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Which k-pop group started influence you into k-pop?



  • _ajakajak__ajakajak_ Posts: 156Member
    i started with anjell... and then cnblue...and then snsd...and then super junior...and then dbsk...and then bigbang
  • imtoghaiimtoghai Soompi Forums :DPosts: 1,561Member


    Watched Super Junior on "Super Junior Full House" and became a fan right after which introduced me to the whole Kpop scene.
  • LeopoldineLeopoldine Posts: 571Member


    My sister listened to Wonder Girls' Tell Me when it was a huge hit.
    I hated it at first. But the more she put it on, the more I actually liked it. So I searched for the other songs and got to know Irony which I liked much better than Tell Me. Then I got to know SNSD because of the rivality between the fans' two groups etc etc

    But I don't listen to K-Pop much these days. It kind of bores me now. *shrugs*
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  • trangltrangl Posts: 116Member


    my friend introduced me to dbsk in 2006 and have been hooked ever since! DBSK KEEP THE FAITH!!!
  • starformestarforme 해결사 (신화) daul's constellationsPosts: 4,022Member


    I was drawn in from the Lee Minwoo wave ^^ but fell in love with all of Shinhwa. DBSG & 1tym came shortly after.
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  • soshi_soneboicesoshi_soneboice Posts: 76Member
    SNSD & CNBLUE brought me into k-pop world ^_^


    proud to be SONEs & BOICEs
  • gmariegmarie Syracuse, NYPosts: 180Member


    H.O.T. of course! Who could deny Junie and his bright red hair?! :D

    ......and then came Shinhwa.


    Still love them all to this day *^_^*
  • Beautiful*NightmareBeautiful*Nightmare .I Adore You. Posts: 1,443Member


    Super Junior with their Don't Don. I was so into K-pop afterward.

    But lately, not so much. All the songs starting to sound alike to me.
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  • stillerfreundstillerfreund Posts: 10Member


    from watching inuyasha. i liked the ending song sang by BoA. i  realized she's not japanese and i started listening to her korean songs. right then i started listening to kpop, that was around the time suju just debuted. 
  • loversixteenloversixteen Posts: 2,955Member


    BoA (from Inuyasha), then DBSK (Triangle) and finally Xman and this all happened in sixth grade.
  • Sweet.desireSweet.desire 바보 체라 . ㅋㅋㅋ Posts: 571Member
    Wonder girls introduced me to k-pop :)
    then i got to know big bang & super junior
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  • *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.**.:AnGeL*BAbII:.* chocaholic.x Posts: 3,604Member



    It wasn't even their songs that I fell in love with first, they captured me in their variety shows. :D
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  • koneko26koneko26 californiaPosts: 756Member
    i stumbled upon a tvxq video for tri-angle and it was around 2006 when i first saw it. after that i was hooked!
  • ciara_14ciara_14 ._kisapmata your back x]Posts: 320Member


    I saw TVXQ's Balloons MV on our cable tv. But I was just captured by one of the members so I started looking up at the net. Then, I just found myself mesmerizing on how they're all great on stage!
    The rest is history...
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  • r-obotixr-obotix HoniPosts: 706Member


    Shinhwa & G.O.D. brought my sister to Kpop, then SM Town 2002 officially dragged me in ^__^
  • prisonerzeroprisonerzero North Carolina, USA.Posts: 4,512Member
    Super Junior.
    And now I don't like them anymore, hah.
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  • d.zired.zire ►☊ theDJisMINE ☊◄ Posts: 314Member


    Wonder Girls. 
    It was their So Hot song.
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  • LavendereLavendere laff AustraliaPosts: 275Member
    Definitely Epik High.. and then BoA and Big Bang.
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  • -caramel-caramel Posts: 7Member
    SNSD! <3 Didn't really like them at first after watching Hoot, but i totally love them now :DD
  • AnimeuverAnimeuver Posts: 298Member, New Member


    My first one was Mirotic by TVXQ back in 2009, then Suju helped along the way with Exploration of the Human Body and Don't Don, but it was finally my addiction to TVXQ through their japanese song Bolero and their lives did I started my obsession with Kpop. So effectively, it was pretty much TVXQ. :)
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