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The sexy moment of a guy



  • NikkyNikky As Far As The Sea Flows VirginiaPosts: 583Member


    When we're in public and my guy will move behind me, put his arms around me and hold me tight to him. He's also tall enough that he can rest his chin on my head.

    When he gives his full on 'pouty' face. He does it when I'm razzing his behind really good and he knows there's no defense for him.

    His beaming smile that just makes all of him light up. He has such an alluring smile that I literally am not lucid for a few moments. It's easy to get lost in his smile.
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  • AngelAngel Posts: 1,061Member
    A guy on a crotch rocket, PURE SEX!!!!!
  • sowhatsnewsowhatsnew Posts: 101Member
    i find guys who looks good in suits really sexy for some reason
  • FusionGT2FusionGT2 Cowfun San Jose, CAPosts: 4,787Friend of Soompi


    I would imagine everyone has a different ideal on what is sexy in their eyes.. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is sexy, ugly, pretty, annoying etc etc.

  • christelle-gchristelle-g ~Pacific Island~Posts: 808Member
    You know the guys you see in the Gillette Fusion razors ads?
    When they are half naked and shaving...I've always thought tha's sexy!! :D
  • LisforLoveLisforLove Posts: 6Member
    Guys can DEFINITELY look sexy when cooking. Why? Because when they cook they show they have more to them than the typical stereotype of a general man. This is attractive. Personally, when I see a man offering to wash the dishes or telling me to relax while he starts a bath for me, I find that EXTREMELY appealing. This shows that the man has a caring side, a nurturing side that we all look for in a man subconsciously. It all goes down to our primal years way back when. Of course, there are the obvious moments as well, such as when he's swimming, just getting out of the pool, getting down and dirty while doing some yard really depends on who you ask. Manly men are great. Feminine men are appealing. It varies.
  • dolcedor.dolcedor. Posts: 2,626Member


    When he's driving with one hand on the wheel, the other arm propped against the window. B)

    Bonus points if he has defined triceps and forearms.
  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    I have a simple one...seeing a guy concentrate on his work, especially if it is work they enjoy doing. I love studying the facial expressions, their concentration... I find that everyone has a different "work face" they put on. I love glancing up at my boyfriend every once i'm a while when he is deep into his graphic design work. Watching him focus intently and furrow his eyebrow everyone once in a while drives me crazy for some reason. :D
  • jinnysarangjinnysarang Posts: 185Member
    When a guy reads a book! :)
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  • Chibi_ChouChibi_Chou Posts: 44Member, New Member
    Yes it is defenetly sexy! But it is also sexy, when they make you think, that you are the boss, but in reality they are the boss...^^
    Protecting is also sexy!
  • dolcedor.dolcedor. Posts: 2,626Member


    I thought of another one.

    When you're bantering with a guy and he ends up one upping you. I love wit and intelligence. B)
  • hb_jackpothb_jackpot Posts: 421Member


    Sexiest when a guy is playing a guitar or a piano or w.e intruments.... Sometimes I wonder of Im more into the intruments than the guy haha.

    And i think guys are sexy when they wear hoodies and sweat pants... And have a messy "I just woke up" bed hair ... Idk why. Just Plain and simple is sexy.
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  • alisonwonderlandalisonwonderland Posts: 73Member
    this is silly, but in college I thought it was hot when someone who's already fairly attractive (and not the type you'd pin for being an intellect) was studying hard. idk it just makes them that much more attractive :P

    Like woahwoahwoahh, you're rocking those skinny jeans, that perfectly quaffed hair, that beanie, those raybans--and you're studying hard for biochem?
  • Luuuri.Luuuri. Posts: 6Member
    When they roll up their shirt sleeves.
    When they play the guitar and sing (well) haha.
    When they get out of the shower with messy wet hair.

  • paulineepaulinee McLovin' New YorkPosts: 1,239Member


    When a guy can drive really well, even though that seems like most guys but it really isn't. Little things that a guy does will be a turn on for me also.
    I'm just a girl living her life.
  • coolhandlecoolhandle Posts: 101Member
    dolcedor. said:
    I thought of another one.

    When you're bantering with a guy and he ends up one upping you. I love wit and intelligence. B)
    First of all...only 2 pages for woman and 5 pages for men...Men are really not that picky...yeah?!

    Secondly, after 5 pages, only 1 post that mentions WIT & INTELLIGENCE!?!

    A guy who's intelligent and good at what he does, yet still humble.  I want someone to best me, yet not be a SORE winner.

    Confidence exudes sex appeal...Goodness gracious...
  • _Celsius_Celsius USAPosts: 11Member
    Guys who are confident when singing or dancing or sexy(: Or, as sundae_ said, when they know they have the upper hand and has a playful smirk on their face *~*
  • TheBlackRavenTheBlackRaven Posts: 33Member


    _Celsius wrote: »
    when they know they have the upper hand and has a playful smirk on their face
    ^ best when done hand-in-hand with wit and intelligence.

    There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You'd think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not, the opposite is true. You see the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists? Well without the dreamers, they might never get off the ground.
  • ling_lingling_ling United KingdomPosts: 3,678Member
    I find wit or intelligence sexy - if he is witty and slightly over-confident about it then WOW
    I have dated two guys like this and have to say it was fun

    But another thing that is sexy, seeing them do household chores or holding a baby. Like the guy i am engaged to now.
    When he cooks for me and cleans I just melt :P
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  • micky_x:]micky_x:] Posts: 687Member
    When a guy is in the shower naked with the hot water running down his body and his eyes close like his savoring the moment.

    droooool :)

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