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baby.jiababy.jia Posts: 167Member


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Hello! This is not my main 411..

If you wish to talk, go to THIS THREAD. Thank you ^-^

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  • DanilloDanillo Posts: 139Member
    Hi Jia nice to meet you :) , How are you

    I hate it to when people watch you eat, you not a attraction to watch :P
    I wish i can duo-task to :(

    Have fun over there :)
  • ShinsekaiShinsekai Posts: 365Member


    New 411?:P
    So I said:My parents speaks Cantonese but Mandarin to me
    Most of my friends are Hong Kongnese lol xD So I learned how to speak cantonese by going out with them a lot... Also by watching Stephen Chows movies...
    What other languages do you speak? I can speak Dutch and French as well
  • TVBuddyTVBuddy Posts: 2,395Member


     I took a dump five minutes ago, my Richard Simmons is still not wiped yet, you're welcome to give it a smooch.
  • DanilloDanillo Posts: 139Member
    Nice to meet you too :] I'm doing pretty good, though I should sleep soon. It's almost 7am over here haha.

    What's Belgium like? I've never been to Europe :o

    Well all country's have its bad thing we got a few to :P
    I can realy tell how it is here i only lived here sow i cant compare

    and you need sleep :P haha or you will be a zombie tomorow 
  • MauldenMaulden Someplace with WiFiPosts: 1,053Member


    baby.jia wrote on 02 January 2012 - 06:16 PM:

    Aw, you too? At least now I know I'm not the only one :vicx:
    Nice taste in music, btw. I'm surprised you don't play LoL, haha.

    Yeah, I think there were like a dozen 411s I visited recently that just vanished. :crazy: Heck, I think every thread that was started or posted on since December 27 just disappeared... so strange. :blink:

    And thanks. :D It looks like we've got some favorite artists in common. And I totally would play LoL, but the laptop I used for playing video games died on me a few months ago. :tears: At least I've still got my console games to keep me company. :3

    Anywho, I was on your 411 and saw this:

    baby.jia wrote on 02 January 2012 - 05:37 AM:
    You can ask me anything [that's not too personal] :) I don't bite.

    Sooo... if G-Dragon, Jaejoong, Nickhun, Taeyang, Key, Jokwon, Heechul, and Taecyeon all came to your house and declared they would have an arm-wrestling match, and the one who LOST the most matches would take you out on a date to his second-favorite Korean BBQ restaurant ever... who would you sneak up on and ninja-tickle (:ph34r:) in order to make them lose and throw the game in their favor? :P
  • baby.jiababy.jia Posts: 167Member


    Posted Today, 08:22 AM

    Aww, thank you :] I like bunnies.
    Visit my 411!
  • ShinsekaiShinsekai Posts: 365Member


    They removed your topic cuz you were too cool :)

    Bejing accent is so... hard xD
    You have to add the suffix -er after almost each word lolol it sounds so not cool
    Haha My parents did the same thing but I did learn mandarin from them :P

    Wat's Toi San in English?
    Uhm I live in Belgium and you get to learn French and English in secondary school so yeah :P
    Belgium people speaks either Dutch or French xD

    take care
  • DanilloDanillo Posts: 139Member
    baby.jia wrote on 03 January 2012 - 04:06 AM:

    Hm, true. How's the weather right now, then? I would imagine cold and possibly snowy?
    I think I'm nocturnal o.o I function better at night. Too bad most people function better in the day.

    No snow :( to bad because i love snow ,miss it :(
    And i love living night to but it make ma a vampire and i m not Edward :P hehe
    But i love sun to :P and sleep and both :) ^^
  • ShinsekaiShinsekai Posts: 365Member


    Oh I study Sinology (Chinese) in university with economic as minor.
    We had 1 month of Beijing accent course, the teacher kept telling us how to position our tongues LOL

    Cool so you got a extra skill :D +10 respect points

    Yes we moved when I was like 11-12 or something...
    I don't know German, in Belgium we learn French and English in most secondary schools.
    I think in Holland you get to learn German and English...
    My English is OK. Sometimes I still make noticeable mistakes in like sentence structure and so and my pronunciation isn't really that good.
    I want to study 1 year abroad in the USA or so just to boost my English skills...

    Oh yeah my French is pretty mini cooper as well, I learned like 9 years French (in primary school and secondary school) and I still suck at it >_<
    So don't feel too bad about yourself hahaa!
  • MauldenMaulden Someplace with WiFiPosts: 1,053Member


    edited January 2012
    baby.jia wrote on 02 January 2012 - 07:01 PM:

    I made my old 411 over a year ago, haha. Maybe Soompi hates me ;___;

    Everyone at my high school and their brother plays LoL, haha. Even some of my female friends are hardcore LoL players. It was like I was the only one that has yet to convert :ph34r: . I'm just not the gamer type I guess. I only like playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

    I haven't listened to Owl City in a looong time. Florence + the Machine is good. I randomly stumbled upon an MV on Youtube, and was a fan ever since.

    Omg, I really had to think for this one O_O I love Taeyang, Key, and Jokwon. DANGIT, why did you have to pick my favorite members!

    ..I think.. I would ninja-tackle Taeyang. Jokwon has Ga-in, and I like Taeyang's voice better than Key's. This is a good question, hahaha. Come up with more!

    Aw, really? Mine was around for a while too... seems like Soompi doesn't like me either. :tears: Ahh, what a cruel, cruel forum.

    I know what you mean, some of my friends on Facebook post LoL spam EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. >_< I'm always hearing "kekekeke, a new character came out!" or "yay, I finally won with this character." Oh well... such is life. We'll just have to resist our friends's LoL-ishness. :P

    Another question? Hmm... *thinks hard* ...okay, I can't think of anything new, so I'll just continue the thought from before. So! Prepare to face the consequences of your choice! :ph34r: *ominous*

    Okay, so you and TaeYang have gone to his second-most favorite Korean BBQ restaurant (why not his first favorite? Well, he wants to save that for the SECOND date :D). But the other guys won't give up on you! So they're all sneakily plotting how to get you to leave TaeYang and go out with them instead. How? Well, it's like this:

    - Key plans to jump out and glomp you when you go to the bathroom, and ask you to run away with him. If you say no, he'll start singing your favorite SHINee song to change your mind.
    - JoKwon will show up in front of your table dressed in a really goofy outfit, with a rose held between his teeth. Then he'll do a really corny dance routine, sing one of his songs, and ask you to run away with him (and he'll probably remind you that he and Ga-In aren't on We Got Married anymore :P).

    As for the other guys... well, it sounds like you're not THAT interested in them, but they'll try anyways:

    - G-Dragon will show up and claim you're his "Heartbreaker." Then he'll challenge TaeYang to an epic dance-off for your heart.
    - Jaejoong will disguise himself as a waiter, and when you order, he'll ask you if you want your dinner "with a side of TRUE LOVE." If you say no, he'll cry and start doing that weird screaming thing he did in DBSK's "Rising Sun." Which doesn't seem like a good plan, but he's Jaejoong... planning isn't his thing. ._.
    - Nichkhun will ask you to marry him. He says if you agree, you get free yummy Thai food FOR LIFE.
    - Heechul shows up in a dress. And... yeah, that's pretty much it. :blink:
    - Taecyeon plans to show up at your table... with no shirt on. Then he'll stand there and flex his muscles. He won't say anything, he'll just stand there... flexing.

    BUT! TaeYang has plans of his own. If you try to leave him, he'll smear water under his eyes to make it look like he's been crying, then have a piano wheeled in. And then he'll sing "Wedding Dress" to you, to convince you to take him back.

    So! Now that you know what everyone will do on your date, what will you do? Will you stay with TaeYang, or go with one of the other guys? :D
  • sincerelyxxchisincerelyxxchi CaliforniaPosts: 4New Member
    wow you have really beautiful clear white skin :)
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