilmilione Posts: 305Member
    I never did until last summer.. when I just had time to do it and got a bit addicted. Otherwise I'm not a napper though.
  • PogichinoyPogichinoy I &#9829; SydneyPosts: 7,272Member


    I feel you.

    I take super mad power naps during the day. Either at lunch time or whenever I can squeeze one in. They are refreshing, but it's only due to the lack of normal sleep I get.

    Get at least 8 hrs over night and you'll be fine the next day with no naps.
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  • bORicha.bORicha. Posts: 689Member


    edited February 2012
    iridescent wrote on 24 January 2012 - 01:03 AM:

    I'm prone to taking a nap between classes and work. It's important to me to be bright and alert when I'm working and sometimes just a 30 minute power nap can get me there.

    But I do think it's better to get a solid night's sleep than to get dependent on naps which might affect the quality of night sleep.

    I totally know what you mean though about parents napping when you're little. It's a lot easier to understand now why they would spend their precious days off sleeping instead of doing other things.

    actually that isn't true. sleeping for long hours at night is more of a thing that was created by society since we work/etc. during the day. but there are several sleeping cycles that require a lot less time but call for several naps a day. i.e. "20 to 30 minute naps every 4 hours, resulting in 6 naps each day. The uberman cycle is highly efficient, and usually results in feeling healthy, feeling refreshed upon waking and extremely vivid dreams." (source)

    look at dogs- they sleep whenever they want haha. :)
  • jyoisujyoisu Posts: 85Member
    edited February 2012
    If you nap too often it becomes a habit, your body will naturally feel tired during that time of the day because its used to getting that amount of rest. Good thing you only take naps during the weekend. I had major issues during the past few years where i'd feel extremely tired after school. I basically had to take naps or i'd feel unmotivated to do any work =/ its gotten a lot better this year. I still sleep late, but I forced myself to not take naps for several weeks and now im usually fine without taking any. For me, naps aren't refreshing anymore. I always feel like crap whenever I wake up from a nap thats why I'd rather go tired for several hours (usually after a few hours you'll start to wake up) :wacko:
  • chiyochiyo dreamer DreamlandPosts: 2,707Friend of Soompi
    i feel tired often, but i never take naps. whenever i fall asleep, i can't really wake up easily. plus, it's hard for me to fall asleep.

    however i know many people, who take short naps. why not? if it makes you fitter, it's all that matters :)
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  • .La.Dolce.Vita..La.Dolce.Vita. Posts: 248Member


    I try to refrain from taking naps because it becomes a routine and I don't want to feel sleepy during the day time when I have classes and what not. So no, I don't really take naps unless i'm dead exhausted.
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