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Weird bruise that doesn't hurt..?

Iko.Iko. ?In your panties!Posts: 507Member


Hi, so around a week ago or so I found this weird bruise-like thing on my arm... I don't even know if it's a bruise. It doesn't hurt, not even tender.. it doesn't feel any different from any other parts of my arm. It's not the regular purple/blueish hue, but more of a brown-purpley tone, and a teeny bit darker than the pic.

It's not the first time, I had one on my other arm but it disappeared after a while, so I'm guessing this one will to. I'm not particularly worried about it, but curious. And it looks like an ugly stain on my arm >_<.


anyone know what it might be?


  • kaboomkaboom =)Posts: 454Member


    Looks like a bruise to me.

  • AshleyAshley nom! TorontoPosts: 505Member
    looks like exactly what you called it - a bruise that doesn't hurt :P
  • Iko.Iko. ? In your panties&#33;Posts: 507Member


    Yes... obviously.

    Anyone know what might be the cause though? I find it really weird. I thought all bruises hurt o3o. I don't remember injuring that area either.
  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    it's fine!
    Not all bruises hurt. Particularly if there are not pain nerves near enough to the site of the injury. Also, you'll find that from time to time you may bruise more easily and often without pain when your blood is thin.- yahoo answers

    I've woken up with scratches I haven't had before
  • taramamaritaramamari Posts: 17Member
    my sister used to wake up with bruises like that, they didn't hurt and she didn't know where they came from, we managed to figure out that it was because she tosses and turns when she sleeps, she usually hits the wall or the side of her bed with different body part during the night.... I shared a room with her for a while and woke up because she planted her foot or arm in the wall during the night...  
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