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[Official] HONEY COUPLE: Song Seung Hun & Kim Tae Hee



  • euneuneuneun Posts: 48Member


    soju_chic, THANK YOU for starting this... the hope of seeing tis thread was diminishing actually :wub:

    I can forsee myself paying daily visits here, tho I may not post anything. I super enjoy reading indepth write up by all the princesses.

    Right now, am looking forward to catching Ghost that SSH is starring in with Nanako. Hehe... :blush:

    Haven't been much liking KTH prevously for reasons... ermmm... unknown to even myself. But MP did the trick and I went to read up on her... and I found out we have been celebrating our birthdays on the same day... :lol: :lol: :lol: [/font]
  • meocon97meocon97 Posts: 474Member


    Thank you soju for creating this are so hardworking! I am not familiar with all the I'm sorry that I will be not sble to help....but I will try to keep this thread alive ...with all of you...
  • stlstl Posts: 60Member


    Hi chingus!! Thanks Soju_chic for this thread!!!! I'm so glad to be able to share my love and obsession for this sweet couple with other people around the world wub.gif Glad to know that I'm not the only one to notice their amazing chemistry on screen and BTS!! w00t.gif
    I never knew that I could be so obsessed over a couple like this!! lol I watched the BTS a million times and I know that I will rewatch MP over and over again just to see them together, and especially the kisses!! rolleyes.gif
    Yes, I too hope that they will end up together, I hope that there will be rumors of them dating, hope that SSH will propose KTH and that they will have their own happy ending with many babies!!laugh.gif
  • hyunjae_veyvehhyunjae_veyveh Posts: 562Member


    i'm not an early bird. but i am definitely IN! >.<
    hello again everyone~~! :D
    currently watching It's Okay That's Love, Fated to Love You missing my first one and only love JoHyunJae
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  • cmshrtycmshrty nycPosts: 596Member


    ahhhh <3 I'm joining in!!!! love love love this couple :D
    still have to watch the two final episodes though!! soo excited <3 lol
  • pink princesspink princess Princess Wanderlust❇Posts: 280Member


    A big thank you for making this thread now i dont need to go back and forth from KTH's thread to SSH's thread just to get the heart stumping stories about the two :) im rooting for this couple eversince MP started they have that kind of chemistry where they make your heart flutter just like HJW and HB in SG! i dont want MP to end but it just ended 2 hrs ago :( anyway im that we still get to see them together veryyy soon! :) i hope SSH took a loot of courage and asked KTH out already before he looses his chance! :)

  • kawaii0508kawaii0508 Posts: 1New Member
    i'm definitely IN..!!!! 

    HeonHee daebaak..!!

    love this couple so much... i hope can see them together in a drama next time..
  • acirestar10acirestar10 Posts: 6Member
    AAAAAAHhhhhh i was so sad that my princess had ended, but now im excited that there's a HEONHEE couple thresd!! Count me in! I love this pairing and hope to here them get together soon!
  • lovelyangel2lovelyangel2 Posts: 54Member
    Hello chinggus~ sign me up as well!

    I think this is the first time I've been so obsessed about a celebrity couple getting together after a drama, but their chemistry is just off the charts. You can't act like a genuine couple without developing some feelings, ehh? ;)

    I hope to hear some good news about these two soon! :wub:
  • dmatrix95dmatrix95 Posts: 91Member
    edited February 2011
    Love these two so please count me in!!!

    Soju, thank you for starting this thread.
  • 1crazynyt1crazynyt -Just the way you are- Sunshine StatePosts: 1,135Member


    edited February 2011
    Wowww.... I didnt know the thread was open... Any way Welcome to our new Baby " Heon-Hee Couple" MP Gang! Let's raise our new baby well....congratswave.gif to all of us!!!Congratulations.gif
    Great job!! RoxyGros_Smileys_3.gif bravo.gif
  • berrymonsterberrymonster Posts: 984Member


    me hope to hear from news they are dating for real.
    차승원씨는 신미래가 사랑하는 조국입니다. 연극 밖에서 그는 아내의 남편이며 두 자녀의 아버지입니다. 그는 정말로 어떤 사람입니까? 차승원씨가 조국이거나 조국이 차승원입니다. 인생은 연극과 같아요. 연극은 인생과 같아요. 미래씨는 조국 가슴에 태풍입니다. 조국 씨도 미래의 가슴에 태풍이지요. 그 <시티홀>은 나의 태풍입니다.
  • aprillynaprillyn Posts: 77Member


    please do count me in..i love this HeonHee couple too! =)wub.gif
    Who told you no one lives in Antartica?? I am!
    ..coz I'm a penguin! Yaahaha :p
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  • Rika342Rika342 Posts: 51Member
    Love this couple! They look great together. I hope to hear more news from them!
  • otchosaisotchosais Manila, PhilippinesPosts: 2,178Member


    waahhh!!! at these thread, I am hoping for a

    Skin-ship and KISSES and a REAL PROPOSAL in REAL life! :)

    these tread will serve as the DRAMA EXTENSION...
    but this time its not just about drama, but their real life... :w00t:

    nice seeing the people here from MP thread and I am hoping
    we will spread/share the MP virus so we could MULTIPLY! <3


    NowWatching: Pinocchio; Birth of a Beauty
  • viAlwaysviAlways Posts: 26Member


    count me in too,,, :) ;)
  • maya20maya20 Posts: 8Member
    Me too, I want to be a member of this thread! but I want to aplogize in advence for my poor english, pls don't pay too much attention to my spelling misakes:sweatingbullets: :blush:

    As many here, I also felt the exceptional chemistry between these two actors. Weeks after weeks my addiction to MP has grown to the point that it became THE most enjoyable moment of the week. I really think that it is due to this lovely couple, I’ve never rooted for any K-drama couple, but this time it is different. I mean why so many people are into this shipping if they did not feel that something is going on?!!!

    The last scene is so amazing… you can see how SSH is happy ; believe me I’ve watched a couple of time and these tow are so into it :wub: :D we are definitely far beyond the acting. Also all the hugs scenes, in my long list of K drama land experience, it is the first time that I saw this (how I can say it:phew: ) ....dedication to do it so thighlty;)

    Well I just hope that we are going to hear a good news really soon ;)

  • CA_84CA_84 Posts: 7Member
    hello everyone...

    i'll join this thread...ROYAL HONEYS forever... :wub:
  • moony8705moony8705 Posts: 98Member


    Hello Royal Honeys! Is that what we are calling ourselves? I like it! I'm excited for this thread. This is the first real 'ship I'm shipping and I'm looking forward to it. Yay! ^_^
  • cofiocacofioca Posts: 2,147Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2011
    Hi royal honeys, awww. I'm so happy to see ya all here supporting our HeonHee! Can't thank you enough! I will look forward to more of your sharings, okay? Bring em all HeonHee goodies! Group hug~

    Hellooo to all those reading... consider this as another home to MP fans like you! Feel free to join us !

    @Otchosais: haha you guessed it right honey :sweatingbullets: imagine, I was cramming this while streaming the finale! LOL.

    @Otchosais, Hannah_cao, Triangel, Forbidden, Yujien, Taonaka, Meocon, Cinnamon, Lucy_marie: waah early warmest welcome greetings!! Enjoy and See you around, alright?

    In the meantime, I gotta comeback to the MP Thread. And the ending...gah, I'm speechless...helpless in cloud nine our HeonHee rocks! But it definitely left us wanting MOOORE.  :w00t: And that's what we are here for. Lol.


    Whoa! Lemme do a second batch of roll call before we get onboard another page(oh we're here :sweatingbullets:)
     Sinchann, Clock, Frillyobject, Lomisua, Marcella, Euneun, Meocon, Stl, Hyunjae, Cmshtry, Pink princess,
    Kawaii, Arcirestar, Lovelyangel, Berrymonster , April, Rika, Vialways, Maya, CA_84, Moony
    and to the early birds awhile ago,
    signsandflags42.gifto our new palace especially built for HeonHee and all royal honeys like you!
    Feel free to post your comments, analyses, well-wishes, and remarks about HeonHee...
    To those who would still be coming/lurking, feel welcomed and join us on our sail.
    Contributions like artworks, photos, gifs, vdo links, screencaps etc are welcomed.

    And of course to our dear Crazynyt who has initiated this,
    we'll be always grateful for your idea, our royal ancestor! Keke~

    Hopefully, someday we will be looking at this thread
    with so much memories, happiness, and love
    because our ultimate HeonHee wish has finally come true. agreement6.gif
    Let's mark this day and have faith that we'll be part of a romantic history. 

    Otchosais, I'm definitely pleased that you are here with us! Komawo!
    Yes, do invite more MP chingus cause even if we'd be overloaded with shippers,
    as Sovereignn said, it would never sink. lol. ^___^
    Yes, stuff...a real happily ever after for them. love28.gif


    Should I begin breaking the iceberg? ^^

    Looking back to where the HeonHee journey started:





    Credits: KTH DC/TSH

    If you come to think of it, we get to see a wedding but not as HaeSeol. :sweatingbullets:

    Hey Royal Honeys,
    MORE photos HERE@TSH, feel free to share and picspam
    but please credit all sources including TSH. Thanksie ^^
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