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What salary does a man need to make to have a stable family?

hungahunga Posts: 124Member
edited May 2011 in love & relationships
Question for you girls
After reading a post in this section, I see a lot of girls wanting men who are motivated, and hard working. But, I also see that some of these require a "stable" salary (AKA a profession?) for the family.

So my question is, what do you consider to be a stable salary, being made by the man, to support his family in this world now?
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  • MiyurinMiyurin Posts: 178Member
    edited May 2011
    Uh oh, this post is getting way too much negative feedback.
  • crescendollcrescendoll It's 4AM and I'm awake again. BostonPosts: 1,070Member
    As long as it helps pay his part of the bills and helps feed us and keep us in a home, it doesn't matter to me what his salary is. But I do prefer that it be an actual career and not some part-time job. My boyfriend is currently in the process of switching careers to something that will pay less, but it's something he prefers doing and I would rather he do something he enjoys, even if it means he gets paid less. As long as whatever he is going to be paid is enough to pay his bills on time and that he won't starve. I don't need a guy who makes billions of dollars because I make enough money to support myself and I know how to save cash if I ever wanted to buy something.
  • MrPowerMrPower Level 9 Noob Victoria IslandPosts: 2,459Moderator


    edited May 2011
    ^ 70,000 is humble? o_o

    I thought perhaps fifty thousand would be sufficient. Perhaps I was mistaken...
  • BEBE_ANBEBE_AN Posts: 346Member


    at least $30-40k per year. however, i'm considering my financial contribution as well with this answer. family income should be around $70k/yr for decent/comfortable living.

    the answers to your question would vary depending on the woman's values and beliefs, her current location of residency(some places have higher living expenses than others), her family background (what kind of lifestyle she is used to growing up), and her educational and career background (some women may prefer men who have similar educational/career background to her's).
  • supertammiesupertammie la-la landPosts: 3,055Friend of Soompi


    MrPower wrote on 07 May 2011 - 04:16 AM:

    ^ 70,000 is humble? o_o

    I thought perhaps fifty thousand would be sufficient. Perhaps I was mistaken...

    Children are expensive. Ideally, I'd like both myself and my husband each to be able to make enough to support our family in the event that one of us is out of work, but all I really want is to not have to worry about money...not so much that there is a large excess.

    We want at least two kids, maybe four. We're going to need at least a 4-5 bedroom house and two cars, so there'll definitely be mortgages and car notes plus car insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, life insurance, property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, etc.

    There's also electricity, gas, water, food, phone, and fuel.

    We'll want to send our kids to private school for sure and eventually university.

    My boyfriend's currently in a pre-dental program and will soon be in dental school, so....student loans for sure. (I go to a local university on scholarships that I'll most likely attend for graduate school on scholarship as well). I'll have to wait until I obtain my masters to decide if I want to go on for my doctorate (most likely no scholarship for that). If there is, the student loans owed would be increased.

    We'll want to retire one day and travel.

    In terms of USD, 100k at the LEAST to support our family in one year, 125-150k to live comfortably. We both know what we want though, and not everyone will want ~4 kids that he/she would want to send to private school. Because I would want each of us to make at least 100k a year, 200k is what I expect as our combined income. With the excess, I'd like to invest into a few different things, but primarily I'd like for us to purchase a few good rental properties so that we can collect the rent in our old age. (Yay retirement!) Hopefully, we would have paid the mortgages off of those properties by the time we retire as well.

    I want to put down at least a quarter on our residence so we can pay off the house before the eldest goes to university.

    50k Is not enough, not even close.
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  • 한스 ㅋㅋ한스 ㅋㅋ jifewohoefncei Posts: 4,659Member


    this is a load of bullcrap
    my family makes WAY less than $50k per year (mind u its a much lower currency than US)
    yet we're a happy family.
    of course, people's definition of happiness varies.

    now im just a kid who knows nothing of incomes and mini cooper, but I guess it would also depend on how well u can manage ur money.
    if u get 70k pa, but u buy a G to the max car, and ur wife demands u to buy her branded things everytime, the concept of stable is gonna be useless.
    he's gonna run out of money sooner or later.

    happy now sad later.

  • TeeTee Posts: 147Member


    edited May 2011
    한스 ㅋㅋ wrote on 07 May 2011 - 04:10 AM:

    this is a load of bullcrap
    my family makes WAY less than $50k per year (mind u its a much lower currency than US)
    yet we're a happy family.
    of course, people's definition of happiness varies.

    now im just a kid who knows nothing of incomes and mini cooper, but I guess it would also depend on how well u can manage ur money.
    if u get 70k pa, but u buy a G to the max car, and ur wife demands u to buy her branded things everytime, the concept of stable is gonna be useless.
    he's gonna run out of money sooner or later.

    happy now sad later.

    I agree. My parents don't even make that much and we're quite "stable". There was never once in my life where I did not have enough clothes to wear, food to eat, money to buy stuff I want.
    It just depends on how you manage your money.

    My siblings make four/five times has much as my parents. They have nice homes, cars, clothes but I wouldn't say they're as stable as us considering the significant amount of money they invest annually into their businesses and such and how they raise their kids.
    Oh and trust me, my parents don't ask for their help.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is that you don't need tons of money to have a stable family; It really depends on what kind of life you want to live and how you define the term 'stable'. For my parents, 30-50k is already enough to live a humble yet 'stable' life. For me, I want a more upscale lifestyle, so that's definitely not enough for me.
    Nevertheless, they're both stable lifestyles as long as no one gets involved with risky stuff (like stock... unless my future husband is into business and knows what he's doing).

  • MeritMerit Posts: 244Member


    100K is good for a family where the wife doesn't work. (for me anyway)

    But to boil it down it depends on how one manage the money. Some makes over 150+ and they are stil in the hole because of mismanagement. And I've seen some makes 30-40K a year with the wife staying home with 4 kids and is doing very well with enough money in the bank for back up.
  • nauticalbluenauticalblue Posts: 375Member


    edited May 2011
    You don't necessarily need 100K in household income to support a family. It's more a matter of how the money is managed. Of course, that'd be stretch if you were trying to support an entire family on 20K a year, but you don't need huge incomes either. I've seen people live comfortably on 65K household incomes for families with two children. When I was young, my father made 30K a year and my mother was unemployed, and we still got by (maybe not with the most comfortable lifestyle, but we were doing alright and didn't really have major financial issues). Then when my father switched jobs and started making 90K a year, we were maybe one of the wealthiest households in the neighborhood (poor neighborhood) and people saw such an income as almost excessive. Personally, I think that a household income of about 75K or above is a pretty comfortable place to be (given that there are only a few children, not a multitude of them). But again, it's a matter of how the money is managed.
  • ShinnOneShinnOne Posts: 70Member


    It all depends on your lifestyle.  For my fam, my parents make around 80k combined and we live comfortably considering we're a pretty big family. (4 boys, two in college)
  • ovovoovoovovoovo Posts: 2,975Member


    edited September 2013
  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    70,000 humble? :mellow:
    You know people like school teachers only make like 35,000 a year, right? A lot of degrees will not get you 70k.

    I can't believe anyone would see 100k as "I can't complain." As someone who grew up in a 50-60k household with five people, I would be THRILLED to be making 100k with my husband later in life...
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  • TVBuddyTVBuddy Posts: 2,395Member


    100K at least. I'm still trynna meet that millionaire and have those million dollar babies.
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  • kireisnowtenshikireisnowtenshi Heaven...secret angelPosts: 712Member


    I consider a stable salary anything over 20,000 a year. It can support a family depending on what type of family he has or wants.

    If im married I do plan to have separate accounts for money and all so as long as he's making enough to take care of me and him and Im happy and im not in want of anything I dont think money would be the main focus.
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  • iPhetsiPhets Perth, AustraliaPosts: 4,235Member
  • HelloKittyHelloKitty Posts: 76Member
    My dad makes $1.2 million a year and it's pretty nice so I wouldn't mind my man make that much

    lol jk. For minimum salary, I'd say about $50K this is if the family is just us two and if we both are debt-free. $50K is enough for us to survive and live comfortably. We wouldn't starve.
  • INFPINFP Posts: 181Member
    edited May 2011
    Well I would be fine with 100k married.

    But the thing is this, with economies rapidly changing + Job market always changing due to technology and stuff + World/government evolving. I would say no salary is promised because anything could happen in the upcoming years.
  • c0lap1nadac0lap1nada Edmonton, AB CanadaPosts: 3,025Member
    Miyurin wrote on 07 May 2011 - 03:07 AM:

    Humble living and content: ~$70,000 (but your spouse will probably need to work as well)

    Lol do you know how many people earn less than that /yr?

    I think a stable family = decent salary and good money saving skills. Who the hell cares if they earn -insertamount- but throw around change like it's next to nothing...
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  • ImboredthatsnotfunImboredthatsnotfun Posts: 1,611Member


    Idk about America, but I'd like my husband to earn £100,000. My parents earn around £75,000 but we don't live a life of luxury or anything like that. So yeah I think I can make an informed decision...? :)
  • supertammiesupertammie la-la landPosts: 3,055Friend of Soompi


    Families can definitely get by on less than what I would expect, but at what cost? I grew up in a family with 6 siblings on a household income of maybe 100k a year. My parents thought of the future and sent my siblings and I to private schools through our grade school years, but they didn't think of the bigger picture.

    By the time I was eight, we had to move out of our three bedroom house into an apartment above my uncle's business. I shared one room with three of my four sisters (the eldest got a room to herself) my parents took the smallest bedroom, and my two younger brothers slept in one kingsized bed with my parents.

    None of us have any kind of health insurance and my parents have no life insurance. In the event that one of them had passed, I don't think we would have been able to survive.

    When I was 12, my mom no longer had work, but we made it work with just my dad's income of about 70k.

    When I was 13, my parents got divorced and my family split up. My mom took my baby brother with her and tried to start up a business that was doomed to fail from the start. My dad was supporting 6 kids in addition to giving my mom child support. We got by, but barely.

    My eldest sister went to the local university and struggled to pay her own tuition with two jobs. She is now 29, just moved back home, and is working two jobs. She couldn't afford to finish university and dropped out as a sophomore.

    My second eldest sister was admitted to a prestigious university on a partial scholarship and worked every minute she wasn't studying. She was killed in a robbery two days after my 15th birthday. The cost of her funeral crippled us.

    My third eldest sister dropped out of university when she became pregnant. Luckily her boyfriend is a great partner and a great father. If it weren't for him, I don't know what my sister would do.

    My fourth eldest sister was admitted to a prestigious university on a great scholarship which she unfortunately lost after her freshman year. She was forced to take a break from school for two years all the while paying off the remaining tuition she owed. She's been back in school at the local community college for a year and is struggling to pay her tuition.

    I'm the fifth. I knew from witnessing what happened to my sisters that I couldn't afford to go to a more prestigious university. My dad has a serious gambling problem and spends almost everything he makes at the casinos. I applied for the local university and got a full scholarship, but I go to school full time and am working three jobs to supplement the household income. I do this to make sure my younger brother is taken care of. If not, I would have moved out a long time ago. I graduate next spring. The first out of seven children.

    The sixth is graduating from high school in 2 weeks. He's been accepted to a prestigious university but wasn't offered an scholarships. I'm worried about him.

    The youngest is turning 12 this year. The first few years of his life were rough. He was a sick kid and was in and out of hospitals until he was about 8 when he started getting better. With no health insurance, my family struggle with the hospital bills. He currently lives with my mom and is still in grade school, a public one because after the sixth kid, my parents couldn't afford private school anymore.

    Neither of my parents have any kind of retirement plan, both of them come to me, their baby girl, to borrow money.

    I'm almost 21 with an 18-year-old child (my brother).

    I know having a degree or having multiple degrees won't guarantee a decent income, but I have a plan. I have a plan to replace the plan if the one in place fails, etc. I'm seriously considering going abroad to teach english after I get my master's in english so that I can make the ~50k a year to save until my boyfriend, correction--fiance gets out of dental school. With the money I'd save for those few years (~50k/year), I hope to start up a business for which I'm already drawing plans. I plan on managing that business as well as teach so that I can be on the same schedule as my kids and hopefully, the combined income from teaching and my business will come up to the 100k I'm aiming for.

    I don't want to bank on my fiance making 100k himself. mini cooper happens and he could be out of work or I could be out of work. His dad filed for bankruptcy a few years ago and works 6 weeks at a time at sea to support his family. He's 50 will work until his body stops. I want that 100k guaranteed so I can give my kids what I never had. I'm always thinking about money. I don't think about what I could buy or how great it would be to make a ton of cash. I think about the future and how I'm going to pay of debt and how I'm going to support a family.

    I don't need designer things or a fancy car. I just want my kids to be happy and healthy. I don't want them to worry themselves sick over how they won't be able to afford to go to the university they want or have to wake up at 5:30am to walk a mile to the ferry terminal to walk another quarter mile to the bus stop that would take me to school in time for my 8 o'clock class. I don't want them to worry about whether or not they'll probably have to take on another job to help their younger brother pay for college or how they'll probably have to support their parents as well as their in-laws in retirement.

    I haven't been to a doctor since I was 9. I haven't been to a dentist since I was 15. I average four hours of sleep a night. I want better things for my kids.

    50k isn't anywhere near close.
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