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60 Day Weight Loss Challenge!



  • junjun-xjunjun-x Posts: 85Member


    I'm joining this as well. C:

    But, I'm less worried about the weight than I am about the inches. xD

    CW: 50kg
    GW: 45kg
    Height: 5'5"

    I think my biggest problem would be getting the exercises I need, and avoiding snacking. @~@
    I'm more than happy to team up with some people, and cheer each other on! :'D Just drop me a message, if you want to be fitness buddies. C: We can update each other, share tips, and encourage each other! ^^

  • krystaliukrystaliu Posts: 261Member
    edited October 2011
    Height: 5'4
    Highest Weight: 107 lbs
    Starting Weight: 105 lbs
    Current Weight: 105 lbs
    Pounds Lost: 0
    Goal Weight: 95 - 100 lbs
    ^ yeah, it might sound weird, and I know it's normal for a girl to have around 10 lbs of fat, and since i have around 20lbs of it rn and want to get rid of 10... it's not that abnormal. :) it's good to just run around outside, right? are swimming and/or tennis good sports? :D i actually just want to get more toned, but it can't be bad to lose weight with it? XD (plus, my arms... are really lacking OTL >_>) i also need to stay away from snacking. i can seriously eat an entire bag of freaking chips (the family size) in one day, if i have nothing to do. and then i sit in front of the computer... ANYWAY. that isn't healthy. =___=;;

  • Super_ThangSuper_Thang Posts: 23Member
    I'd like to join this! I think it would keep me motivated! =D
    Alright so here are my stats as of right now:

    Height: Between 5'6 and 5'7 I think? Not sure ><
    Starting Weight: 156
    Current Weight: 138-142. (It changes often... LOL)
    Pounds Lost: I'd say about 16 lbs ^-^''
    Goal Weight: About 118?

    I know it seems like I want to lose a lot of weight but at 118 I would still be a normal weight for my height!
    I used to be really skinny (around 115 lbs) in grade 7 but then between grade 8 and 10 I gained weight. )=
    I'm now in grade 11 and I have been the same weight since grade 10, which I'm pretty happy about. (Haven't gained, so its a good thing!)
    I've been trying to lose weight since about August, so I think I'm doing pretty good right now. ><

    Good luck everyone!
  • emilyluvmonkeyemilyluvmonkey Posts: 57New Member
    i want to join :o :rolleyes:

    Height: 5'3"
    Starting Weight: 120 pounds
    Current Weight: 118 pounds
    Pounds Lost: 2
    Goal Weight: 100 pounds

    just barely started to work out more, recently have began to become a vegan (used to be a vegetarian) and i think i snack too much, sometimes just watch dramas , korean dramas or others then i dont notice that i ate too much food xD

    i just want to be more healthy ,get in a habit and have some kind of workout routine
  • ilovemesomekoreanilovemesomekorean JapanPosts: 1,945Member


    hmm i will post my info because i really wanna lose weight for Christmas.. but im just posting in hopes that it helps me stay motivated. heh.

    height: 5'3
    weight: 163
    goal weight: 135 (haha that's my weight before i was pregnant)

    before i got pregnant and married I had a nice weight of 135 that i was happy with. i also had a pretty well toned tummy because i used to work out all the time. Now i just dont have the time. and when i get the time, i dont feel like it cause working out isnt exactly on the top of my fun list ya know. Also, i loooove to eat! which is going to be the hardest part for me. Ive never tried to actually diet. I just used to always work out a lot and ate whatever i wanted. It used to work. haha. but now i fail at that. ah well... I wish the best of luck for everyone! ^__^
    "Unless Someone Like You Cares A Whole Awful Lot, Nothings Going To Get Better. It's Not." ~ Dr. Seuss
  • azn_honeyazn_honey Posts: 97Member


    Count me in.I want to lose weight,too.Studying causes too much stress.In the last months i gained a lot of weight because i let myself go.I ate a lot of junk food and did not have the time to work out.I need to change my lifestyle.Until christmas i want to lose some weight and look good.Let's motivate each other. =D
    I will start jump rope.It shows a great effect.My friend used to be chubby and has lost a lot of weight since she starts with jumping rope.So i will give it a try.In addition Boram(T-ara) has lost with jump rope 20kg.I think i will do jumping rope and hula hoop.
    Try to eat healthy.

    Height: Height: 5'2
    Starting Weight: 149
    Current Weight: 140
    Pounds Lost: 8
    Goal Weight: 107 or 105

    Let's motivate each other!
    Do you think dancing is a good workout?I want to try to dance to kpop music. =D
  • exotaobabyexotaobaby Posts: 321Member


    Hiii, hehe i'm joining in on this :P

    Height: 5'1
    Starting weight: 107 (I got on the school just now just for this...I'm too scared to look T_T)
    Pounds lost: 0
    Goal Weight: 95-100 pounds

    to lilliums: omgg I had a food diary a while ago! and i skipped rope! and were the same height and weight :P
    Good luck you guys! I'm just scared cause i just got back from trick or treating after eating chocolates the whole time T_T i told my mom to give me only 1 piece a day tho, so hopefully that'll be my "cheat" for the day :D

    Swim season's starting for high school. swimming's going to be my form of exercise. I we have usually 6x a week except for days where weather's bad, no school, or a swim meet. so much work :( but yeaah, i'm excited! my mom said i gained so much on my face these past couple of weeks...

    i'll probably try to post a couple times a week on updates. like if i cheated, and my exercises, and if i accomplished anything that week :P
    image   image ~ Follow for EXO posts :)
  • Crazedphase.Crazedphase. jalgeumquartet. Posts: 4,189Member


    I'd like to join too (:

    Height: 5"0
    SW: 49kg/108lbs
    CW: 45kg/99lbs (I've been this weight for 2 months now T___T I'm trying to overcome this 2nd plateau)
    Weight lost: 4kg/9lbs
    GW: 40-42kg/88-93lbs

    I was doing so well but then we had half term & I binged basically every single day D: I'm starting fresh this week. Lots of fruit, veg, water & EXERCISE!
    I'm going to try and gain more muscle too.

    & @swimgrl554702 - that is such a good idea! I hope you enjoy your one chocolate a day (:

    Song Joong Ki. Yoo Ah In. Monday Couple ♥
  • winkx3winkx3 Posts: 5Member
    Me too! (:

    Height: 5'6-5'7
    Weight: 172
    Weight loss so far: 0
    Ideal Weight: 150

    I'm not gonna state a ridiculous amount like 120 because I know my body is different from other girls. I think 150 would be nice for my body. If I'm still a bit chubby, I'll aim for 130 (:

    Good luck everyone! ^^
  • Ja-yeongJa-yeong Posts: 4New Member
    Hi guys ~ ! I'm sorry I haven't updated for the past week.

    I just want to say that I lost two pounds doing nothing but drinking water. :lol: And even my skin feels better! Now I'm drinking about 1,5 l - 2,5 l of water/day. I didn't even exercise! I'm sooo lazy :( . But I'm really happy that I lost weight! It's not like I was expecting to lose, like, 5 pounds/week. I think that losing 2 pounds in two weeks is healthier, because I didn't give up bread, pasta (I'm eating pasta today, lol) or sweets, I just portion my food.

    Oh, and I started yesterday to jumprope. I hope to be able to jump about 2,000 - 2,500/day. Of course, today I could only jump 250 times. But it's just the beginning, right? :D

    Good luck everybody!!!

  • procrastinator_1procrastinator_1 united statesPosts: 62Member


    UPDATE; week 1
    weight loss .4 :(

    honestly i wasted my time this week, my goal is to lose 5lbs in two weeks so i have the next week to lose 4.6 lbs
    this girl on tumblr came up with the idea of posting everything she eats on her page, and i started doing it too. it really helps cause when i feel like i'm posting too much it means that i'm eating too much, so i'm starting to think before i eat and think about what i eat, so i don't look like a fool trying to lose weight on tumblr kekeke the only thing i have to work harder on now is exercise sigh i'll make it work somehow.

    work hard everybody don't give up, see yall next week :)
  • rachilderachilde United StatesPosts: 2,332Member
    Count me in!

    Height: 5'3
    Starting Weight: 100 (was 110lbs May 2011)
    Current Weight: 100
    Pounds Lost: 0 (lost 10 lbs since May 2011; lost 20 lbs since May 2009)
    Goal: A healthy life, mind, and body

    I think I'm going to do something a little different and take progress photos once every two weeks since I'm not after a weight goal, but I'll still make weekly updates with recipes and thoughts. I'm trying to get more toned, but I think it's a matter of cutting just a little more fat and building muscle. Here's a photo from day 1:

  • 1234567utygrfed1234567utygrfed Posts: 203Member


    edited November 2011
    hey guys! i hope it's not too late to join :sweatingbullets:

    height: 5'4"
    current weight: 131lbs
    goal weight: 120 lbs

    i've been fluctuating from 120-130 for a few years now... i'm worried that all my muscles i gained from cardio has turned to mush since schoolwork has gotten heavier :vicx: anyways, i'll try running every other day around my park which is ~2.5 miles, and lifting some weights for toning. :) oh and diet diet DIET hahaha! too much late night snacks are never good.
  • winkx3winkx3 Posts: 5Member
    I lost two pounds in two weeks! (: I've been hitting the gym four times a week and been doing my routines. I find running before and after my workout are the best. I cut down on junk food and treat myself every now and then to sweets~ Mm!

    Good luck to everyone ^^
  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    I'd like to join!

    I am average but would like to slim down and hopefully looking a lot nicer and toned, and being more confident as well. My problem is knowing how to be healthy and fit but not following it 100% so hopefully this will keep me motivated!

    height: 165cm
    Weight: 53kg (116.4lbs to be exact)
    Measurements: 34-26-36

    I'll be posting as much as possible here (:
  • BlancCrayolaBlancCrayola In your heart.Posts: 145Member


    I'm still here!
    I think we should update our regmine on the first post, like how this 60 day thing is conducted. I haven't been able to post for the past ~2 weeks due to frequent snacking and take out Chinese. Kinda scared now XD
  • i_luv_u_2i_luv_u_2 Posts: 92Member


    edited November 2011
  • beana*beana* Posts: 1,687Member
    edited November 2011

    Hey guys it's been about a month since I last posted! >< I've been uber busy since then since I've just started working and all and have no time to visit soompi much!
    But I wanted to tell you guys that since my 1st weigh in here I've lost 6 lbs. I posted that my current weight a month ago is 131 and now I'm down to 125 :]
    Altogether I've lost 10lbs in 2 months. Which to me sounds SO CRAZY. Because I had this mentality that I might loose a pound a month for some reason.

    Even though I work everyday, I also work out everyday. I make sure to have time to go to the gym EVERYDAY. Some people think it's crazy but I don't care. I love this new me this new feeling of being healthier and "fit".
    Hope everyone else is doing well! Keep your head up guys and remember to eat clean and train mean.
  • WallflowersWallflowers Posts: 10Member
    edited November 2011
    ^^^^Wow, nice job!
    I wish I could lose ten pounds.
    May I join in?
    Current weight: 120
    Height: 5'1"
    Goal Weight: 100
  • junjun-xjunjun-x Posts: 85Member


    Good job, Beana~ :'D

    I'll update my status again as well. C:

    Starting weight: 50kg
    Current weight: 49kg
    Goal weight: 45kg
    Height: 165cm

    I haven't been exercising at all, but changing up some diets works (i..e, drinking more water). C:

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