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Solution for deep and stubborn blackheads?

ShiroiyukiShiroiyuki YOO AH INPosts: 462Member
Soompi is overflowing with topics about blackheads, I know. But I've tried every home-made solution available and I had enough. Pore strips don't work on me, and so does these egg white pore strips. I also tried steaming my face before applying a pore strip, but that still doesn't work on me. These stubborn blackheads of mine has been stuck on my nose since 6th grade and now I'm on my 10th grade. St. Ives doesn't also work for me. I'm not yet allowed to have facials because I'm still young. Do you guys know ANY product that is truly deep cleansing? The pore strips I use claim to remove blackheads, but they don't :-|


  • xjUnebUgsxjUnebUgs Posts: 1,043Member


    Hmm, so basically nothing works right??
    must be really frustrating, so sorry to hear that. For me, when I use aloe or lemon juice (diluted with water), my blackheads kinda go away... but seeing that nothing has worked for you, I guess this won't work either.

    I don't know how old you have to be for a facial but I think if you can bear it out until the 12th grade (your senior year), your best shot would be a facial which usually includes blackhead extractions (spas near my town anyway). My close friend had really big pores/acne prone skin/oily skin and towards the end of the 12th grade, she started getting facials (she got the package deal so it'd be cheaper per facial) and now her skin is much, much, much better. good luck!
  • lexiielexiie Posts: 58Member
    I'm interested to know too. I need that I can use at home, no facials - this is for my brothers. They let me steam their faces, stick strips on their noses, etc but they draw the line at facials, lol. Nothing's worked so far, from exfoliating scrubs to home remedies and masks.

    OP, have you tried those blackhead extractor things? Not sure if that's the name, but it's a metal stick with a small loop at the end. You're supposed to press around the blackhead until it comes out.
  • SUMM3RxBABiiSUMM3RxBABii NYPosts: 3,260Member
    I've been using Paula's Choice BHA for a few weeks now and nothing has worked. A lot of recommendations I'm getting are about Stridex pads which supposedly work on blackheads and acne.
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  • xxekdnjsxxekdnjs CaliforniaPosts: 1,840Member


    edited July 2011
    Have you tried the Atomy SkinCare line? It has really high reviews and I know a lot of people who use this skin line. Maybe give this a try?

    Here's the deep cleanser:

    I also had a problem with blackheads on my nose area and a lot of it has disappeared while minimizing my pores. But I use the entire 4 set that the deep cleanser comes with, but since the price is a bit hefty - the deep cleanser and foam cleanser used together works well enough imo. I'll give you a link for the foam cleanser if you're interested:

    I personally use this also so if you have any questions, feel free to message me :)

    Hope you find something that works for you!
  • HelloDuckyHelloDucky Posts: 78Member
    I've tried the oil cleansing method to get the blackheads out. It took two months but it eventually came up and I was able to extract the gunk out. :3
  • soiiasoiia I like berries. CanaDAAAAA :)Posts: 604Member
    For the really obvious and big one, try to extract them after a long long steamy shower. Get the blackhead extractor for it, because doing it with your fingers and nails can leave nasty scars. You can't do that for all of them of course, but at least, get the really big in width ones out.

    Just like how people can't lose the weight they gained from 2-3 months of eating with only a week of starving, you have to take your time and be patient. Your blackheads have been there for a while, so the best thing is to exfoliate frequently and diligently. Eventually, the old ones will fade and with a strict routine, you will prevent new ones from taking place.

    When I say exfoliate, I mean using scrubs or/and a cleanser containing salicylic acid or any of those organic acids such as glycolic acid and such that you can find in skincare products, but of course, they are expensive. Stick with salicylic acid if you're on budget. It probably does the job well enough, but just needs some more time. In my case, I got rid of quite a bit of blackheads from using stripes (I used Face Shop and Skinfood though the Face Shop ones are better) after a good week of exfoliation. I recently started to use a toner with salicylic acid in it (the one from Neutrogena, Acne Stress Control 3 in 1 Toner thingy) and I can see a difference on my nose.

    Remember, you won't find a quicker way to get rid of blackhead other than exfoliate so that the accumulate sebum and dirt that a blackhead is composed of end up on the surface where it can be cleansed away.
  • banyayabanyaya Posts: 48Member



    I had blackhead for couple years now, and it makes it much better. Most of it were gone within a month I started cleaning my nose with olive oil. I rub it in for 15-20 mins then I use the blackhead needle thing to push the gunk out. works great! Now I need to get rid of those blackhead on my cheeks haha
  • imherebabyimherebaby Posts: 37Member


    as some soompiers have said, you need to have a really strict routine and stick to it and I´m sure you´ll see the difference in 2 weeks :) . <When I say that, I don´t mean that all your blackheads will be gone but you will see that they have diminished in size and that some of them have disappeared BUT you have to be constant and patient.

    What I would do, because it´s what I´ve done and it worked wonders for me is the following :

    First, when you are done with taking your shower and you washed your face with a soap/gel/cleanser (one that targets blackheads and/or pimples or has salycylic acid would be better) , exfoliate your face with this OLIVE OIL SCRUB . Massage it really well onto your face and concentrate on your problem areas. Then remove it with just water. Don´t use soap. When you´re done, you´ll feel your face super amazingly smooth :)

    Then, pat your face dry, and apply a toner that has salycyc acid or any toner that helps you get rid of blackheads or you can use a natural toner like witch hazel. This step is really important and I think has to become part of your skin care routine because the toner really REALLY helps unclog your pores faster.

    After that, use a moisturizer that either targets blackheads or has some sort of acid AHA or SALYCILYC ACID or you can make your own natural moisturizer with olive oil and tea tree oil, Tea tree oil is amazing for pimples and blackheads (but patch test first on your arm to see if you´re not alergic to it). If you decide to make your own moisturizer, add one or 2 drops of tea tree oil to 6 or 8 drops of olive oil and then apply and massage it into your skin. If it´s daytime, then use a moisturizer that has SPF and maybe you can leave the natural moisturizer for night time. That´s what I normally do ^_^

    Then that is all you have to do on the first day.

    But then, on the second day, at night preferably, you have to do the OIL CLEANSING METHOD after you remove all traces of makeup. This is gonna further help unclog those stubborn blackheads faster.

    You can do it every night if you want to see even faster results, and if not, you can do it every other day and you´ll still see results.

    After the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) you can either follow your normal routine (use the toner+moisturizer and here is when I normally use natural stuff like the olive oil + tea tree oil combo but it´s your choice, as long as you use something that´s good for your skin type)

    And that´s pretty much it. aaaaaaaahh I almost forgot to tell you that twice a week, you can do the aspirin mask too or any other kind of mask that´s gonna help you with the blackheads. I know that there are some people who say that the aspirin mask is bad and etc but I actually looove it, it makes my skin soooooooo crazy smooth and helps with pimples,blackheads and everything else under the sun :lol: but you can choose the type of mask you want to use.... oooh maybe the egg white mask you were talking about in your post :) . The point is that you have to stick to a routine and omg I hope my post doesn´t scare you :D because it might seem like a thesis but believe me, when you get around to doing it, it´s fast, easy, and it just requires a few minutes of your time so I hope you give this tips a try and Good Luck!! :)
  • stylebubblestylebubble ????? ?? chuu ! Posts: 649Member
    edited July 2011
    You should try those clay masks like The Face Shop Black Head Ex Nose Clay Mask ^^ A salicylic acid exfoliator is helpful too.
  • iPhetsiPhets Perth, AustraliaPosts: 4,235Member
    SUMM3RxBABii wrote on 24 July 2011 - 12:25 AM:

    I've been using Paula's Choice BHA for a few weeks now and nothing has worked. A lot of recommendations I'm getting are about Stridex pads which supposedly work on blackheads and acne.

    at what concentration and which type? i heard so many good things about it and im so keen to try.. but its such a shame that it didn't work for you =/

    did it have any benefits at all though? like.. did you have smoother skin, etc
  • duh123duh123 Posts: 1,379Member


    i suggest a facial even though you say you aren't allowed to get one because you are young. but i got my first one at 14 and it was amazing. it goes out all my blackheads and no scarring. you should convince your mom that you need one because if you have had them for so long, they are enlarging your pores and no product is going to get rid of them like extractions.
  • sidobeleisidobelei Posts: 13New Member
    I've been researching solutions for this as well since i recently developed small bumps on my cheeks that now look like blackheads
    I now use a daily blackhead scrub everyday and massage extra virgin olive oil into my skin at night. I massage it in for about a 10 minutes which includes using those face slimming rollers. They're not completely gone but i have seen improvements!
    Also, i found out that Glycolic acid peels/masks work wonders on clearing pores as glycolic acid is like a chemical exfoliant. You should search up products that have glycolic acid in them, you can even get it in 10% and do a home facial with it~
  • slygirlslygirl Posts: 8Member
    I work at a spa and sometimes we would let 16 or 17 year-olds get a facial with guardian permission (sometimes the parent had to be in the same room). There are some spas that have "teen facials", so I highly recommend researching the day spas in your area to see if it's possible to get an appointment. I would be careful when doing extractions at home, because if you don't know what you're doing, you can end up with scars. If these are deep-seated blackheads, manual extractions by a professional is the best way to get rid of them!

    My skin has been prone to cystic acne and congestion all my life, and it wasn't until I started getting facials regularly that it cleared up (I'm 29 now). The first facial I had, we did a *ton* of extractions, but after that, my esthetician didn't have to do as much work, LOL. I also use AHA Glycolic Pads 20%, which cleared up a lot of the congestion. Since you are young, I would probably recommend a lower 10% concentration. You swipe the pads on your face and wash off after 2-5 minutes. You should feel a tingly/stingy sensation when you use the pads, so try it for 2 minutes and when your skin gets acclimated, you can increase the time to 5. Also, speaking from personal experience, I wouldn't use it when your skin is super dry or on open wounds because they will sting like a pinkberry.
  • OhNoel09OhNoel09 Posts: 122Member
    black head extractor works for me!!! i dont kno how i lived without one before.
  • pinkxliliespinkxlilies CanadaPosts: 528Member
    You should try a clay mask! I recommend St.Ives Clay Mask - it's really cheap too! I use it on my nose area about once a week. The results are temporary unfortunately and don't even last a day, but right after you wash it off after using it, all the oil is sucked out of your blackheads! It's really great :D
  • ♥oyen♥♥oyen♥ Sooper Dooper Posts: 821Member
    I've had those before, believe me no products will work for deep black heads. Get a facial and have your black heads extracted, its quite painful but its really worth it, your face will be so much better, smooth and most of all white/black heads free :)
  • ShiroiyukiShiroiyuki YOO AH IN Posts: 462Member
    I keep on forgetting to reply :lol: .
    Sorry folks^^.
    Anyway, thank you soompiers for the advices you gave me! I'll try the blackhead extractor thingy for sure (but I am a bit might leave scars) and the "strict routine" of exfoliating my blackheads.

  • missbrokensmilemissbrokensmile Posts: 57Member
    The only thing that works is a well formulated BHA (salicylic acid) product and extractions (either by yourself using a comedone extractor or by a professional beauty therapist). Basically, once you remove the current blackheads, the BHA will keep it away. Some people have been recommending AHA (glycolic acid) which is basically what BHA does, except the BHA goes a little bit deeper (which is where you want to treat it, because blackheads are deep).
  • FreinFrein Posts: 159Member
    Im not trying to say to buy this but the Clarisonic system worked for me, I just used the brush head it came with and repeatedly used it day and night then later only in the morning. I've been using it for what 3 weeks? and the MAJORITY of the blackheads on my nose is gone and those really deep blackheads gradually pushed its way to the surface and disappeared. There are cheaper ways to remove like using the a pin a forcing it out, or there are cheaper systems rather than the clarisonic
  • {minuhh{minuhh Posts: 184Member


    edited July 2011
    You could try using those Japanese cleansing pads, I use it everynight along with my cleanser and it works like a miracle. It cleaned my pores out and my blackheads disappeared after a couple uses. Try using a cleanser that works for oily skin along with the cleansing pad and it will work wonders, the cleanser would be used to clean out the oils in your pores. Or you could just use lemon and the cleansing pad, whatever works best for you.
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