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Hi Soompiers,

We're excited to announce the launch of our new forum, crafts, DIY, and home decor! Yay! We hope that this new forum will serve as a place where you can show off your creative side, as well as be inspired by the creativity of other Soompiers.

Our goal has always been to provide an organized framework for our audience to talk about the things that interest them. Based on the popularity of threads about crafts and interior design, we believe that this angle is one that appeals to many Soompiers. We'll keep up this forum as long as you prove us right. If the forum turns out to be inactive, don't worry, we will revert to our original scheme!

Our forum moderator is &endeavor., whom you may know from the beauty & fashion forum. She'll be around to help you out, so please make her job easier and abide by all general Soompi rules!

Pictures of your bedroom or dorm room or house, your dream home, your knitting projects, home decor projects, handmade dolls or handbags or clothes, or any DIY tutorials... all that fun stuff goes here now! Please enjoy and feel free to create new threads!


Team Soompi



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