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Which type of person are you?



  • YooAmieYooAmie Posts: 163Member


    I'm kinda a mix between A and B too... :/
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  • followyourdreams.followyourdreams. Posts: 277Member


    Quite B, quite A. I'm on average more B though but recently I have been going out a lot, but I do spend a lot of time in front of my PC or snuggled up on the couch too!
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  • aounaoun Posts: 862Member


    edited December 2011
    B is a definite for me. I don't like to socialize with anyone. Not even with my family. I can't even keep a conversation with my mom. And yet, here I am, on Soompi.

  • KoreaDarlingKoreaDarling ★ YOO ★ 미국Posts: 362Member


    Mostly A and little B. ^.^ I don't like going out alotttttalot.
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  • secretlyjustyourssecretlyjustyours Cali <3Posts: 1,360Member


    I guess i'm a little bit of both, I would join clubs and research my future career and see what classes i will take. But i dont study & sometimes I stay home all day and just use the computer
  • Me2Me2 Posts: 1,644Member


    Mostly B...but after Korea, I became more social^^
  • daRingsdaRings Posts: 1,104Member


    Used to be an A,
    But in my situation ryt now, i am leaning more towards B! :(
    Basically, i do things for myself like researching my career path and incresing my knowldege in stuff im interested in! I like learning new things everday ^^,
    But i also stay at home most of the time...well aside from school and occasional shopping. Lol
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  • jaekyung03jaekyung03 ???~ Posts: 331Member
    I'm pretty much a mix of A and B. I'd say 75% B and 25% A.
  • cottoncandy567cottoncandy567 Posts: 2New Member
    I'm B.But I'm A sometimes :)
  • shayysilentshayysilent Posts: 5Banned
    im an even mix between A and B
  • hollowhollow Posts: 76Member
    I seem to be mostly a B type TT_TT

    But I do also have traits in A.

    So maybe 60/40?
  • AlesdiiAlesdii Posts: 2Member
    Im 95% A, but in a more, laidback half assed kind of way.

    I do care about my appearance, but i dont work out, more towards clothes and such.
    hmm i can never just stay home, i have to go out and do something with my friends or with people.
    but at the same time i can never focus on one thing and "study."
    I do try hard to learn new things, but not in a studying way, more in a experimenting way.

    and there are those few times when i just wanna stay home and go on forums like these and read and post my happy poopoo. (this post isn't my happy poopoo tho,) LOL!
    so i have that 5% of B.
  • little_genielittle_genie ♥ let's fly! Posts: 744Member


    type B definitely. and proud of it LMAO
  • BoonmieBoonmie Posts: 29Member
    I try to workout and take walks every day. I am learning 2 languages and am about to go to school.
    I like to better myself and want to grow as a person, BUT there are a lot of days where I just stay in bed and play videogames all day xD
    so, probably both. Everything in moderation
  • AliceAristocratAliceAristocrat Bangkok, ThailandPosts: 752Member


    I liked staying home but I like socializing too so it's half and half I guess?
    I'm pretty sure everyone will have a little bit of both unless they're extreme recluses or something.
  • sallyidauksallyidauk Posts: 1New Member
    (3) Watch TV or Play on the computer all day
  • jaefanjaefan happiness ✿ SingaporePosts: 5,305Member


    I would definitely be a B if im not working now.

    Work takes up 70% of my life right now, so I pretty much would LOVE to have a day stuck at home just lazing. Sometimes, it's the busy ones(working or studying) that doesn't have a life. The irony.
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  • JJ__JJ__ Posts: 83Member
    I'm actually a bit of both.
    I go to the gym 4/5 times a week for about an hour each session, I love trying new things out and of course i have to study and go our with friends as well.
    But usually on lazy days, I prefer staying at home and watching TV and browsing on the net 

  • haydefhaydef Posts: 65Member


    A mixture of both, but more than 90% type A. I go to the gym a lot (since I work at one), I research for my future career path (my parents even sent me to seminars) & I like gaining knowledge on something every day.

    When I've no plan, I'll be staying at home & play computer/v'games most of the time though not all the time.

  • toomanytruckstoomanytrucks NYPosts: 150Member
    A mix of both. I do lots for myself and keep myself busy. My priorities are very straight especially for my age. I'm more of a type A but I am type B In that I am alone often, working. I do sometimes just waste a day where I am not productive but I go hard the next day.
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