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Who's going to Korea 2012 Summer?!



  • YeosongYeosong Posts: 3New Member
    GAHHH!! SOMEONE TAKE ME WITH THEM! I'm not going this year, but my parents said if I keep up my grades the way they are that in 2013 I will be able to go :3 ( Gosh, 2013 just sounds futuristic doesn't it? ) Have fun those of you who are going ;D
  • catherinneycatherinney Posts: 30Member, New Member
    I'm in college already lol but I'm going to Korea this summer =D! I'll be there from May 29-August 22, feel free to message me if you will be there around the same time! I'd love to meet some soompiers.
  • CallingJayCallingJay Posts: 16Member


    NOPE :[ I am sad!
    I would want to go but no-one will go with me anyway, no one is interested here where I live.
  • G-SungG-Sung Posts: 6New Member
    I'm going this summer as part of my school's Korean exchange program. I'm super excited!!! ^^
  • B-RabbitB-Rabbit Posts: 109Member
    planning to go this whole summer ^-^! but thing is i'm going alone haha. first time travelling by myself... having so much trouble looking for a place to stay 2 whole months >_> since i have no close friends or relatives in seoul.
  • safiresafire Posts: 24Member
    edited May 2012
    i hope so!
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