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Outer corner of my eyes are always watery :(

Banana PeelBanana Peel Posts: 2,153Member


eyeliner smudges, help?
So I use wet&wild creme liner and even tried out black eyeshadow. But the outer corner of my eyes always seem to water and makes my eyeliner smudge on that spot only :(

is there any solution to this?


  • flyingmochiflyingmochi :) Cantankerous CaliforniaPosts: 328Member
    Have you tried putting on the creme liner then patting black eyeshadow on top? To set it.
  • Banana PeelBanana Peel Posts: 2,153Member


    Yep :( still would smudge.
  • kokoro.kokoro. Posts: 31Member


    i have the same exact problem. i've gone through countless eyeliners trying to find one that works for me and won't smudge since i have what i call "overly watery eyes" all year round. i tried the eyeshadow & eyeliner trick... didn't work. but the thing that has worked best for me so far is putting on mascara first and then applying the eyeliner. it still smudges for me, but less than before. if i have any luck with the new eyeliners i'm trying out, i'll be sure to let you know. (:
  • PandaAgendaPandaAgenda Posts: 327Member


    Maybe try applying an eye primer to that area? :)
    Hope it helps~~
  • prisonerzeroprisonerzero North Carolina, USA.Posts: 4,512Member
    Use a different brush.
    I've had this issue too.
    Even with primer, my eyes would still water.
    Then I switched brushes.
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  • jinxiijinxii Posts: 6Member


    I have the same problem, but only on one eye. lol.. have you tried MAC's LiquidLast liner? That stuff won't budge... you can even swim in it!
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  • sasa_1993sasa_1993 Posts: 50Member
    Oh my eyes are so sensitive and watery! I go for waterproof cream liners and always use a good translucent primer underneath! I have a primer from Too-Faced and it works wonders for my eyeliner. H.I.P. cream liners are amazing, just as good as MAC, but cheaper. Also, I've heard gel liners are even better. 
  • SanjouSanjou Posts: 48Member
    I had that problem, but when I started using a different gel liner (I think I use maybelline eyestudio now?), my eye watered less and when it does occasionally water it doesn't really smudge as much
  • PYRITEPYRITE Posts: 15,216Friend of Soompi


    I think the problem isn't so much the method of applying the liner, but moreso how to stop the watery eye.

    The outer corners of my right eye as supposed to my left gets teary when I don't sleep enough, or I'm working under stress. There are days when I can put on my eyeliner and my eye is completely dry. This also happens with certain products as well; I think my eyes are overly sensitive or allergic to something.

    Have you noticed any patterns like this? Does it happen to you all the time, or just on occasion?
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