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[OFFICIAL] Leeteuk (Suju) & Sora Couple We Got Married



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    Moielle wrote on 03 March 2012 - 08:42 PM:

    Just a note:  mysophobia is an intense fear of dirt and uncleanliness.  Going by this definition - Leeteuk will not cheat on Sora as he would feel dirty and unclean if he did that.  This is his physical mysophobia.  Nice one Mr. Fortune Teller! :P

    For the detectives, the MBC has messed the sequence again - tarot cards,  reading with paper, pen and laptop, then tarot cards again.

    Sorry to cut your post but thank you for your explanation about mysophobia... when i watch it i was like: mywhat? :huh:
    uwahh.... I remember someone said that Teukie is kind of person who fall in love fast & hard... this time we need to add "faithful to his lover"... he would feel so dirty if he betrayed his partner.. He kept his promise to Sora, he'll never look elsewhere.... He got his eyes glued only for his wife.. XD  Teukie's heart already in Sora's hand.. as well as Sora~

    and yeaph~ MBC-EditingTeam never fail us...
    did anyone noticed sora only wore her coat at the beginning...
    she put her coat down when Teukie asked the FT: "is this reliable?"  then FT said: "If only you want to be"
    but then when they talk about their fortune in 2012, when FT said: "I think the directors will want to work with your (sora). You'll carry popularity around you"  suddenly she wore her coat again for few sec.. :sweatingbullets: MBC-ET, please....

    yeah dear~ i notice the pillow to... ^^ so cuteee..
    LOL~ imo, looks like fans from TSL send the gift to MBC at 100th day of DC, then MBC  asked Donghae to brought it for DC when he visited them for his first date :) btw, what is that do you think? the height nearly equal to Donghae..  LOL                                                 
    about grand each other wishes... we already know what's LT wants for now~ bobo definitely ;p  i wonder whats Sora's wishes..

    @mieru Kembaran yg superb?? LOL!! where did you learnt some Indonesian twin??? kkk~ you even use "yg" instead of "yang" (extension of the word "yg")^^ ya, kita memang kembaran yang hebat~ (yes, we are great twin~)

    @marrsq long time no see, eonni~ :) LOL we have same reaction watching DC.. i can't help my self giggling all the time.. i even need to cover my mouth with my finger coz i watch this ep while working XD~   hope you're doing fine with your family ^^ visit us here anytime you have spare time..

    btw, thx for sharing your (and other FD too) thought about  yesterday  episode~ enjoying my self reading all of you guys comments...  ^^ I'm super HAPPY with this ep! This is the BEST EPISODE for DC till now.. and i believe there'll be more best episodes of DC in future XD

    Thank you PD nim for your wise decision. Love is in the air...........cant wait for their honeymoon tripsmile.gif

    @chikuma  sooo agree ^^ if PD-nim never pair the two of them.. there will never be DC nor FD.. THANK YOU SO MUCH PD-NIM <3
    and honeymoon!!! isn't that the perfect time to say "when it feels right and the mood is perfect" ????
    LOL, i think i start to thinking like teukie.. my head full of *muach muach* x.x bcoz of this two XD

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    May your cheekbones ascend to heavens~!
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    edited March 2012
    I laughed so hard when I read something in tumblr regarding our couple. :)

    They said, it should not be TEUKSO… It should be SOTEUK because Sora can control Leeteuk.

    Haha. I honestly like how Sora can make LT speechless at time or how he can’t look at her in the eyes. There are times when he just can’t say anything anymore because Sora can match him. LOL.

    Thank you all FDs for you thoughts. I am enjoying reading all of it.

    Just wanna share this old photo of our couple. It feels like it was just yesterday when they are being asked to kiss infront of the juniors in LT’s school. Do you guys remember this?


    Even then he wants to "BOBO" already. LOL. :)

    And am I actually seeing what I am seeing…

    “For the first time in WE GOT MARRIED… A first kiss self-shoot.”


    LOL. This is the first time something this blunt is talked about.

    And what do you think FDs, is SORA starting to be a lil crazy like her husband? Crawling on the floor? Trying to sabotage a date? LOL.


    I mean crazy-funny positive way. These two. I like seeing them like this. Haha.
    TeukSora   200th Day Project
  • 33ru_mieru33ru_mieru Posts: 356Member


    Teuksoralover, I don't remember the pic LT tweeted before during filming of this..the car and smiley us show us :P
    and yah, this episode is so short but 100% daebak. cheeks are the same as yours and what Leeteuk said is true about cheek pain,
    it really feels pain if it remains in heaven for too long..
    Aww..the picture you share, the part when FT talked about bobo....Leeteuk tilted his head and touched Sora's shoulder..
    They look totally comfortable with each other..

    In the preview for next episode,
    Haha I agree with xianlie90 Okay the grand piano has to say bye bye (kinda sad though)
    Hrm but probably they can consider the one Leeteuk use back in first date...
    but that one, the sound coming out of it...not good enough (for them:P)..
    for me is completely fine.
    Hrm...those on the table should be the morning toasts Sora mentioned she wanna prepare for Leeteuk ^-^
    Hope before Donghae comes, there will be some scene of them alone..
    So funny they only have that wine glass for drink...even drink milk also from that type of glass...
    lol xianlie90, your thought about the babies...too soon dear...they still need more time alone together ;)
    lol at the way you describe how high tech today's fortune teller is..
    and, yah I stayed in the place you live in for many years. Of course I know the language. Lovely country.

    Moielle: [[Are Leeteuk and Sora the first couple to say something about related to their actual filming of WGM? They said this:
    Sora: We’re filming a show right now
    Leeteuk: Will you all just leave for a moment (to the camera crew)? (Sora is shy and holding her laugh)
    Is that why? (Sora nodded)
    Weren't they supposed to treat the filming as everyday normal life  feeling like there are no cameras around? These two are really  different..]]

    Haha, yah Funny how Sora asked Leeteuk..."aren't we filming now?"
    So she has the thought of doing it when they are off screen? and she actually say this on screen?? in front of All WGM crew??
    I hope the WGM team won't warn them for not getting too close outside WGM...:P
    Hrm, not that they can control these two anyway...This couple is really so powerful LOL...

    Okay about your question,
    I remember back in Season 1, Ant Couple pretended to quarell in front of other couples
    So before they quarelled, they already told the crew to pretend take the  camera off later (stop shooting) to play prank on the other couples during their couples gathering trip (when in  actual fact,some of the camera was still rolling)
    The other couple didn't know about this and they thought Ant Couple were really quarelling and they all look so worried. But well, that is a complete different situation.

    As for Season 2....I don't remember there is any such scene for Yongseo nor Adam..For Yongseo, Yong invited Hyun to CN Blue's dorm and when they composed a song. Cause the room is very small, the staff willingly left the two alone in  the room some cameras there, but, again, it's a different case.
    So, yah, as far as I know, only Dimple Couple go to this extent...Leeteuk the Prince, full of authority :P

    and thanks for explaining about physical mysophobia and the connection with why Leeteuk will not cheat on Sora
    Haha, now I know why I didn't feel anything at all when Leeteuk was giving fan service in SS4 SG..

    Moielle, About your idea of the calendar, hrm...currently the calendar team is quite busy with work and family,
    so probably when they are less busy.

    Hrm, Teuksora match very well huh Dzudu?...haha, so must thank the PD for this huh...
    I am still very curious how PD choose Sora as Leeteuk's wife in WGM..
    Frankly, if based on their first meeting in Strong Heart, I will never imagine them being together.
    PD must have a very good sixth sense.

    Wow...thanks kopi_c_st for explaining about the Chinese and Korean's really very interesting.

    Frankly, I am a bit skeptical with the tarots reading stuff.
    I am still thinking that the Fortune Teller did some background research  about Dimple Couple and just added in some stuff related to fortune  telling..
    However, the part that surprised me was Leeteuk drew the same card more than once..
    That is something wow..
    and the tarot card Hanyi shared earlier...the meaning of the card is really so good.

    What I like the Fortune Teller was saying is, like what Moielle also said "the tarot is reliable only when you want it to be"
    and he encouraged them good things to do to each other..also, from the fortune reading, all sound so good so I decide to believe and pray it will come true for both Leeteuk and Sora :P

    Yah, I agree with marrsq there is no doubt about their feelings towards each other.
    But, I can also  understand why Leeteuk is feeling insecure. Sora is a  very good actress. We've seen how good she acted as the drunk  the
    seducive inspector and as the foreigner. Even I myself got fascinated  and actually think thats not Sora for one moment...(just like how I feel  about HaeSung, Sora's character in Dream High 2)...
    Even if Leeteuk might already feel Sora's feeling for him, but her  acting is also very convincing.. which is why he might have the  insecurity
    and afraid that he is reading Sora wrongly.
    That's why he kept on repeating the same questions which is the real Sora which is the real Sora...
    Then the Fortune Teller told him....Sora has 3 personalities :P

    It's funny how even after 17 episodes, after looking at how honest Sora  is, how sincere Sora is, she still has this mysterious aura surrounding  her.
    Perhaps because she is new so we can't find much news about her.
    I really wanna know more about her and I am counting on Leeteuk and the Black Room Interview
    I love those questions asked by Leeteuk...just like the bobo question..  haha, even Sora said that she never encountered anyone asking her such  questions before.
    Anyway, just hope WGM can interview her more in the black room interview ^_^

  • taey14taey14 Posts: 83Member


    Hanyi wrote on 03 March 2012 - 01:04 PM:

    Seems no one has posted the short conversation between the fortune teller and our DC right after Sora has picked her cards, here is a brief re-recap.
    FT: Sora-ssi has a very high standard for men (original is has eyes up high).  You either treat them as kids or young brothers.  But for bridegroom Teukie, you see him as a man.  Right?
    Sora nodded her head and Teukie smiled happily.

    Will update tomorrow when the sub-version is out.

    (EDIT) FT also said that Teukie should stop being a casa nova anymore because Sora is a good woman.  FT advised Sora to make him health supplements (herbal medicine) because Teukie is a very hard working Hanllyu leader who does not take care of his health.  Sora listened attentively.

    i love that FT tell teuk should stop being casa nova a lot cause in the past he have a lot of love scandal with many girl. but for now i wish sora is the only one for him.
    And i agree to FT that he say Sora-ssi has a very high standard for men, she very very mature for her age.  Love them!!
  • HanyiHanyi Rational supporter of Dimple Couple Posts: 303Member


    edited March 2012
    I can't help but review the clip to record all the Tarot Cards drawn by our couple.  Maybe after learning more about the meanings of each card may answer 33ru_mieru's question of whether the fortune-teller has done advance research or not.  All pics and description are extracted from

    Sora's first set of cards (about relationship):
    1. The Fool - Beginning, Spontaneity, Faith, Appraent Folly

    As Card 0, the Fool lies at the beginning of the major arcana, but also somewhat apart from the other cards. In medieval courts, the court jester was someone who was not expected to follow the same rules as others. He could observe and then poke fun. This makes the Fool unpredictable and full of surprises. He reminds us of the unlimited potential and spontaneity inherent in every moment. There is a sense with this card that anything goes - nothing is certain or regular. The Fool adds the new and unfamiliar to a situation. The Fool also represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some might call the Fool too innocent, but his innocence sustains him and brings him joy. In readings, the Fool can signal a new beginning or change of direction - one that will guide you onto a path of adventure, wonder and personal growth. He also reminds you to keep your faith and trust your natural responses. If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem.

    2. Four of Wands - Celebration, Freedom, Excitment

    Do you remember the thrill you felt as a child seeing your birthday cake alight with candles? Or waiting to get on a roller coaster? Or slow-dancing with your first love? This bubbly, high-as-a-kite feeling lies at the heart of the Four of Wands. As a toddler, my son expressed it through his "Happy Dance." He'd run in place faster and faster, barely able to control his delight. Of course, as mature(!) adults, we contain this feeling, but it never leaves completely. Each of us still has an excited, little kid inside waiting to come out.
    In readings, the Four of Wands often represents the events and experiences that generate excitement. These vary from person to person, but the stirring feelings are the same. Sometimes such times arrive unexpectedly. The Four of Wands can signal a surprise or spontaneous thrill. Other times this card represents planned celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and victory parties. These events have their solemn side, but they are also a chance to feel the joy of living. The Four of Wands often means freedom. Freedom can take many forms, but it always brings with it an exhilarating feeling. When we break the bonds that bind us, whether physical, mental or emotional, we feel triumphant and able to move on to a new period of growth and happiness. If you feel trapped or restricted right now, use the energy of the Four of Wands to launch you into freedom. Do not be afraid to claim the open vistas that are rightfully yours.

    3. King of Pentacles - Enterprising, Adept, Reliable, Supporting, Steady

    The personality of the King of Pentacles is a combination of the positive earth energy of the Pentacles suit and the active, outward focus of a King. He might as well be called King Midas as he turns everything he touches to gold (riches of all kinds). He finds opportunity everywhere and succeeds at whatever he sets his mind to. He is enterprising and adept. Whatever the task, he handles it competently, drawing on his wide range of skills and practical knowledge. He's a jack-of-all-trades - and master of all as well. He is always dependable and responsible. Others rely on him completely because he never fails them. He gives generously of his time and resources because he knows that by giving more, you receive more. He encourages others in their accomplishments and lends his support whenever it is needed. He has a steady and even temperament that adds an element of stability to any situation. When he has set a goal for himself, he pursues it with firm resolve until he's successful.

    In readings, the King of Pentacles asks you to take the kinds of actions he might take. For example: keeping a comittment, fixing something that's broken, making money, or sponsoring a new enterprise. This King can also represent a man or woman who is acting as he does, or an atmosphere of steady, reliable competence. In a reading, he tells you that his special energy has meaning for you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this King in whatever form he appears in your life.

    4. Seven of Swords - Running Away, Lone Wolf Style, Hidden Dishonour

    The Seven of Swords is tied to the
    Five of Swords because both cards involve separation from others. On the Seven we see a man tiptoeing away from society (the colorful pavilions). He's taken some swords and seems rather pleased with his successful heist. He gives the impression of having secret, solitary plans.

    This card sometimes represents the "lone-wolf" style - the desire to run lone and free. In films, the lone-wolf hero always acts totally on his own. He discovers, investigates and solves every problem using only his own wits and resources. He believes he's successful because he ignores the fumbling efforts of ordinary people.

    In readings, the Seven of Swords can be a sign that you or someone else wants to be a lone wolf. You feel that you will be more effective and comfortable on your own. This approach is useful when you need to bypass an ineffectual group or assert your independence, but it can also be troubling. We cannot be happy and productive for long without some commitment to others. If you feel inclined to act alone, be sure this isolation is really working for you.

    Sometimes the Seven of Swords means that you are running from something - commitment, responsibility, hard work, love. You may be procrastinating, letting problems slip because you don't want to deal with them. Sometimes we just have to face what has to be faced. The Seven of Swords lets you know when you might be making things worse for yourself and others by running away. The Seven of Swords can also indicate a hidden dishonor - a choice you or another has made that does not do justice to the highest. We all make wrong choices that we want to hide. Some of these are minor, some serious. Your inner voice will tell you when this is happening. When you see the Seven of Swords, take a good look at what you're doing because hidden dishonors will eat away at your happiness and self-respect.

    5. Nine of Wands - Defensiveness, Perservance, Stamina

    The figure on the Nine of Wands has definitely been through tough times. His head and arm are bandaged, and he's leaning on a "crutch." This fighter has seen some battles, but he's still standing! He's hurt, but he's not down. When we have had a bad experience, we feel weary and battle-scarred. Even if we aren't hurt physically, our psyches are wounded. Our openness, innocence and trust are gone, replaced by wary defensiveness.

    In readings, the Nine of Wands can be a warning that you must proceed carefully. Keep a watchful eye because there is the possibility that you will be hurt. If you have already been burned, you know what this man is feeling. Life's lessons can be hard sometimes, especially when hopes have been dashed. It is natural to feel defensive at such times, but try to avoid becoming bitter. Your experience has wounded you, but it has strengthened you as well. Strength is the other aspect of the Nine of Wands. This fighter is tough! He has the physical stamina and the inner drive to persist despite all setbacks. In The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays an android from the future who never gives up. In the end he is nothing but a wire framework with glowing eyes, but he still keeps coming - dragging himself along the floor to his goal. This is the spirit of the Nine of Wands. This card tells you to keep going no matter what. Even if everyone and everything seems to be against you right now, don't give up. Within you are the hidden reserves you need to prevail.

    6. Eight of Cups - Deeper Meaning, Moving On, Weariness

    A psychologist friend once told me that when a group is ready to break up, the members give off subtle signs to that effect. They display a certain restlessness. They arrive late to meetings, communicate less and seem distracted. At some level the participants know it is time to move on, but they need a while to work up to that final step.

    This process applies in many situations where an ending is approaching. Nothing is permanent in life. Sooner or later, everything slips away...or we slip away from it. The Eight of Cups stands for those moments when we realize, once and for all, that the past is gone. What was true is no longer true. The signs of change are in our face, and we must accept them. It is time to move on.

    Moving on can mean a physical change such as leaving a job, location or relationship. It can also mean an inner change - releasing old patterns, especially those that have dominated our thoughts and emotions. On the Eight of Cups, we see a man leaving on a journey. He has turned away from his old feelings (cups/river) to strike out on a new path. Sometimes moving on can mean searching for a deeper truth or reality. One day we wake up and realize that we have been asleep in our own lives - living a dream that no longer satisfies. Some changes can be wearying. Endings are not always easy. One of the signs of a readiness to leave is lack of energy. When you feel tired and dispirited, you know that something is wrong, and it's time for a new direction. Reexamine your life and your priorities. You will find where in your life you need to move on.

    Teukie's set of cards to be followed in next post.
  • HanyiHanyi Rational supporter of Dimple Couple Posts: 303Member


    edited March 2012
    Teukie's set of cards (about relationship):
    1. Queen of Swords - Honest, Astute, Forthright, Witty, Experienced

    The personality of the Queen of Swords combines the positive air energy of the Swords suit with the inward focus of a Queen. You can always count on her to tell you exactly how it is. Above all else she admires honesty, and she lives by her commitment to being truthful. Lies, tricks and games are of no interest to her, but she's not easy to fool. She is experienced in the ways of the world, good and bad. The Queen of Swords can size up a situation quickly. She understands human folly, but doesn't condemn it. She knows when cow manure is being thrown around and simply finds clever ways around it. She prefers being straightforward and direct. Her observations are candid, but never hurtful. In fact, this Queen has a delightful sense of humor. She likes a good laugh and always has a witty comeback ready-to-hand. She knows that life isn't meant to be taken too seriously. The Queen of Swords is refreshing in her candor and lack of pretense.

    In readings, the Queen of Swords asks you to think and feel as she does. For example: Are you being completely honest? (Check this one first!) Do you see the humor in the situation? Are you getting right to the point? Have you figured out what's really going on? Are you letting yourself be fooled? This Queen can also represent a man or woman who is like her, or an atmosphere of honest, direct communication. In a reading, she tells you that her special energy has meaning for you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this Queen in whatever form she appears in your life.

    2. Ten of Cups - Joy, Peace, Family

    On the Ten of Cups we see a loving couple with their carefree children. The family home is in the background, surrounded by trees and water. A rainbow of cups is overhead blessing the scene. A cynic might scoff at this romantic picture, but I see it as a symbol of what our emotional life could be at its best. The feelings represented here are an ideal that is within the reach of each of us.

    First, there is joy. Joy goes beyond happiness, contentment, enjoyment. It is the feeling that comes when we know at the deepest level that we are one with all that is, and it is good. Unfortunately, this is not exactly a common feeling! Too often we are blinded by the trials of life and overwhelmed by their challenges. Joy exists, though, and is our birthright.

    Peace is another aspect of the Ten of Cups - the serenity that comes when all elements are in harmony. There is inner peace and outer peace which are reflections of each other. When you are in harmony with yourself, you experience harmony in your environment. When you see the Ten of Cups, know that an end to hostility is possible. If there is fighting around you, it may cease. If you are at war with yourself, you may find peace. In readings, this card often signals a time of abundant blessings. It tells you that you can reach for the fulfillment you deserve, and it will come to you. Look for ways to realize joy and create peace. You may find the key to happiness in your family. Your family is the group of people you are attached to emotionally - for better or worse! If there is trouble in your family right now, work to restore harmony. The time is right for greater closeness.

    3. Nine of Swords - Worry, Guilt, Anguish

    It makes sense that the figure on the Nine of Swords is in bed because it is during the night that our griefs and regrets come to mind most intensely. The quiet darkness strips away the distractions of the day, leaving us alone with our thoughts. Who has not lain awake at 4 A.M. filled with worries that refuse to go away? The Nine of Swords represents this unhappiness which can strike us at any time.

    Unlike the pain of the Three of Swords which seems to come from without, the Nine of Swords represents the pain that we generate from within. What tortures we put ourselves through when our fears and doubts overwhelm us. Worry is probably the most common. Have I done enough? Will everything work out OK? What am I going to do? The thoughts go round and round - impossible to turn off.

    Guilt is another source of pain. When we have done something that we feel is wrong or hurtful - or failed to do something we think we should have - the distress can be very real. It is worse when nothing we do relieves the bad feelings or makes them go away. Finally, there is just pure anguish. Sometimes the pain of life is so total that all we feel like doing is crying into our hands. Needless to say, the Nine of Swords is not the most pleasant of cards, but it doesn't always indicate major distress. Often it is just a sign of some element of unhappiness or trouble - a vulnerable spot in your life. This card is often a warning from your Inner Guide that the path you are going down may be a difficult one. If you approach the Nine of Swords in this spirit - as a caution sign - you will be able to use it constructively. Examine your situation carefully to be sure you are making the best choices. Even a small change can make all the difference.

    4. Eight of Pentacles - Diligence, Knowledge, Details

    On the Eight of Pentacles we see a young man who is hammering away at a coin. He has finished six and has another coin to go. It is clear that he is in the middle of a project that absorbs all his attention. He's isolated himself from others (the town in the background) in order to concentrate. In this scene we see the essential elements of the Eight of Pentacles: hard work and attention to detail.

    This card often implies a time of great diligence and focus. It advises you to hammer away at the business of the moment, whether a work project, family difficulty, personal goal or unpleasant duty. Sometimes blessings fall into our laps to be enjoyed. Other times we must put out great effort to obtain them. The Eight of Pentacles represents moments when you must give 110%. Just buckle down and do it. Fortunately, this kind of work is invigorating and leads to superb results. The labor of the Eight of Pentacles is deeply satisfying and productive.

    The Eight of Pentacles can also symbolize the impulse to learn - to broaden horizons (to use an old-fashioned term). Sometimes we need to develop new skills. We do research, dig out facts or search for expertise. The Hermit is looking for inner knowledge. The man on the Eight of Pentacles seeks external knowledge - the how and why of the material world. This card can also show the need for meticulous attention. People who are painstaking are often dismissed as nit-pickers, but their extra effort ensures everything is as it should be. It's a matter of caring - taking the time to check the little details. Now is not the time to be slipshod or casual. Look for errors, and tie up loose ends. The key to success is an extraordinary effort. Whatever your task, the Eight of Pentacles tells you to give it your all in every way.

    5. Two of Cups - Connection, Truce, Attraction

    To understand the 2 of Cups, all you have to do is look at its image. A man and a woman are gazing at each other, ready to share their cups (emotions). Here is the very picture of romantic and sexual attraction. The energy between these two is almost palpable. The Two of Cups shows the beauty and power that is created when two come together. This is the card that lovers want to see, and, in fact, the Two of Cups is the minor arcana equivalent of the Lovers in many ways.

    The Two of Cups has a deeper meaning as well. Whenever two forces are drawn together, there is the potential for bonding. This card can stand for the union of any two entities - people, groups, ideas, or talents. In readings, the Two of Cups tells you to look for connections in your life, especially those that are one-on-one. Now is not the time to separate or stay apart. It is the time to join with another and work as a partnership. If you are in conflict, look for truce and the chance to forgive and be forgiven. If you are struggling with two choices or tendencies within yourself, seek to reconcile them. Usually, the Two of Cups is welcome in a reading, but it can also sound a note of warning. The energy of Two can be very compelling. If you have ever stood next to two people in love, you know what I'm talking about. They create between themselves a world of their own that can feel exclusionary to outsiders. "Two's company; three's a crowd." Make sure that the tendency to pair off is not creating disharmony in your situation.

    6. Ten of Swords - Bottoming Out, Victim Mentality, Martyrdom

    The Ten of Swords appears to be a card of terrible misfortune, but surprisingly, it often represents troubles that are more melodramatic than real. The man on this card has quite a few swords in his back. Wouldn't one be enough? Isn't ten a little excessive? Perhaps this gentleman's suffering - though sincere - is exaggerated as well.

    One meaning of the Ten of Swords is hitting rock bottom. When one disaster follows another, we feel devastated at first, but eventually we throw up our hands and laugh. It's so bad, it's funny! In films, the hero says, "What else could possibly go wrong?" and we know that's a signal for the bucket of water to fall on his head. When you see the Ten of Swords, know that the last bucket has fallen, and you can expect a turn for the better.

    This card can also show when you're in victim mentality. You're certain that the whole world is picking on you just to make your life difficult. I picture the man lifting his head and saying, "You think you've got it bad...a cut on the finger. I've got ten swords in my back...count 'em - ten!" Then he drops his head back down with a sigh. When we're in victim mentality, we think everything is horrible, hopeless and impossibly unfair.

    Being a martyr is also a favorite Ten of Swords activity. In this case, the man would say with a weak wave of his hand, " go on. Have fun. Don't think about me. I'll just stay here with these swords in my back...but I want you to enjoy yourself." Being a martyr in this sense is not the same as making a sacrifice for another with no strings attached. With the Ten of Swords, either is possible, but doing a good turn for someone else is more satisfying without the strings. I don't mean to make light of misfortunes because, of course, there are many real tragedies in the world. Sometimes the Ten of Swords indicates a sad event, but you know when this is the case. There is not even a hint of laughter in your heart. Most of the time the Ten of Swords has a lighter side. It is as if your Inner Guide is gently kidding you about how you are handling your own personal tale of woe. When you see the Ten of Swords, check your attitude and know you've reached the point where things will definitely begin to look up.

    [EDIT: moved the fortune of the couple in 2012 to following post]
  • HanyiHanyi Rational supporter of Dimple Couple Posts: 303Member


    The fortune of the couple in 2012:

    Sora's set of three cards:
    1. Ace of Wands - Creative Force, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Courage

    The Ace of Wands is a symbol of possibility in the area of creativity, excitement, adventure, courage and personal power. In readings, it shows that a seed of bold enthusiasm has been planted in your life although you may not yet recognize it. When the seed sprouts, it could take almost any form. It might be a creative idea, surge of optimism or need to act boldly. On the outside, it could be an offer, gift, opportunity, encounter or synchronistic event.

    When you see this Ace, examine your life to see how its potent, confident energy could work for you. Be daring and brave. Sometimes you have to risk to get what you want. Look for the path that will excite you and push you beyond your limits. Seize the initiative, and let your enthusiasm take you to new heights. Wands are the suit of individual power and fulfillment. This Ace tells you that a time of passion is beginning. You will be able to assert your best for all to see. The Ace of Wands is also the card of creativity. Under its influence, you can become a conduit for inspiration and invention. Forget tired, worn-out solutions. You have the chance to be original. Trust your own creative potential, and there will be no end to what you can achieve.

    2. The High Prietess - Nonaction, Unconscious Awareness, Potential, Mystery

    The High Priestess is the guardian of the unconscious. She sits in front of the thin veil of unawareness which is all that separates us from our inner landscape. She contains within herself the secrets of these realms and offers us the silent invitation, "Be still and know that I am God."

    The High Priestess is the feminine principle that balances the masculine force of the Magician. The feminine archetype in the tarot is split between the High Priestess and the Empress. The High Priestess is the mysterious unknown that women often represent, especially in cultures that focus on the tangible and known. The Empress represents woman's role as the crucible of life. In readings, the High Priestess poses a challenge to you to go deeper - to look beyond the obvious, surface situation to what is hidden and obscure. She also asks you to recall the vastness of your potential and to remember the unlimited possibilities you hold within yourself. The High Priestess can represent a time of waiting and allowing. It is not always necessary to act to achieve your goals. Sometimes they can be realized through a stillness that gives desire a chance to flower within the fullness of time.

    3. Four of Pentacles - Possessiveness, Control, Blocked Change

    Spend time with a 2-year-old, and you will soon hear the sounds of the Four of Pentacles: "No!" and Mine!" These are the cries of the ego, which is just developing in the young child. The ego tries to guarantee power by imposing its will. The desire for control is the hallmark of the Four of Pentacles.

    Some control is valuable. In chaotic situations, a firm hand is needed to provide structure and organization. Too often, however, the urge for control gets out of hand, stifling creativity and individual expression. In readings, this card asks you to weigh carefully the level of control in your situation.

    The Four of Pentacles can stand for issues of ownership. You may be involved in getting and keeping money or some other commodity. You may be having problems with possessiveness or jealousy. Use the energy of this card to preserve and defend, but not to lay claim. People need to be free to determine their own lives.

    The Four of Pentacles also implies blocked change. It's as if the stubborn little man on the card is thwarting your every move. Opposition may come from those who want to maintain the status quo. It may also come from within yourself. Are you resisting change that is truly needed? We often cling to the familiar even when we know it's not for the best. The lesson of the Four of Pentacles is that control is impossible. We stand in the world as in a great ocean. Who could manage or possess such power? The only way to keep from drowning is to ride the currents. The ocean will support us as long as we swim with the flow.

    Teukie's set of three cards

    1. Ten of Cups - Not repeated here ( :wub: )

    2. The Chariot - Victory, Will, Self-assertion, Hard Control

    Picture Julius Caesar riding his chariot triumphantly into Rome. He has defeated his enemies and conquered vast, new lands. This is the spirit of the Chariot. Card 7 represents the victories that are possible through willpower and self-mastery. A military image is appropriate for the Chariot because this card stands for the strengths associated with combat - discipline, grit, determination and assertiveness.

    The Chariot represents the positive aspects of the ego. A healthy ego is one that is strong and self-assured. It knows what it wants and how to get it. We can get annoyed at someone whose ego is too healthy, but we often turn to that person to lead us through difficult moments. We know he or she won't be wishy-washy. In readings, the Chariot often appears when hard control is or could be in evidence. At its best, hard control is not brutal, but firm and direct. It is backed up by a strong will and great confidence. The Chariot can mean self-control or control of the environment. This card also represents victory. There are many types of wins; the Chariot's is of the win-lose type. Your success comes from beating the competition to become number one. Such moments are glorious in the right circumstances.

    3. Knight of Cups (Hanyi: This card has a very complicated meaning, so I will paste everything out)


    Romantic.....Overemotional idealizes love..........lacks self-restraint
    emphasizes often jealous
    concentrates on the poetry of life..........tends to be gushy and melodramatic
    remembers special occasions..........blows hot and cold in affections
    expresses sentiments beautifully..........brings flowers, but forgets to put gas in the car

    Imaginative..........Fanciful can tap the fertile unconscious..........indulges in idle daydreams
    looks beyond the obvious..........has big ideas that come to nothing
    never takes the mundane path..........has an unrealistic approach
    spins marvelous tales..........has an overactive imagination
    is visionary..........can shade the truth

    Sensitive..........Temperamental is aware of moods and prone to mood swings
    helps others open up..........can be petulant and sulky
    responds deeply to life..........gels melancholy and depressed
    understands the pains of others..........broods excessively
    is tactful and diplomatic..........takes offense easily

    appreciates beauty in all forms..........leaves dirty work to others
    seeks the finest..........can't face unpleasantness
    creates a pleasing environment..........lacks robust good health
    understands subtlety..........emphasizes style over substance
    is suave and gracious..........gets overwhelmed by pressure

    Introspective..........Introverted values the inner life..........focuses inward to excess
    tries to understand why..........avoids active participation
    questions driven to self-examination
    seeks self-improvement..........exaggerates personal failings
    sees below the surface..........can't relax around others


    On the
    positive side, the Knight of Cups is a sensitive soul. He is a poet - a lover of all things romantic and refined. He uses his imagination in wondrous ways and taps the deepest levels of emotion. He knows how to create beauty and share it with others. On the negative side, this Knight is prone to flights of fancy and illusion. His melodramatic moods are legendary, and his emotions often get the better of him. He's too temperamental and takes offense easily. He can't stand unpleasantness and will always let others deal with it.

    In readings, a Knight of Cups shows that his sensitive style is involved in the situation as an aspect of you, someone else or the atmosphere in general. You need to ask yourself, "Is this Knight's energy helping or hurting?"

    If his style is evident, then balance is needed. Are your feelings appropriate or excessive? Are your daydreams unrealistic? Is someone's moodiness driving you crazy? Is your home life ruled by emotion rather than common sense? It may be time for a change. If this Knight's energy is missing, a dose of poetry may be called for. Are you too restrained? Express your feelings. Do you always make the most practical choice? Go for the extravagant one instead. Do you avoid introspection? Take some time to look within and think about your life. Let the Knight of Cups introduce you to his world of romance and beauty.

    :) :) :)

    It is more accurate if the cards are read according to its sequence.  You can judge if these cards really tell the true personalities of our dimple couple and their future.

  • lallinachanlallinachan Posts: 869Member


    edited March 2012
    Wow... it's two days that I'm giggling by myself watching and re  watching the episode. I don't think I can actually say all the things  that are in my head right now, but reading all your comments I always  were like "Yes! EXactly! That's right too! I noticed that too!" LOL!  great episode my fellows FD! such a precious teuksora moment that right  now when I read comments about antifan or about "show scripted and  fake", I laugh out loud! because these guys just don't want to see what  is there to see, they just can't accept the fact that these two are not  behaving like husband and wife by asking themself "when is the right  time to kiss" and answering "when I feel the guy is really my  boyfriend". All the episode was totally on another level, they are  talking about the getting married for real, about kissing that should  come natural, about letting the crew go away for a while... ah, I'm  still objective and all, but they are too much, I really can't see  anything fake here. And really, what about "sora is not the right type  for Teukie" comments? She is the right one as long as he is that happy  with her, all others objections are just immature ones.
    One thing: I  wanted to thankyou all FD, you wrote all things that I condivide, and  would be able to write myself only after days^^
    @marrsq: Hi <3 you totally spoke my mind!! thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I'm glad to see you again here^^
    @Moielle:  thanks about the mysophobic specification, I could not grasp the  meaning of that particular scene, now it's all clear^^
    but in Kshownow they don't talk about Teukie needing to quit being a casanova... where did you found that? *curious*
    And,  don't know about you, but I think that Teukie could have been ready to  get his bobo, right after the shooting^^ or in their next date...or  maybe after watching the Sora's blackroom scene (mieru, I totally agree  with you^^)... he will try in their honeymoon or as soon as possible XD  What is sure is that he now has Sora's approval, so he doesn't need  anything else LOL!
    @teuksoralover: thankyou for your gifs <3 it's so cute to see them being that close!! awww <3
    @xianlie and mieru: you saw the couple mics on the table!! wow! your eagle eyes will never fail to amaze me XD
    The date is on 3d Genuary because I found pictures on that day, if I'm wrong let me know^^

    By he way, Teukso are now the most viewed topic on allkpop^^ let's immortalize the moment XD

    [img]http://i42.Richard Simmons/sxlzjd.png[/img]
  • hellokitty_maohellokitty_mao Posts: 66Member
    After watching the preview for next weeks double date, I really love how teukie place his arm around Sora's waist? Or maybe just her back? During the part where they are crawling around hiding behind the shelves :) teukie is getting naughty naughty and he's trying to get closer and more skinship with Sora :) he must be getting ready and preparing himself for a real kiss with sora in the near future! Lol . Guess there should be a kiss scene In ep 19 where they celebrate valentines and Sora's birthday :)
  • HanyiHanyi Rational supporter of Dimple Couple Posts: 303Member


    I hope my summary of the Tarot Cards will not offend anyone (as they are too long and some may think that it is too superstitutious).  My observations are that Sora, being a lady with wisdom and serious thoughts (and therefore the run-away potential in the Seven of Swords), really need Teukie to push her at times to force her to face her true feelings.  Reading from the Nine of Wands, Sora is hurt by the antis, so she forced herself to proceed carefully.  Teukie has realized Sora's merits as he always praised that there is nothing that Sora cannot do (King of Pentacles).  And all of us have witnessed the hidden Fool quality of Sora by her unpredictable and surprises.

    For Teukie, I can see that he is really troubled by his enlistment.  The uncertainty along with enlistment (including popularity, relationship with Sora, etc) has really got our angel without wings.  If he can get hold of Sora, who can give him the sense of power, reliability and support, I am sure he can handle the enlistment easily.

    I am not good at Tarot Card readings but I am very interested in it.  My sincere apologies if the Tarot card meanings have driven you to the insane mode.  I myself, however, is already in this mode for some time.
  • marrsqmarrsq Posts: 1,073Member


    THANKS everybody for the kind words and warm welcome backwub.gif

    OK....I just had to come back and say something...I am a total FAN GIRL right now for DC couple....LOL....Just can't believe what I saw...LT is seriously interested in Sora and she as well. SHE so does want to KISS LT but she is shy.. ( she's a 'V') ....hahahahaha

    I think if LT gets the 1st kiss, he won't just stop there....he will just keep going! that's what the FT was trying to say..he saw that in LT's EYES...hehehehe

    I'm so all for it...If Sora is going to be deflowered, she can't find a better man than LT...and IDOL too...blush.gif
                                                                            SIMPLY JUST THE BEST           
  • lallinachanlallinachan Posts: 869Member


    edited March 2012
    @Hanyi: don't worry, why should we be offended? Actually it was very kind of you to share all these informations, it must have be a lot of work. Thankyou for sharing, and I agree with your comments!! XD

    @enrell: Are you and the team going to subb the latest video? do you need an HD? I've found this, shared by semi-fly
    But it's the entire episode, so you'd need to cut it with some software^^
    Thankyou all for subbing the SSTP call!! You guys are amazing and very kind to share your work with us! Thankyou!
  • sqd66sqd66 New Jersey,USAPosts: 3,542Member


    I have to say when listening to the Fortune teller everything he said fit DC so well so I may not give it as much merit
    as I would if this was a regular couple. This is quite a public the things that happened on the show and each of their history is available for anyone who takes time to read it online. That makes me somewhat pessimistic about the FT's reading...But forget him...he just helped DC get down to the topic of thanks to him for that...The DC interaction and conversation was what was important in this episode. The FT just helped get the topic out in the open. Like the FT said it is as true as you want it to be...
    I'm pretty sure by now they have kissed in private. It would be difficult for me to believe that from December until now they didn't get together. I'm sure Mr. I know how to secretly date worked on some secret dates with Sora...maybe all his tweets of being alone and depressed were to cover his actual secret of being with Sora;p....
    Just a though. Or he was missing her then. It's just that I noticed a confidence and look on Leeteuk that was different..especially when he was at the airport going to the concert in Singapore...
    And Sora is so beautiful as always..I did notice that on DH2 that Sora didn't get kissed...and there were a few scenes where that would have been expected. Anyway like I said previously Leeteuk seems to be producing DH2..he's got way too many connections that he can pull and have Sora not do a kiss scene..But if she does so what? He can make up for it himself later.
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    On behalf to answer mieru's question to teuksoralover about Teuk make a smiley on a car, here's the pic :)
    and yeah lallinachan... this pic was taken on 120103...
    cr: @thedangol at Twitter

    @hanyi i'm okay with your sumarry about the tarot cards ^^ i think the cards kinda resemble Teuk and Sora situation...
    just wanna add my thought about the Fool card.. coz i like this the most after Ten of Cups~ xD
    I think coz she's new in entertainment industry.. when she finally met his IDOL STAR husband with bunch of fangirls behind him, (more or less) i think she has a thought about whether she'll get many antis coz she's still a rookie star (and we all know, she did got antis - -" this is like you said about Nine of Wands) or should she just gave up this or continuing the show, etc...
    thank goodness, she has the Fool side with her.. (The Fool : If you are facing a decision or moment of doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem) i not quite sure, but i feel that if she really follow what her heart tells her to do, that means although she know she might get alot antis by marrying an idol, her hearts tell her to keep what she'd started.. And her heart make a right decisions.. day by day after met his husband frequently, she found out that HE IS THE RIGHT MAN (remember FT said that others man only like children/dongsaengs for her.. but LT is a MAN in her eyes) *start delusional*

    @mieru: you've ever lived in Indonesia??? whoaa... xD daebak... beware next time when i PM you, i'll used indonesian XD remember, i still ashamed with my English... LOL
    and the babies~ LOL~~ sure i know its too soon~ but somehow delusional takes over my brain~ kkkk :P

    Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers

    May your cheekbones ascend to heavens~!
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    I've watched subbed epi 17 countless times and I'm confused with what everyone was saying about the sequence of scenes.

    While seated in front of the FT, Sora took off her jacket and didn't even put it back - carried it with her when they left. LT never took his jacket off. There was no scene where the FT had a laptop - I guess someone inserted the scene where HeeChul and KangIn went to another FT.

    I've been a fan of Season 1 and the part where Ant Couple told the cameramen to stop filming was part of the plan to make the prank more believable; while LT telling the cameraman to go out was what came out of his mouth - and that's what surprised all the MCs. GunDam couple is almost the same as Dimple Couple - JunJin is the one getting the surprises because of the naughtiness of Lee Si Young.

    From my observation of Dimple Couple, their acts and conversations, are very UN-WGM. These two, like what KyuHyun said at the bowling alley, are living in their own world. We'll see a more comfortable husband and wife in the next few episodes now that LT is aware of his wife's feelings for him.
  • sqd66sqd66 New Jersey,USAPosts: 3,542Member


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    Sora was on Entertainment weekly and asked to pickk between JB or JW on DH2

    She picked JB....who we all have said reminds us of leeteuk...she is very careful on how she answers questions contrary to Leeteuk...this respect she does compliment his short coming. We do love it when Leeteuk is given 2 choices he says the third...sora LOL. Sora answers what is asked...i guess she could have said Leeteuk and we would have been crazy with hope...but knowing her the little i do..i can't imagine her bringing up leeteuk without his name being said first.

    Leeteuk Star King
    episode where he's climbing the rope
    Credit:noOny 1994 yt
  • 33ru_mieru33ru_mieru Posts: 356Member


    So many to read when I woke up early in the morning...This is cool!
    Haven't read all but wanna comment on some first...

    Hanyi wrote on 04 March 2012 - 03:05 AM:

    Hi-5 Fighting Dimples.  I hope everyone has a lovely DC Day!
    Just one comment.  Teukie tried to set Sora up by using Banmal, and the one who failed shall grant the other a wish.  After he finished eating, he used the formal expression of "I have eaten well/I have done eating" and Sora caught him immediately (with extremely cute expressions).  Teukie denied by saying that the formal expression is his respect for the chef.  What a stupid leader!  Why didn't he simply say "Oh I loss and Sora ssi what is your wish?"  I think Sora may give him a bobo (I think there is 90% chance because later Sora admitted that she have thought of bobo)!  Aigoo~~~Teukie, sometimes you don't have to win in order to get what you want!  Remember your first mission of the V-sign?  If you loss you could hold Sora's hand right away!  But you did it half way! Aigoo~~~

    Was re-reading the previous few pages again cause I missed some...
    and reading what Hanyi shared above.....I can't stop to LOL!!!!
    Haiks...Leeteuk!!! lol!!!! but he is so funny the way he defended himself..and I love it so much to see Sora enjoying the moment....
    LOL teuksoralover's sharing about SOTEUK suddenly appears on my mind....this is so funny!!!!

    Hanyi wrote on 04 March 2012 - 06:04 AM:

    Seems no one has posted the short conversation between the fortune teller and our DC right after Sora has picked her cards, here is a brief re-recap.
    FT: Sora-ssi has a very high standard for men (original is has eyes up high).  You either treat them as kids or young brothers.  But for bridegroom Teukie, you see him as a man.  Right?
    Sora nodded her head and Teukie smiled happily.

    Will update tomorrow when the sub-version is out.

    (EDIT) FT also said that Teukie should stop being a casa nova anymore because Sora is a good woman.  FT advised Sora to make him health supplements (herbal medicine) because Teukie is a very hard working Hanllyu leader who does not take care of his health.  Sora listened attentively.

    @lallinachan, you were asking about the casa nova....Hanyi translated this for us ^_^ ...oh btw, saw the pic you shared above...YAH!!! We should IMMORTALISE those historial moment!! Thanks a lot! btw lallinachan, can share the link to you pdf detective file again?

    Hanyi wrote on 04 March 2012 - 10:24 PM:

    I can't help but review the clip to record all the Tarot Cards drawn by our couple.  Maybe after learning more about the meanings of each card may answer 33ru_mieru's question of whether the fortune-teller has done advance research or not.  All pics and description are extracted from

    Sora's first set of cards (about relationship):

    Hanyi, thanks so much for the tarot reading...Actually, I was thinking of doing some research on tarot card when I have more time but thanks to you I don't have to do it. I have complete 0 knowledge on this so I lazy to do the searching and what you have done is so cool!!!
    I don't mind all this cards sharing at all, but I am having a problem of digesting it ^^;;;;; Gosh, I really need some time to understand the card....
    btw, sorry i put the card quote above in spoiler cause it makes my already long message become even Hanyi, the things you shared above, you have done the summary for these cards right? (cause I saw you shared the whole description for one of Leeteuk's complicated, haven't read yet -_-)
    but the summary that you have done, IS Awesome!!!!

    Okay first one, The Fool that Sora drew....Hrm, I am having a problem of relating everything I am reading with Sora and Leeteuk even The Fool card...

    As Card 0, the Fool lies at the beginning of the major arcana, but  also somewhat apart from the other cards. In medieval courts, the court  jester was someone who was not expected to follow the same rules as  others. He could observe and then poke fun. This makes the Fool  unpredictable and full of surprises. He reminds us of the unlimited  potential and spontaneity inherent in every moment. There is a sense  with this card that anything goes - nothing is certain or regular. The  Fool adds the new and unfamiliar to a situation. The Fool also  represents the complete faith that life is good and worthy of trust. Some might call the Fool too innocent, but his innocence sustains him  and brings him joy. In readings, the Fool can signal a new beginning or  change of direction - one that will guide you onto a path of adventure,  wonder and personal growth. He also reminds you to keep your faith and  trust your natural responses. If you are facing a decision or moment of  doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart  no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem.

    Okay, how to read this?? This is the relationship card!!!!! Is The Fool Sora?? or?
    If you are facing a decision or moment of  doubt, the Fool tells you to believe in yourself and follow your heart  no matter how crazy or foolish your impulses may seem. ==> this part, is Sora who is in doubt, or her partner who is in dout, then The Fool tells her partner to follow his heart?

    Sorry asking stupid question ^^;;
    I am a complete idiot in tarot stuff... it looks interesting but, the long description can let the Fortune Teller to have the flexibility to explain anything.
    Haha, sorry to zoom and focus in one card only for now... I am just curious about this tarot, tarot card will have different meaning when the picture is upside down right? I will try to learn how to read the rest of the card after I know how to read the first card :P

    Thanks so much for the picture dear~~

    Thanks for the interview. Hahha....after watching the video, when I saw the part Sora fell on top of JB (cause only clips so I see Sora there, not Hae Sung :P)....
    I can imagine Leeteuk got jealous....then next scene, he feels good again when interviewer asked Sora to choose between JB or
    Frankly, if I were Leeteuk, if Sora choose JB...I won't feel too jealous I don't know why....but if Sora chose Jinwoon....I will (that is if I were Leeteuk) but guess, whoever Sora choose as long as it's not himself, Leeteuk  will feel a little bit of jealous :P

    Okay below is excerpts from http://www.allkpop.c...on-in-interview that sqd66 shared

    At one point, the reporter chatted with Kang Sora, who plays Shin Hye Sung, and 2AM‘s Jin Woon, who plays Jin Yoojin. At one point, the reporter asked whether Kang Sora would choose Jin Woon or JB, who plays a character of the same name.

    Even with Jung Jin Woon right next to her, Kang Sora immediately answered, “JB.”

    Jung Jinwoon incredulously remarked, “Daebak… really.” To this, Kang Sora defended her answer, reasoning, Even if someone is sitting next to you, you have to be constant.


    This make me (I am imagining Leeteuk watching this and I am trying to see myself as Leeteuk) feels so comforted....

    Why Sora always so daebak....she has her way to make me sorta envy at her co-stars (on behalf of Leeteuk and myself)....but also can make me feel I can count on her and trust her cause her heart is with Leeteuk....

    Okay this might sound confusing cause I try to put myself in Leeteuk's point...crazy me...

  • marrsqmarrsq Posts: 1,073Member


    Morning Guys!!

    Love all your comments. I think there is no doubt in all of our minds that LT really likes Sora. She became the ideal girl after getting to know her more and spending time with her. Just like LT admitted it..she became his ideal girl. This is the best way to fall in love; slow and sweet, with each day finding out more and more things to admire about our partner. Sora surprises LT, he thought she was just a typical girl. Sora showed him that she means business and she will love and protect her love ones till death..just like LT as well.  COMPATIBILITY =100%wub.gif

    Sora, I think likes him even from the beginning and now finding out that LT really has boyfriend/husband qualities which she likes. She is in heaven!!

    I honestly like LT, he surprises me too..under all that charm and smiling face, we can actually see the determination in his eyes and the steel in his backbone. He is a go-getter. An achiever. But, he is thinking more and more about finding the right partner to share in his dreams and hopes. Now that he is in his 30s, everybody thinks about life beyond work, not about just having fun, now is time to think about family and matters of the heart.

    Really is fated that Sora came in his life just at the right time in his life. He really can appreciate Sora and her own steely determination.

    anyway, remember one of LT's pet peeve was that he does not like for the girls to pay when they go out and such? He makes money but Sora makes money too, and in this modern times, partners shares..some guys feel that they are all equal. HOWEVER, I just LOVE LT for making his stand on paying for everything, just love him for it...even if it was just for WGM but I just love him...remember when they bought the furniture? how upset LT looked when Sora said she will pay for some of the things. I saw the I -WEAR -THE-PANTS in this relationship baby, attitude...and Sora saw it and love it ..this was a man that she can depend on......

    FIGHTING LT and make it count when it is matters of your heart...Sora will make you happy. Believe in yourself and SORA!!!!!!!wink.gif
                                                                            SIMPLY JUST THE BEST           
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