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[Turkish Drama 2011 – Ongoing] I named her Feriha (Adını Feriha Koydum)

MissPanMissPan Posts: 30Member
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A love that begins with a lie...


Title : I named her Feriha  
(Adını Feriha Koydum)
Episodes : Ongoing - probably 65
Broadcast Company : ShowTv
Airing Date & time: Fridays  08:00 pm (inTurkey)
Production Company :  Medyapım
Music: Nail Yurtsever


Feriha is the daughter of a janitor*.  They live in Etiler, a rich neighborhood. Her mother is proud of her smart daughter and wants her to achieve more in life than she could. Feriha gets a scholarship from a private university and there the other students assume that she comes from a rich family like most students who study there. Feriha is ashamed of her background and doesn`t correct them and tries to hide her background and so the lies begin.

Emir is a very rich heir and playboy. He gets interested in Feriha and soon both fall in love with each other. Feriha wants to, but can`t get out of the web of lies she spinned. Will Emir still be by her side after learning about her lies? What will her strict family do, when they learn about her “other”life at the university?

 (*The janitor is looked down upon in Turkey. He doesn`t only do repairs, he also goes grocery shopping for the residents, takes the trash, cleans the building. In return he can live in the apartment downstairs for free and has a low salary.)


afkcast.jpg hazal1.jpg cagtayulusoy.jpg

Here are music videos  to the drama: (contain spoilers to both seasons)

MV   (first season)

You can watch the drama on viki  with English subs.

Season One  
Season Two   

Unfortunately many episodes of season one and a few of season two have been deleted. It`ll take time to repair them, so below are links to the episodes on youtube without subs.

The vikiteam of “I named her Feriha” has started a petition to get the license for this drama. So hopefully the videos won`t get deleted anymore.

Season One
Episode 1 RAW
Episode 2 RAW
Episode 3 RAW
Episode 4 RAW
Episode 5 RAW
Episode 6 RAW
Episode 7 RAW
Episode 9 RAW
Episode 10 RAW
Episode 11 RAW
Episode 12 RAW
Episode 13 RAW
Episode 14 RAW
Episode 15 RAW
Episode 16 RAW
Episode 17 RAW
Episode 18 RAW
Episode 19 RAW
Episode 20 RAW
Episode 21 RAW
Episode 22 RAW
Episode 23 RAW
Episode 24 RAW

Season Two

Episode 25 RAW
Episode 26 RAW
Episode 27 RAW
Episode 28 RAW
Episode 29 RAW
Episode 30 RAW
Episode 31 RAW
Episode 32 RAW
Episode 33 RAW
Episode 34 RAW
Episode 35 RAW
Episode 36 RAW
Episode 37 RAW
Episode 38 RAW
Episode 39 RAW
Episode 40 RAW
Episode 41 RAW
Episode 42 RAW
Episode 43 RAW

 áƒ¦  I named her Feriha ღ   MV


  • rhoitrhoit Posts: 21Member


    Hi :)

    Is there any link for this drama other than youtube and viki.

    They both are not working for me.
  • samstersamster Posts: 1New Member
    ^ same here!! :(
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