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Revlon Make Up Official Thread

~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^Posts: 1,032Member


edited December 2011 in beauty & fashion
Hello Soompi Beauty's,

I'm back and well... I am once again restarting a Revlon Make Up Official Thread - I know I've been gone for a very long time after 2010, but I am back again to restart this beautiful topic.
First of all I am going to clear some stuff up about the limited edition Gucci / Revlon make up set.
This gift set will not be released in Hong Kong, as giftsets a not popular in Hong Kong...
Not very much space in Hong Kong to put up the Revlon giftset so its really a big pity to those who been keeping up with the website and stuff in order to know that is going on in USA.

Also I need to clear up some information on Revlon's Scented Nail Polish.

the first release for the scented nail polish was in the year 2009 as it was released during summer as a limited edition, the second collection was also released in the year 2010 also as a limited edition for summer.
I have listed this before, and so I will re-list them again.
Yes they are all in corrected orders.

2009 - Revlon - Scented Nail Polish
Coconut Crush
Mad about Mango
Pretty in Papaya
Sublime Strawberry
Passionate Fruit
Mon Cherry
Raspberry Rapture
Not so Blueberry

2010 - Revlon - Scented Nail Polish
Orange Smoothie
Ocean Breeze
Peach Smoothie
Orange Pop
Gum Drop
Grapy Icy
Cotton Candy
Bubble Gum

Please note they relaunch the scented collection for those who missed the first and second collection this summer as well, it will still be on sale in hong kong drugs stores in limited numbers!
If you really can't find it and really want the full collection, I will help you get a set for you, if you can tell me where you are.

To those who used Just Bitten and you no longer can find this product in USA and other places I can tell you they have discontinued this product due to some guru's who a popular on the internet say it breaks or dry out too quickly.
I have been using mine for almost a few weeks now and I noticed that if the cap is no clipped back on well enough, it will tend to dry itself out on the tip, and to make it moist again you can soak it in a very tiny amoung of sugar water that is eatible.
There is still a very small number of this product in Japan in very small unknown drug stores and make up stores... but please note to check the date as they will give you no refund.
The lip balm keeps breaking is because you either mistakenly pressed too hard on your lips or it was dropped before you brought it... so you really need to shake it a bit to see if its really broken on its own... shake softly like a baby thank you =-= anyway this product has discontiuned and there is no news either it will be relaunched or not... so please don't ask me.. I will update if there is a relaunch.
~Best Regards


  • yeung.yeung. whoa. AustraliaPosts: 864Member
    I have the 2009 sublime strawberry and raspberry rapture nail polishes :-D They smell so nice!
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member



    ok a very short note and some tips to correct people who used this powder and found it wet and cakey, i know a lot of people who have been going to youtube have been hearing bad complains about this losse powder.
    yes this powder does give your skin a very natural and soft look if you don't give the foundation another application as it will tend to give your face a very dry and cakey look.
    i would like you to know that i am a cosplayer / revlon make up blogger for hong kong and i know there has been a little misunderstanding.
    the first time i used this foundation, i would have found it a little wetter than wet based foundation.
    but in truth its a lot more easier to wear than normal loose powder and you don't need a second application as it has no need, if you do need to give your face a touch up a little normal compact foundation would be fine.
    please note there is a little shimmering in this powder and i am not resonable to those who hates shimmer... trust me, i'm not the one who gave the idea... even though my staff knows i'm a pink fan... trust me... everything i don't get one color i want ... they replace it with a nude or a nice pink color polish o.o;;

    tips from usagi!

    A: if you have scars that is not deep but seeable even if you wear loose foundations, here is a small tip you can try... wear firming lotion under your skin that is suitable for your skin base and mix it with your normal BB cream and wear it then wear a thin layer of foundation compact poweder then 1 thin layer of loose powder... this will make your skin look very smooth, firming lotion can help you remove the scars slowly and it will make a different.

    B: if you have dry skin mix your BB cream with a day based moisturing cream and wear it as a base then wear the loose powder and your done as there is no need to dry your skin out with a third coat of foundation, that goes to all you senstive skins out there who has pimples and keeps causing more redness and itchy-ness to your skin =-= and never never try to wear foundation over open scars or wounds!!

    C: if you have oily skin, please wipe your skin down with a none-alcohol based toner and pat your face dry and then spray a little oil control face spray... this will help you last your foundation longer, no BB cream is needed for your skin as BB cream contains a lot of oil on its own base, all you need to do is mix your wet foundation lotion with a little oil control lotion and wear it adding a very light and thin layer of loose powder, do not wear BB cream during summer ... wear it during winter as three layers of foundation will cause your skin to oil more.

    To those who have normal skin, please follow step B and C, as this is all you need.. C for summer to remind normal skins and B for winter.
    take care
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    Small Update!!

    The scented nail polish that has been relaunched during summer is more pigmented than the one that was released from 2010 as its more watery and more easier to use than the one from the second collection.

    The nail polsih I am wearing right now is!!!
    Top Speed Dry - Sheer Cotton
    Scented: Cotton Candy.

    More update soon...
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member



    DNA Foundation review will be released this coming Thursday 29th 2011!!
    Lip butter will also be coming soon once I redo the nail polish review ^-^

    Events will be held this year as well, as we're going to hold mini small fan meetings for soompi's members this year live.
    The event and date will be updated on here as well as the reviews.
    I will be appearing either in a cosplay form or I will be appearing as myself with nothing much but a simple make up look.
    See you all there and Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!!
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    a lot of people a saying using clear nail polish can help you remove your nail polish clean and quickly, yes even thought its true, i would hope you all know Acetone solvent cleaners a found in super glue removing gels and they get your nail polish more easily off than using water based acetone as its in gel form its more easier to remove the glue and two small gell coat is enough...
    The brand I use is Aron Alpha - Solvent Cleaner, you can get the 10ML for a cheap price, and small amoung goes a long way... yes the thing is still here after 2 months... and i haven't used much of it.
    anyway this is my tip for now ^^
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    edited December 2011
    Nail Polish - Sublime Strawberry

    today's review is sublime strawberry, like i said before the relaunch is more watery and more pignment in color as i hated / complained about the second release like hell last year, and if you want to know what i wrote back then in 2010 i will be happy to repost it for all my fans.
    i know a lot of people has been writting that it takes a long time to dry or that its still wet even the next day.
    first of all, those who doesn't wear a base coat on their nails and just wear the nail polish plain without a top coat, you will see little gloss, so if you wish it to be glossy, please wear a normal clear coat.

    if you wear a base and top coat it will take 1 hour and 3 minutes to dry as the under layer is still wet and its not dry or harden compeletely on its own.
    tips a written on the bottom so please understand.
    even thought it says it'll smell after it dries, please do not smell it when its wet as it can smell like ethyl acetate and butyl acetate =-=;; and the smell doesn't stay for 4 days, it last for 2 weeks if you wear a top coat, and this coat will will last for around 2 weeks and it'll start chipping...
    i only wear nail polish for a few days and remove them after 4 to 5 days since i can slip my nails easily and it takes a long time to chip for me =-= it takes 1 month and 12 days to chip for me =-= so i really don't want the slipping to happen again even though i wear a base coat =-=

    the color is darker and more pigment with two coats and at the same time it does smell like sweet strawberry candy with a hint of lime, really don't understand why people can't smell the lime =-= ... but there is a hint.. very tiny but still it's the sourness that you can pick up
    i had a really long talk about this polish last year and i did make a big complain about its thickness, don't really understand why people found it watery, but it was damn thick and i had to thin it out =-= .... you guru's out there ... have a look at the polish and don't judge the liquid by the bottle =-= judge it when you wear it =-=;;;
    the old verison you have to wear at less 3 coats since the color didn't show up easily =-= and so i had a talk with them and they made a big change... yes i must have told you all about the Beach before that its mostly yellowish - green well ... at less its a little more green than before.. lime green this time finally!!
    other collections will be up soon, here are the pictures below the link.
    Revlon Scented Collection - New Edition

  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    edited January 2012
    Nail Polish - Coconut Crush

    today's review is coconut crush, like i said before the relaunch is more watery and more pignment in color as i hated / complained about the second release like hell last year, and if you want to know what i wrote back then in 2010 i will be happy to repost it for all my fans.
    this is less sheer than the one in the past from the first collection its more on the pearly white side and i know a lot of people has been writting that it takes a long time to dry or that its still wet even the next day.
    first of all, those who doesn't wear a base coat on their nails and just wear the nail polish plain without a top coat, you will see little gloss, so if you wish it to be glossy, please wear a normal clear coat.

    i noticed it seems sheer on the nails when i first wore it, but in truth its very much pearl white and shimmery in the sunlight, the smell is a very light coconut and chanel coco based perfume scent.
    its very light and fresh, suitable to those who like light / fresh scent.

    The first collection
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    Revlon New Release.

    This product is now on sale in USA, its a very light and air based makeup that is suppose to make you look natural as if you didn't wear any foundation.
    There is 8 shades to choose from.

    This is a new nail polish that is released from Revlon as well that is out on sales, there is a total of 32 Shades to choose from.

    more update coming soon, as well as my upcoming foundation review.
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    DNA Foundation - Review
    The foundation texture is a very light airbrushed texture which makes you look like you wore no foundation as it can be used as a base, but sadly there is a little problem and that is the oxidation effect that appears after about 30 monutes after wearing.
    This isn't an oil based foundation so you can mix it with a moisture cream and a small way can last you a long time, but... its not really suitable for oily skin due to the it might flake.
    If you have oily skin and you wish to use this foundation you can pump a very small amoung and mix it with you normal / daily used toner as it will make your skin less flaky and very much like nothing drying is happening towards your skin.
    This will help you save money and more likely give you a natural airbrush feel, layers and layers of foundation will dry your skin...
    If you have scars on your face you can mix it with scar or firming cream as it will help you rebulid your skin naturally, but this isn't thick enough to cover your scars so please be aware.
    I have no issue with the texture and a small pump can last me a long time since i mix it with my normal used face cream, but still the sour smell is noticeable.
    We'll keep improving this product, please stay tune.
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    This is a very natural and perfect concealer where a little can go a long way, using too much can cause your eye lid to look very powder like and very cakey, this product is still on sale even thought it was released last year, sorry for the late review, but I would say this is very good product, i don't see any problem in it... but it will sting your eye if you wear too thick of this concealer and thats the only problem i had.

    Top Speed Nail Polish - GOLDEN [issue]
    Those who have brought this nail polish and found it too thick and way over too pigment this is supposed to be 1 coat only, not two... and it drys really quickly because its suppose to dry in 60 seconds.
    If its too thick, you can add a little nail polish thinner and try and make it more watery so you can wear it more easily, do not try and mix acetate into the nail polish as it will slip and change color.
    The second problem that I know and hear of is that the nail polish drys out very quickly after 14 days of opening, I have not witness the problem yet so if you have this problem... please wipe the nail polish top down with nail polish thinner and if it gone very thick... pour all the nail polish thinner into the bottle and let it sit for 1 hour it might help you loosen up the product.

    Revlon - Japan
    Yes its true, only the second release scented nail polsih was just released in Japan, and there is 7 scent on sale...
    for now i hope it helps
  • Booger FaceBooger Face processed cheese. NorCalPosts: 2,896Friend of Soompi


    I recently bought the airbrush mousse and I love it! I actually had to buy two shades so I could mixed them together to get my shade. And a little goes a long way but it's kind of hard to pump a small amount since it's in an aerosol can. There is some shimmer to it but I usually cover it up with my loose powder.

    But I'm currently breaking out really bad and I'm hoping that it's not the cause. Maybe it's the bad junk I've been eating. :blush:
  • musiklovermusiklover Posts: 225Member


    the revlon butter for the lips is it good? I saw on another thread and a lot of people seem to be using it.can someone review it thx
  • !Lei!Lei Lurker Posts: 767Member
    Usagi, thanks a lot for the detailed reviews.

    By any chance, if you have them, can you please review the:

    Revlon powder foundation = the one with the red case, anti-aging one..
    Revlon powder foundation = white case, with whitening properties

    revlon screen "solid" to liquid foundation, the one in a compact case, the one with the screen that you push so you can get the foundation out? I think this is from the photoready line.

    btw, I don't have problematic skin, dont have acne scars or much blemishes, I'm just after the flawless look. I just need an even skin tone.. =) thanks in advance
    I have internet connection problems.

    And no, I don't have a 411...yet.

  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    edited January 2012
    Tips for people who change their nail polish daily!

    Everyone who use none acetone to remove their nail polish everyday it will slowly soak into your skin due to the fact it takes longer time to remove your polish and your nails might change color in a very slow montion and time.
    Acetone is said to harm your nails more easily due to the damage it will cause, yes true.... but since I don't wear nail polish everyday I will say use acetone based to remove your nails as it doesn't sink into your skin and will quickly dry out without staying into your skin too long.

    1. I wear nail polish on a daliy basic
    Wearing nail polish everyday will damage your nails and at the same time you will see chipping and slipping in some parts of your nails due to the fact its slowly getting your nail weak.
    You should only wear nails polish for more than 3 to 5 days only and remove, and allow your nails to rest for 1 week, after that time is over you can do your nornal nail treatment like normal.
    I learn from the hard way that allowing them to chip on their own would cause my nail to grow weak due to the fact it doesn't have air, so I learn that wearing it so long isn't a good thing.
    If your a gel-nail fan and love the way it last long, you can gel your nail and give it a clear gel base, then after doing the normal Red Carpet Manicure you can paint them and allow them to dry and top it off with a gel-top off.
    This will not allow it to chip and last for one month... after one month remove your gel-polish and allow your nails to rest for 3 weeks or longer as it will be lack on oxgyen.

    2. I see slipping in my nails.
    If your nail is chipping or slipping alot and peeling from its original form after wearing nail polish you can stop wearing nail polish for 3 months and take a lot of fish oils to regain the shine in your skin and body as your lack on vitamin E so you can give your body a good natural fish oil boost and you will see a change in your thin nails and it will be stronger.

    3. Nail Polish doesn't dry in 1 hour...
    Ok if your nail polish doesn't dry within one hour which I have hear many times and I found out it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to dry compeletely on how the air is reacting, even if you gave it the quick dry... the top is dry.. the inside is not.... so soak your nail in 75% isopropyl alcohol for 3 seconds and let it dry... it might... dry quicker... but it doesn't remove the top coat.

    Lipbutter review will be coming up soon I promise musiklover, I will be doing the following colors musiklover
    Candy Apple
    Cherry Tart
    Strawberry Shortcake
    Sweet Tart
    Gum Drop
    Fig Jam
    I promise to do the review soon...

    @Booger Face
    I don't know how bad your breakout is right now, but I know how it is caused... it means your not drinking enough water and my best choice is to drink a lot of water... and at the same time... try cutting down on the salt.
    I will post up a small list of good foods you can eat to change the diet and improve your skin.

    @!Lei - ANSWERED


    This foundation was released during the year 2010 and it is a airbrush based foundation which is suppose to dry in 30 seconds once it touches the skin, as its suppose to give you a natural powderless finish, but it will feel dry as there is no moisture based in the foundation it will give off a very flawless look from far away look, but if you look closely it will make your skin look a bit dry.
    My best tip to use this foundation is to mix a little toner water if you have oil skin and it will give you a very flawless and airbrushed feel.... and if you have dry skin would have to mix a very light lotion during the summer as you might be sweating a lot.
    If your using this during winder pump one pea size of your daliy used moisture and then use a cream scraper and scrap a small amoung of the foundation from the box and mix it and use it... it'll give you a airbrush look.and more like a powderless finish.

    Promise Review
    Revlon powder foundation = the one with the red case, anti-aging one..
    Revlon powder foundation = white case, with whitening properties
    Coming soon ~ not released for the anti aging one... <3
  • cutie.nacchucutie.nacchu Posts: 8Member, New Member
    I do love #117 Almost Nude from their Superlustrous Lipstick range. The color is peachy-nuddish, really nice for smokey look. But it also nice for daily use if you only dab dab it to your lips, then use a lipgloss on it. But I dunno in other country is still there or already d/c.
  • &#33;Lei&#33;Lei Lurker Posts: 767Member
    Usagi! Thank you so much for the review. =) And the tips. It sounds great. :) Trying to look into Revlon, I have tried the Revlon New Complexion, and I love it. Doesn't break me out, unlike the MAC foundations and the concealers recommended here. (I mean, to be honest, the finish, it's freaking flawless and so pretty,but after a few days, my forehead was full of weird cystic zits!)

    Going back to revlon, the new complexion's finish is nice. Good coverage for "small" pimples. :)

    As for the anti-aging one, I get so many compliments when I use it. O_o ... THe powder one in the red case... O_o ... Can anyone try it and let's compare reviews?
    I have internet connection problems.

    And no, I don't have a 411...yet.

  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    I will try and see if the lipstick is discontiuned or not for you and see if its on sale still if there is no product like that I will give you a color replacement, this is usagi's promise.

    @ !Lei
    Will change the texture of the product soon, i promise i just found the same issue in another company product so I will try and make it less cakey... um.... other than that this is all i can answer for now until they release the powder in hong kong... i'll get it done.

    everyone, please welcome a new revlon blogger.... julianna and her partner... evil demon Ace -sweats-
  • hey everyone,

    my name is Julia, and i am a REvlon blogger, i have a tumblr and blogspot account for the Revlon prducts and also a Facebook page and with my fiend's prompting i joined soompi

    so  far i have reviewed the DNA foundation you can see it on my tumblr account, and one thing i can say it is a rreally nice product, and dont for get to like my page so you  can keep track on my reviews.

    thanks and hope to see you soon

    Ja ne,


    FB page:

    DNA Foundation Review:
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,032Member


    Top Speed - Jade [Issue}

    There has been some issue with the nail polish Jade due to the fact its very sheer and I know people isn't very happy with the fact its so sheer and watery, I will try and have this product fixed as soon as possible as its one of the products I am using as well.
    Three to four layers is needed so you would have to wait every 60 second for it to try before giving it another coat as it drys very quickly and it doesn't chip or come off easily.

    For now this is all.. i'll be back.. soon,
  • allenewaffallenewaff Posts: 4Member
    Nail Polish - Sublime Strawberry
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