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[Drama 2012] Full House 2 / Full House Take 2 풀하우스



  • nancylee15nancylee15 Posts: 196Member
    What the heck is up with the curly hair for both leads!!! Gosh, I really hope they change it because I love HJE's hair long and strait and Min Woo's hair back the original way it was please!!
  • 2partsvodka2partsvodka NanaXRen Posts: 3,832Friend of Soompi


    i can't stand No Minwoo's hair....its bugging the ($&#*@ out of me.
    other than that i am looking forward to this drama since the first full house is still one of my all time favorites
  • purexorangepurexorange Posts: 1,258Member


    LOL at the comments about the hair,

    but seriously...if this is what we're getting in the drama, then i might have to think twice about it before watching :ph34r:

  • missorrowreimissorrowrei Posts: 86Member
    What happened to the fashion sense of this drama. xD Seriously. NMW's hair. His hair is... Tragic. PKW is the only person who's hair looks acceptable. xD I hope they all go through major transformations in like the first episode. PLEASE.
  • dancydancy Posts: 359Member


    Thank you for the photos.

    Hwang Jung Eum hair look a letter better than before.
    Credit to: pher4444
  • emy_roseemy_rose Posts: 264Member


    edited December 2011
    Hi guys,
    did someone already post this?

    "Full House 2" Casts Its Female "Third Wheel"   

    Actress Yoo Seol Ah is cast in the upcoming drama “Full House 2,” according to reports from local news agencies. She joins leads No Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum and will be playing the third party in this love triangle.

    “Full House 2” tells the story of a contract engagement between poor  writer Jang Man Ok (Hwang Jung Eum) and top star Lee Tae Ik (No Min  Woo.) In the series, Yoo Seol Ah plays an actress who used to be in a  romantic relationship with Lee Tae Ik. The character is implied to be  very ambitious, as she had supposedly starred in an American drama and  had left Lee Tae Ik to further her career when his family had gone  bankrupt.

    While relatively unknown, Yoo Seol Ah has been in the entertainment industry for a while. She debuted in the 2006 film “To Sir, With Love,” and had served as an MC of SBS’ music program “Inkigayo” with Eun Ji Won and FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki in 2009. 

    CREDIT: hazelnutthursdays  on Nov 16, 2011
  • dancydancy Posts: 359Member


    Photos of Hwang Jung Eum & No Min Woo

    Credit to:

    Credit to: pher4444
  • nana544nana544 Posts: 10,367Member


    I hope they don't perm/curl HJE's hair like that no more because it doesn't suits her...maybe leave it uncurl or give her some long hair extension! Oh! I am excited for this drama! And OMG Ki Woong is in it too! I really like him from the movie Bad Teacher 2 or something like that! And yay for HJE and No Minwoo to be the lead :)!!! I like them both very much!!!! Wow, Full House 1 was so good, and I hope this one will be even better!!!!! I already like the castings!!! Cannot wait to see it?

  • dancydancy Posts: 359Member


    edited January 2012

    Full House 2 Facebook page if no one post it yet.

    Here are some clips behind the scene :w00t: .
    Credit to: pher4444
  • wangnyeowangnyeo ELF & My BFF Cassie NeurologistPosts: 2,995Member


    love no min woo and can not wait any more to see him again but could not imagine him with this main lead actrecess ???
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  • ReeseReese Posts: 144Member


    edited February 2012
    hello everyone!! ^^

    here are some bts :D cr to Full House 2 FB page







    I really hope FH2 will be a success in Japan!! So that korean network/channel wont hesitate to air or pick it up soon!! :)
  • realVIP09realVIP09 Posts: 14Member
    the guy is in gumiho!!!!!!!! omona~ I'm looking forward to it!!!! weeee~ excited much!!!!!!!
  • ReeseReese Posts: 144Member


    edited February 2012
    Minew in the snow!! :) via Full House 2 FB page




    Minew tweeted this picture last January 17, 2012. Looks like a scene from the drama. Well, hopefully the perm hair would only last in the first few episodes!! Hope he keeps this hairstyle!! hehe

  • purexorangepurexorange Posts: 1,258Member


    looks like they jumped right out of a manga page........
    BUT OMG THE HAIR!!!! it bothers me so much !
    Is parkkiwoong the only normal person in here !?!?!?

  • ilovemyselfmoreilovemyselfmore Posts: 114Member


    I died after seeing their hairstyles!!!! Especially NMW! Aigoo... I do hope it's only for a few episodes. I really wanna give this a try since i LOVED the first installment of Full House.

    FullHouse 2 Fighting!!!
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  • MiamMiamMiamMiam Posts: 61Member


    I still don't get why the "Ahjumma hair" is trending nowadays, betwee Wild Romance and Full House 2 .....wacko.gif 
  • 1nspiration1nspiration 말리쌤 ><>♡<>< 서울Posts: 345Member


    edited February 2012
    QueenXKnit wrote on 05 February 2012 - 10:59 AM:

    I still don't get why the "Ahjumma hair" is trending nowadays, betwee Wild Romance and Full House 2 .....*quoted image* 

    HAHAHAHA... I know what you mean!! LOL. I'm living in Korea and my host sister got her hair permed like that too. But beforehand, when we were still at our apt, she asked me if she permed her boy-short hair, would she look like an ahjumma, and I said, "Um... yeah... kinda. I don't think you should do it. Maybe wait for your hair to grow out." And, I thought that was the end of it...

    But... when I dozed off at the salon, I was suddenly woken up by her. I didn't think she was gonna get her hair permed... but... 30 minutes later and she had rollers in her hair. LOL...Even after her mom and I both agreed she was gonna look like an ahjumma. But she still did it!! LOL. And... she ended up looking like an ahjumma. LOL... She said she wanted to try something new to her hair. (She was influenced by the fact that I was getting my hair magic straight and her brother was getting a haircut so she didn't want to be left out.)

    I hope I don't see more girls following suit... ):
    >>>>>>*MaLee<3Kim Hyun Joong-ssi
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  • dancydancy Posts: 359Member


    update bts
    Credit to: pher4444
  • noria1noria1 Posts: 37Member


    I love them both great they become in one drama as couple
    My sister hope to put them as couple and its came true:-D
    life is to short so be Smile be happy

  • dancydancy Posts: 359Member


    I don't know who he is...but is he in this drama too?

    풀하우스2' 허재호, 촬영장에 환경미화원 변신 눈길

    Credit to: pher4444
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