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How to get red/orange tone out of hair?

wonderland*wonderland* Posts: 16Member
edited November 2011 in beauty & fashion
from hair dyes.
Whenever I dye my hair to a brown, soon after the red tones come out and even orange. Oh, and under sunlight it's even worse. I even tried dyeing it with dark chocolate brown but it still turns into that reddish orange color after awhile.

So currently my hair color is a mix of medium brown (faded from chocolate brown) and red/orange tones in sunlight. But I really really want a completely medium brown hair color.

Should I use ash brown hair dye? I'm afraid my hair would start to get a greenish tone because I read that it happened to some people. I don't want chocolate brown.. I want a soft medium brown with more of a golden undertone instead of red... here are some examples :
[IMG]http://i42.Richard Simmons/99faqp.jpg[/IMG]

Tips, please? :(


  • polkadotlacepolkadotlace Posts: 52Member
    use a purple toner or shampoo/cond.
  • StaRR&StaRR& USAPosts: 357Member


    Use toners on your hair. Using a blue toner should neutralize the orange, and using a green toner should help with the red.
    Ash dyes are also supposed to help neutralize red.
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  • ichigo_no_powderichigo_no_powder VancouverPosts: 4,632Friend of Soompi
    I have the same problem. I've been trying to dye my hair golden brown for years and I keep ending up a dark strawberrry blonde/borderline red when under the sunlight. I've never been suggested to use hair toners before even by professional stylists who keep telling me the only solution is to bleach my hair which I do not want to do. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • forgottenmemoriesforgottenmemories Under the same blue skyPosts: 3,589Member
    edited November 2011
    ^trust me on this, I bleached my hair to try and get the golden/ash brown, and it still faded into a red/orange brown. It's not worth the damage. Whoever your stylist is might have told you the wrong information. But that's just my personal experience. I find that the best way to neutralize your hair is to use a green/purple/blue toner. Depending on what you're trying to achieve. And even then, it might still fade.
  • kikkiekikkie Girl. L.A., CaliforniaPosts: 1,808Member


    Speaking from experience from using toners, dyes, and bleaches (from Sally's Beauty Supply, so I'm not sure about drugstore products):

    Don't be afraid to use ash colored hairdyes unless your hair is already ashy or bleached to a blond. Ash brown on my roots (which are black) came out as a chocolate brown (chocolate meaning there was still a bit of red in it, just not enough to actually look reddish) and on my bleached ends, they came out with a dirty blond with a greenish overcast. I ran another dye over ends to get rid of it.

    Also, toners did not work on the darker parts of my hair. If it did, it wasn't drastic.
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  • wonderland*wonderland* Posts: 16Member
    oh man :( I guess there is not a full complete solution to getting rid of the reddish tones since it's going to fade anyways. But thank you all for the tips ! Hm.. I have never dealt with toners before, so I'm thinking I should just use the ash dye.

    Do ash dyes generally make your hair go lighter or darker? My brown is pretty dark since I dyed it with chocolate brown few months ago, and I want to make sure the ash dye isn't going to make my hair even darker haha. Gah, I really want that golden brown! =(
  • kikkiekikkie Girl. L.A., CaliforniaPosts: 1,808Member


    Again, I'm not sure about drugstores, but at Sally's their "medium ash brown" appears to be a lot darker than their "medium golden brown" so I would go lighter. But when the "ash-iness" goes away, your hair will lighten up and start to look coppery again.
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  • aidanleeaidanlee Posts: 57Member
    Well I seen on StyleSuzi's vlog that you should use an ash colour to get rid of the orangeyness of the colour She uses an ash blonde and her hair turns out lke a browney colours. quite nice
  • tragicrabbittragicrabbit Posts: 62Member
    edited November 2011
    Like the rest have mentioned, I think a toner would help. Ash dyes would be a good temporary measure, but I find even they tend to turn brassy after awhile on asian hair, so the solution might be to re-dye your whole head once this has happened, but of course this would be mean more damage.

    From my own experience, the only way I've managed to get a light ash colour that DIDN'T turn orangey(even after almost a year, and after I dyed it a dark brown and even when that faded away to somewhere closer to the ash colour I got it to originally), was to get it bleached and have my stylist apply a mixture of the ashiest colour in his collection(we're talking almost green here) with a gold dye. I don't know if I would reccommend this though, since I've had to cut off 8 inches of my hair from the resulting damage, but I really loved it while it lasted.

    (also, if you're considering doing this, let me know if you would like a picture of how my hair turned out)
  • flowoftimeflowoftime MiamiPosts: 883Member
    Just use a purple toner like Wella , you can get at sally's.. it will give your hair an ashy look at first but it just neutralizes the orange and yellow, and you can also use clairol shimmer lights purple shampoo.
  • LithiumCactusLithiumCactus Cow TownPosts: 63Member
    If you have really strong red tones... don't be afraid of the ash! Hey, remember, you can formulate your own color if you buy dye from Sally's or if you have any friends that have access to a beauty supply house. Mix the ash dye in with the brown dye and it's less likely to turn 'green'. V.V Actually, you'd honestly have to buy straight ash to have that result. O.O Buy an 'ash brown'. But if your using box dye, MAKE SURE it's safe to use on your hair. Most the time when people go green it's because they've used an ash brown on hair lighter then a level 5. Or put it over bleached hair. And on those boxes there is really fine print that states 'only for use on dark brown hair'. It's really better to dye your hair brown to begin with, then put the ash over that.

    NOOO! Why would they tell you to bleach it? As soon as you would dye your hair brown again, BOOM! That red would be back... since the underlying pigment for brown HAS to be an orange tone.

    Actually Asian hair is really one of the best choices for ash color because it's got strong enough undertones that the ash won't overpower it. You guys are the only race with commonly occurring 'true' level 1 black hair. Even black people are normally only a level 2 or 3. V.V So, you gotta' go a little extreme when it comes to dye. Also, your cuticle is much more resistant then most hair types, hence why dyes generally don't work to well, you need a stronger developer. When I was in school learning to bleach I asked, 'What the HELL is 50 volume bleach used for?' My teacher told me Asian hair... because 40 usually doesn't lift it fast enough.
  • wonderland*wonderland* Posts: 16Member
    @tragicrabbit nahh I can't bleach my hair. hahahah.. it's already damaged so I don't think it's a good idea. Plus I'm trying to avoid going to the salon right now because my hair's long and it's gonna take a lot of money :( but thanks for the suggestion!

    @LithiumCactus Hmm I don't have strong red tones though :/ It's more orange. And it's been few months since I've dyed it brown so like the top of my head is pretty black (not dark but super dark brown) while the other half is like mix of dark brown, golden brown, reddish brown, orangeish brown. It's seriously a crazy mix under some light. haahhahaah.... so do you think it will be pretty crazy if I just use light ash brown on top of all of this? I feel hair is going to turn into a really weird mix of colors if you get what I mean ^_^;;;
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