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Scary Korean Webtoon

pervertpervert Baby TraffickerPosts: 1,513Member


edited November 2011 in general discussion
Warning: You may poop yourself a couple times.

^ That's the link to the webtoon/comic. I've read a LOT of horror manga... but this Korean comic is the scariest I've read yet :|

Enjoy! Maybe you'll get a laugh out of it at the end.

Lol please don't spoil the comic for others by describing "the part."

SushiSnap wrote on 25 August 2011 - 02:06 AM:

English translation ^^

Thanks SushiSnap!



  • IUandMeIUandMe Posts: 78Member
    edited February 2012
  • jas0njas0n San Leandro, CAPosts: 244Member
    oh wow!!! so funny A++++ will read again!!!
  • ubjustinubjustin Posts: 147Member


    This one is also pretty good.  From the same series of horror webtoons
  • MsChaofanMsChaofan Posts: 441Member
    Even though I can't understand what it said, that scared the crap out of me!
    Mr. Pig!
  • SightlessSightless Your imaginationPosts: 159Member
    I think I just died a little inside.
  • karunokaruno Posts: 103Member
    OMG that was friggin scary. i was reading it in the library and when i got to that "part" i screamed out loud like a little girl and someone was walking past me and thought i was crazy!! im never reading anything scary in public every again.....
  • everysweetdayeverysweetday Posts: 41Member
    oh my gosh, my friend tricked me into reading this by going "it's not that scary!" so i did and was freaking out so bad lol.
    i was like jumping up and down and screaming my face off... lovely.
  • ddceeddcee canadaPosts: 1,776Member


    -shrugs- I was reading then I scrolled to the "part" and jumped T_T 
  • bonitagirlxbonitagirlx Posts: 934Member


    what? what is it? im not clicking it cuz im chicken but im curious! 

  • SushiSnapSushiSnap Posts: 138Member
    English translation ^^
    I love to meet new people
  • vip_gdvip_gd Forever VIP HKPosts: 11,243Member


    edited August 2011
    i had a heart attack!!
  • DaylightfulDaylightful Love and Peace! Cincinnati, OhioPosts: 1,272Member
    This was all over Facebook! Certainly gave me a jump..
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  • Bk.Bk. 16 KoreaPosts: 2,151Friend of Soompi


    holy christ....

    the next time I see something that says 'scary korean webtoon'... I am never clicking on it again.

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  • OurMomentumOurMomentum Posts: 52Member
    I had a mini seizure. my hands are still shaking and ii cant feel my toes.
  • kodesowakodesowa Posts: 111Member
    I read it again with my speakers off and it still scared me...
  • eru.poperu.pop ? 2 / N / E / 1 ? Posts: 1,404Member
    This web comic has been really popular recently. Some of the other works by the same artist is nice as well. Wish there were translations available for those other ones, too.
  • EXQU1S1TEEXQU1S1TE igaragarago! FloridaaaaPosts: 2,737Member
    That was crazy. Holy. Crap.
  • nobody knowsnobody knows what I think outof thisworldPosts: 13,096Member


    is it that comic with the scary face that turns around and is like tktktktkktkt or whatever that sound is?

    ahahah alllll over my tumblr dashboard
    not clicking that again ;___; I didn't scream out jump, but I swear all the hair on my body just stood up ..
  • kingiekingie Posts: 55Member


    edited August 2011
    Omg, that was wayyyy too much for me to handle T.T
    I don't know why I did it. I already knew how weak I am against horror! Arggg
    Can't be alone home now.
  • youngkyuyoungkyu Posts: 21Member
    OMFG I did not expect that AT ALL...... I tried scrolling up when it started but it wouldn't let me!!! OMG!!! My heart literally melted at that point.
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