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The Official Dooley/YongShin Couple Thread (Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye)

LatikaLatika Posts: 47Member


edited January 22 in shippers' paradise
Jung Yonghwa& Park Shinhye
The Official "Dooley Couple" Thread


Who are the Dooley Couple?
Jung Yonghwa  & Park Shinhye


Why are they called the "Dooley Couple"?
Just before the  drama went on air, a group of Shinhye fans at Shinhye Gallery at DC Inside threw  ideas around what to call this couple. One of the names that came out during  this “nickname the couple” session was “Dooley”. The reason was that both Kyu  Won and Shin shares a surname “Lee”. In Korean, “dool” means “two”. The fans  thought that “dool Lee” had a nice ring to to. The makers of “Heartstrings” who  were browsing around fansites noiced the nickname “dool Lee” and thought to use  that name as unofficially official (!^^) nickname for this couple and the news  reporters ran with the nickname as well. So, the couple nickname of “Dool Lee”,  or in an English way of speaking “Dooley”, was born. It actually came from a  Korean meaning of “two Lee”.

Why they have other nicknames Couples?

because they previously had worked  in "You are Beautiful" ,they had already  fans who love them together and called them
the  "Shinhwa" Couple ( Shinhye&YongHwa) or YongHye Couple (YongHwa & ShinHye)

Why we love the "Dooley couple"?


because this is the destiny  and they were destined to meet ("YaB" and "Heartstrings")
because their chemistry is perfect
because they're very cute together
because they love to touch each other
because his relationship frienship  is adorable
because we love their natural skinships
because Yonghwa's mom thinks ShinHye is the perfect girl to her son
because she opened her heart to him even when he wasn’t famous and popular
because he follows her in twitter (he generally don’t follow people but Shinhye)


1. no bashing our couple or Yonghwa &Shinhye
2. No Quoting of Pictures
3.we dont want to know if you prefer another people with Yonghwa or Shinhye
4. we dont want to read your explains about that
5.we will always protect his friendship
6. enjoy and have fun (;

Spread The Love!

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  • yonghwayonghwa Posts: 1,488Friend of Soompi


    WoooooWWW .... one thead dedicated ... to the very beautiful couple denominated "Dooley Couple"
    congratulations ..for the new thread !!! :wub:
  • Br_WriterBr_Writer BrazilPosts: 117Member



    I was about toa sk someone open a thread for these two!!! So happy now I can spazz about their chemistry and friendishp!!!

    thank you!!

    "My only love, sprung from my only hate! 
    Too early seen unknown, and known too late! 
    Prodigious birth of love it is to me That I must love a loathed enemy".

  • marz4567marz4567 Posts: 52Member
    Okay, just had to show my support for the "Dooley Couple" as I love them lots.
  • JulianKevin1JulianKevin1 Posts: 115Member


    aprillyn wrote on 18 August 2011 - 02:03 AM:

    hi again Dooley shippers .. shinhye just tweeted less than an hour ago along with this pics

     *quoted image*\
    *quoted image*

    here's her tweet msg.
    방금 막 촬영이 끝났습니다. 고생많으셨습니다. 한분한분 감사드릴분이 너무나도 많이 계시지만 말씀드리지 않아도 아실거라 생각합니다. 존경하는 선배님, 동료배우분들, 보이지 않는 곳에서 드라마를 위해 고생하신 너무 멋진 우리 스탭분들..고생많으셨습니다. 정말 감사합니다.. 누군가는 이번 우리 드라마를 보고 참 사건사고 많은 드라마였다고 말할지 모릅니다. 하지만 저에게 있어서는 너무 소중하고 행복한 시간이였습니다. 이 소중한 인연이 계속 되길 기도합니다. 오늘 마지막 방송까지 넌 내게 반했어!! 많은사랑 부탁드립니다^^ 감사합니다. 

    don't know much of korean language  kekekeke but from what i can understand when i google it, she was saying thank you and that she had a precious time during the filming with her fellow casts and staff.. she was happy during those times and the bonding time is precious to her.. anyway,hope somebody can translate this.. thank you :D
    --ooopsss sorry for posting too much,i was just excited with this thread :D---

    Dooley couple FIGHTING!

  • dnktdnkt Posts: 392Member


    edited August 2011
    Thank you for open the thread for my favorite couple. I am here to support them :-)


    Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye Fighting!!!!!!
  • angieknows_11angieknows_11 Posts: 1,000Member


    Latika, thank you for starting this thread :) I guess I'm officially onboard the Dooley Couple train ;)
    COUCH KIMCHI Binging On Asian Dramas
  • anne0129anne0129 PhilippinesPosts: 662Member


    WOW!!! A THREAD FOR OUR VERY OWN DOOLEY COUPLE. Yahoo!!! Thanks so much for starting this thread. I will miss these 2 lovebirds when the drama ends tonight. HEARTSTRINGS FIGHTING!!! DOOLEY COUPLE FOREVER!!!
  • justin_hanjustin_han Posts: 14Member
    i super love dooley couple i hope they can work again together even in CF or photoshoots
    and promote heartstrings together overseas
  • Br_WriterBr_Writer BrazilPosts: 117Member


    edited August 2011
    Hello, again!!!

    I'm not even sure if this is the right place but... I want to spazz, so I'm doing it here!!! :phew:

    Ah! How much I love PSH and JYH chemistry!! Now that HS is over, I keep wishing that they will do another project together. CF, photshoots, duets... ANYTHING! But what I really really really want to see is another drama with these two as leads. But, there's a big BUT, I want them in a drama that's more adult-like. We've seen them in YAB and in HS. Though these to dramas differ, they're a bit similiar in "feeling". So I woud love to see PSH and JYH, maybe in two years from now, in a more serious drama.

    Anyway... Love our DooLey Couple!

    Much love, fellas!

    "My only love, sprung from my only hate! 
    Too early seen unknown, and known too late! 
    Prodigious birth of love it is to me That I must love a loathed enemy".

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