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Where to buy Kpop Merchandise

BSJ15BSJ15 Posts: 33Member


Hello there!

I`m very sorry if this has been brought up before, but I searched the first 5 pages, with no outcome.
I`m basically looking for where I may be able to buy kpop music, cds, posters and shirts.
I know it`d be easier to buy the cd`s off itunes, but there`s something nice about collecting and having a hard copy.
And of course, looking for shirts to boost this addiction!

Hopefully there`s a few here and there, thank you for your help!!


  • myboyRobinmyboyRobin Posts: 853Member
    If you want to help support your fave kpop group on the Hanteo Charts, then I suggest buying kpop albums from a seller called "no-back-order" on Or you can buy the albums from Ebay, but just make sure the product is from South Korea. You can even check out, very cheap albums.
    As for posters and shirts you can buy those from Ebay or Yesasia.
                                                                                                                                                                   Credit to my girl Emmy<3
  • deestardeestar Posts: 1New Member


    There are a lot of online tumblr stores you could by kpop merchandise off, here are a few that are really good. Some of them even have giveaways, where they basically give away kpop albums, posters etc for free! 

    An example is;
  • denbu.jktcdenbu.jktc Posts: 9Member
    edited April 2011
    Since you live in Vancouver, I do know a pretty popular place to buy K-pop stuff [posters, stickers, magazines, CD albums, dramas, little merchandises(pillows, phone straps, keychains...)] and it's called KR Media in Crystal Mall, Metrotown, Burnaby! It's upstairs, when you take the escalators up to the food court, turn left and see a fork in the aisle, turn right and the second store down to the left (after a Glasses shop).

    There's a LOT of Kpop Merchandises there as well as dramas and movies that are in Korean, Japanese, Mandarin. The pricing is pretty decent, and you can even pre-order with them and pick up(need to pay a deposit first though).

    This is definitely a store for Kpop fans in Vancouver to check out and get the latest albums, magazines, dramas..or just some posters, keychains, stickers, pillows!

    Oh, and I don't remember if they have shirts, but they do have bags & pillows with Kpop stars/groups' pictures on them, if that's okay with you!

    Have fun shopping!
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  • BSJ15BSJ15 Posts: 33Member


    Woah woah woah...stickers and phone straps and other assorted goods! You just made my day, thank you!
  • jayce_271jayce_271 Posts: 1New Member
    Wow really? does the CD's they sell count towards the Hanteo Charts? because I really don't want to buy stuff online.
  • pinkholic12pinkholic12 Posts: 3Member
    jayce_271 wrote on 16 April 2011 - 11:20 PM:

    Wow really? does the CD's they sell count towards the Hanteo Charts? because I really don't want to buy stuff online.

    yupp! Its imported from a korea site that counts toward it :DD
  • Texas15Texas15 Posts: 13Banned
    try ebay they have lots of stuff
  • aidanleeaidanlee Posts: 56Member
    You can check 11 Kpop merchandise shop in our recommended online shopping sites list from below. ^_^
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