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[UPDATED - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!] Show your love for Big Bang!

soompsoomp "that's soomptastic!"soompitown!Posts: 1,476Administrator


edited March 2011 in k-pop
the Big Bang boys will be reading this thread!!
UPDATE: The winners have been announced!!!


Click the image above to see who gets the video shoutout!!

 We had an amazing turnout with over 900 entries! Thanks again to everyone who participated, from Big Bang, YG, and Soompi! <3



Show us how much you love Big Bang!

Reply to this topic with your photos, YouTube videos, and/or words expressing how much you LOVE Big Bang!

**The boys themselves will be reading all the entries in this thread, so this is your chance to get your personal message to them!**
  • Contest will run for one week (ends on March 1st @ 12:00 AM PST) - EXTENDED TO 12:00 PM!!!
  • Judges will be YG Entertainment and Soompi

  • 5 Personalized Autographed Big Bang CD’s
  • 2 Personalized Big Bang Video Shout-Outs v(^o^)v

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  • li_nikoruli_nikoru Posts: 187Member
    edited February 2011
    Soompi you really Rock!!

    And BigBang rocks Tonight!!!....

    I'll go think something to do....

    EDIT: I finally finished my project, I really hope you like it...

    How much do I love BigBang?

    Since 2008 when I discovered the band there hasn't been a day when I don't hear your songs, while I'm driving to the University, or studying, or doing house chores.. BigBang is the Soundtrack of my life ^_^.
    During these years your music has accompany me in good and bad times. When I was feeling happy I could always begin to dance around just listening to Shake it or Number 1 or Gara gara go. Or if I was feeling mellow, I could always take a break from the hectic day listening to Stay, Tell me goodbye, Make Love,etc.

    You really have made my life complete. I've always been a music lover, but once I began listening to your music, I realised that you were the only group that I listened to every single song anytime of the day. There isn't a song that I skip or that I don't like and that have never happened to me, so I felt that I had found musical gold.

    Thank you so much for always giving the best from you (sometimes even giving too much). You are an amazing group of people that don't settle with their victories, and you always wish to go farther, so I am sure you'll encounter success in the future.
    I'm so proud that I'm a fan of you, you have really demonstrated that you are one of a kind, and the combination of all of your voices, personalities and believes are the reason for your amazing work. I don't follow any other group as I follow you, and with this comeback I realised why: You'll never dissapoint. I'm so glad that you are moving your music into a more analog sound, because there is nothing like the feelings you get when you see an artist whith a live band, fabricating the music right there in the spot. But you don't follow trends, you create them and you are making your own path.

    Sorry for the long post. There are a thousand words that I would want to tell you but I don't want to bore you.

    This is my way of showing my love. I made a poster based on the cover of your 4th mini just using markers.


    I spent 4 days doing the poster so I made a video showing the process (this is my first video so it is really lame)

    My video

    I really hope you can keep feeling the love from your fans that are from all around the world!!!! (I'm actually from Chile) and consider having a World Tour, there are thousands of people that all they wish for is to go to a BigShow :D

    Congratulations with all of your success, because you deserve that and more....
    I will be waiting for your next surprise...
  • chiaroscuro.chiaroscuro. VIP CHANGJO. yaebang (; yadigg? Loves: the YGFAM. &lt;3Posts: 1,883Friend of Soompi
    edited March 2011
    I fell in love with YB&GD before they officially debuted as Big Bang, when they were included in the YG Family album. 
    And when I heard that they were doing a documentary on the group that YB&GD were supposed to debut in, I started watching and fell in love with the five boys that now make up the group called Big Bang.

    This is just a small, rough tribute to show just how much I love Big Bang. It's my first time doing anything like this, so I'm sorry if it sounds horrible.
    I had to half-whisper because my dorm is under quiet hour for exams.

    Albeit bad, rough, and cheesy, I wrote something with the track list for the new mini-album in mind for this contest. 잘부탁드립니다.

    VIP CHANGJO__-_-____BIG BANG IS BACK________신화창조--영원한 팬이다.
    Kpopchild's masterpiece. JANG. votes for yaeric.____________-_____F3 & 2NE1
  • kirst3nkirst3n AB, CanadaPosts: 27Member
    My love for Big Bang has bordered to near crazy since I was introduced to them a year or so ago. I love each of the members and their individual quirkiness. For a music junkie like me whose taste in music doesn't go to the mainstream genre, I find that their music touches something within me. Here's to hoping for the impossible. Aja! :)

  • jaffy123jaffy123 Posts: 2Member
    edited February 2011
    YaYaYaY BB is BaCk !!!
                                    Been In love with their music since 2008 so happy to see them BAck!!!
    Welcome Back BB :D ~
                                                                                                  YoU RoCk!!!
    Take care of yourself while promoting AND IS THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO kpop!!!
  • terumachanterumachan Posts: 3New Member
    edited February 2011
    ME LIKEY!!!but,how SOOMPI manage to get YG Entertainment to pop in here?! *curious*
  • miyubi_001miyubi_001 Perfection forever <3Posts: 763Member


    edited February 2011
    Their the ones who actually got me into kpop.
    I am faithful to Big Bang. Honestly, I will not like any other kpop boy group. And that's true.
    Because Big bang is my type. :D
    The music too.:D
    Ahhh. BIG BANG! I Love.! <3
    I've been waiting for this comeback eversince!
    I actually stoped listening to kpop for a while because they wernt there. T_T
    But since they're coming back! AHHH! Lol. :)
    It's that crazy. ;D
    There isnt much to say but I Love Big Bang <3

    Here are some of my old artwork threads dedicated just to Big Bang:

    Gdragon Icons
    Big Bang
    Big Bang Obsession
    Big Bang Blinkies
    Big Bang Banners/Icons

    My deviant for some of my BB artwork. :)

    I have only parody videos so I shall not show them. :D
    GO BIG BANG! <3
    (Yes, I would like to participate in this contest.)
  • nerdie_breetnerdie_breet malaysiaPosts: 82Member
    edited February 2011
    argh!!!! :fury:
    life's not fair! I really want to participate in this but why must I have tons of works to do?!
    I'm super busy this week...I'm really regretting my decision to further my master studies :tears:
    As long I bought their album, signed CD or not, I don't care :angry:

    Edit: Since BIGBANG will read this, I will try to make my post more meaningful :P

    BIGBANG, do you know you guys are the one and only artist I've ever crazy of? Because of you, the technology illiterate self in me searched the internet like crazy even for an info of you guys. Because of you, I've trying to learn Korean and polished my rusty Japanese. Because of you,.....I don't know what I should say anymore. My mind is like a blank paper, thinking that you might read this..
    Ah, nevermind.I don't have much time anymore, got to rush finishing my thesis. Lastly, I just want to say to:

    Lee Seunghyun/Seungri/V.I: I love your determination. Seriously, you are my motivation even though You are younger than me. Your hard work really paid off. Continue to be the best, V. Listen to the other members and learn from them, ok?
    Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon: Your leadership skill really amaze me. You really like a weed, no matter how much or how hard others stomped you, you will ALWAYS bounce back. Keep doing your thing and strive your best to be the BEST. Don't make the same mistake twice. Learn from the past so that you will become stronger.
    Dong Yongbae/Taeyang/SOL: I really admire your passion your passion in music. You refused to walk at the road that were already there, instead you took your time to pave your own road. It's good but sometimes you took into much details in it. Being detailed is good, but sometimes let yourself do some mistakes. It's not wrong because it will shape you into you.
    Kang Daesung/D-Lite: My smiling angel. Your smile and voice really light up my world when I have troubles. Your lame jokes and body gags always left me laughing like an idiot. Your voice sooth me like lullaby. Daesung, please be more confident in yourself. Take lessons from Seungri. People will believe and confident in you IF you, yourself believe and confident in you.
    Choi Seunghyun/T.O.P: My love. I love they way you are. Just be careful with your health. Your health is your treasure. Don't take it lightly. Drink less and smoke less, ok?

    Haha..I end up writing an essay. I'm sorry but I love you, BIGBANG! *I'm cheesy right? LOL*
  • HeeHee Posts: 249Member
    edited February 2011
    Hey ya, Big Bang!
    We welcome BIG BANG with much love and happiness, to share this moment with so many fans all over the world is an awesome present, BIG BANG IS VIP. BBs mini-album is full of dance-able wonderful tracks, title track "Tonight" is deeply impressive. The comeback on SBS was most exciting.
    I would like to join the contest too with my videos, I hope I can show my love to Big Bang this way and participate on this great contest!

    Here are the links:

    and artworks:


    Joining this contest is so exciting^_^ thank you & you soompi!
    best regards, greetings from Germany/Europe
    XOXO your Nelly

    Updated *smile*
    81779058.gif...and ...gd2y.gif
  • kathy_kates_23kathy_kates_23 Posts: 11Member
    that's sound great
    soompi u're so great

    and also BIGBANG and YG!!

  • sweetflowersweetflower Posts: 392Member
    edited February 2011
    Rather than participating in the contest since I don't have a picture or a video - all I want to say is that BB is a musically gifted group - whatever you guys are doing, please do continue and do improve so that we can see more of what you have to offer in the next 10-15 years.

    G-Dragon: Doesn't matter if the whole world doubted and ridiculed your talents, as long as you have confidence in your abilities and walk with your chin up, sooner or later people will remember you as an artist that made a difference. Rather than be an artist that conforms to people's expectations, be an artist that makes people stand up and take notice.
    GD: I've just grown wings to try and fly higher; I've come too far to fall now and there's no way back at this point anyway.VIPs: Close your 2 eyes and block your 2 ears...WE will protect you
    G-DRAGON: The name goes beyond a trend and becomes a brand.
  • suxiannasuxianna Posts: 2New Member
    I love Big Bang as much as the rain comes (the rain will never end , it will come again tomorrow or the day after)- never ending love
  • rectitude*rectitude* SUNSHINE ♥ Posts: 7,311Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2011
    As awesome as the contest sounds, I have no plans in participating and just want to leave a message.

    First, I will like to say that I personally find Big Bang to be one of the most awesome K-pop group to ever be created. Although I may not have been there from the beginning, I have stuck with you five lovely guys since 2008 during the "Haru Haru" promotions.

    Ever since my lack of attention to K-pop for a few years, thanks to Big Bang I was once again pulled deep into the Korean music industry - even the Korean culture. To be honest, I have never stuck by a group for so long and Big Bang has been the only group to hold my attention no matter where they are and what they are doing. I must add that not only did I learn to appreciate your guys' music, I learn to love each of you guys for who you are. I may not know you guys personally, but it's still a good feeling to see each different personalities you guys hold. I appreciate you guys for being who you are. Plus, I love the entire package Big Bang is able to bring to the music scene.

    It is quite disappointing I live all the way in California, but Big Bang will always have my love and support through everything. An ocean apart and I am still cheering for you guys through everything. I wish for the day I will be able to see you guys perform live on a grand stage with thousands of fans cheering. As a fan, I know this love for Big Bang is true because the feelings I get from simply being an international fan makes me feel so good.

    Two years since you guys haven't been promoting together in Korea as Big Bang and finally a comeback, this is all I have been waiting for and I am positive I will not be disappointed. I have faith in you guys no matter what you guys do. I hope you guys continue to stay true to who you are and bring awesome music to the many fans all around the world. Lastly, I will like to wish for nothing, but a wonderful future for Big Bang in both your guys' career and personal lives. Thank you for being amazing. ♥

    I love Big Bang ~ until whenever.

    Lots of love from California,
    Sunshine Cha

    Just felt like sharing this ~

    [img]http://i55.Richard Simmons/6fcawi.jpg[/img]
  • tima9992003tima9992003 Posts: 81Member
    ack I'll edit this. post later, I'm on my phone T_T I wanna enter this amazing contest! -Chibi
  • KTZ811KTZ811 The 8o8 State, yo&#33;Posts: 715Member

    I'll be back, I'm too busy with midterms -_-
    "In this world, love is more hungered for than bread."
  • bellavita01bellavita01 Posts: 5Member
    edited February 2011

    I met BIGBANG about two years ago because my best friend make me watch G-DRAGON HEARTBREAKER MV, and it was all I need to get into bigbang world, that time I even don´t know anything about K-POP!

    And now I´m working and saving money just to travel to Korea! we are making food in our spread time to earn a lit bit more ;)

    Also in 1 year I watched all videos I could find about them, blogs, photos, etc... AND now I´m proud to say that I´m running my own accounts about them like in twitter (bellavitaVIP), youtube, tumblr (, etc... And also I get a lot of Vips love

    The most important thing about me, is that back then, when I didn´t know about them I was very sad (family issues), and suddenly
    BIGBANG make me believe again, watching how they gone for a lot of things to make it, and also their music make me happy again. I must say here THANK YOU BOYS

    Forget to mention I´m from Mexico n_n

    BIGBANG FIGHTING!!!!!! I hope you continue to make people happy with your music for many many years!

    ps.1 GD -- Is a true artist, I need to say this even I couldn´t understand the lyric of the songs, just by listening to them you can catch the feeling, it can make you HIGH, HAPPY, SAD, etc...

    ps. 2 T.O.P -- I admire him! really I do, I love his personality and I´m happy that he is making all his dreams come true.. not forgetting to say that I LOVE HIS VOICE!!! AND HIS EYES!! ok.. sorry fanmode was on XD

    ps. 3 DAESUNG -- another talented boy!!! I think nobody can get bored around him n_n, and he most important thing THAT VOICE!!! he can make me cry just by listen him singing

    ps. 4 TAEYANG-- wow he really dance not to mention he sing very well!

    ps 5. SEUNGRI
    -- the maknae ROCKS!!! he can be cute, funny, idol, friend, dancer, singer he got all :3


  • SarahHitomiSarahHitomi Posts: 91Member

  • LingFloLingFlo Posts: 10New Member
    edited February 2011
    B to the I to the G !
    BANG ! BANG !


    How much I love Big Bang, huh ?

    Well, I'm gonna tell you honestly.
    Unlike a lot of people here,
    I won't say that you're the most important people in my life, because that would be my family.
    I won't say that I love you more than anyone else, or my girlfriend's gonna be jealous.
    And I won't say that I can't stop thinking about you, because hey, I'm a guy. :P

    But what I can say, is that you guys are my true inspiration.
    And that doesn't mean less than the other things. I'd say, even more.

    So, what does this inspiration mean ? It means that day by day, you guys have a lot of influence on everything I'm doing. When I'm in front of something difficult, I'm always thinking about you guys, because you taught me how to endure the pain in order to keep walking on my own way.
    For instance, I've been playing the piano since I was 5, and I have done a lot of contests and concerts. And today, I'm still working hard in order to reach the top. But these last years, more than once I thought about giving up. But then, whenever I thought about you guys, I made up my mind.

    You guys taught me that hard work can't be useless, and that it's the only way to reach the top.

    But hey, I think that's too much about working hard. :P

    The other fact that you've changed in my life, is undoubtedly my fashion tastes.

    I mean.. I have to admit that, before knowing you, my fashion tastes were kinda plain haha. Actually, I'm Asian but I live in France, and I know that French people are well-known for being fashionable. But.. I just think that the way most of the French people are dressing up is just boring. And I wasn't trying to go against it, because I was just used to it.

    But when I found out about Big Bang, almost more than your music, I was amazed to see how fashionable you were. Even though you're now a lot more different than before (no more hoodies..), I'm just amazed by the fact that every one of you is able to pull out his own style, and you all look so fashionable.

    You guys taught me a lot about fashion, and I must thank you for that.


    And, of course, I shouldn't forget that your music changed my life.

    That's not a lie. You guys are the one who introduced me to k-pop, but more than that, I'm now more open to the world thanks to you. I mean, music is kind of an international language, isn't it ? Before knowing you, I was just listening to French singers, and most of the American mainstream songs. But when I discovered yours, you made me proud to be Asian. I grew up in an area where there are only few Asians, so I could just follow the trend, without knowing that there were such an incredible music industry in Korea. ;)

    I really love your music. There is something unique and different between each one of them, and yet I have to admit that I love them all. I won't just pick some of them and talk about them here, because just picking some favorites would be impossible. That's the true music. :D

    You guys changed my life by making me discover a whole new world, and you are now on replay everyday on my iPod. And I will never be able to thank you enough.

    Oh, by the way.. When I started to talk to the girl that is now my girlfriend, it was about music. I'd even say that it was about Big Bang, because she loves you too. So it was kinda thanks to you that I'm with her now, but please don't take her away for you, okay ? :P


    Actually, I can't pick up my favorite member amongst you five.
    Honestly, I'd like to be like each of you. Like a mix of each of you ! Can you picture it ? Yeah, that would be weird. But nevertheless, every one of you is great and gifted, so much that I don't feel like explaining it or it would take like twice of what I've already wrote, haha ! :)

    And I feel like Big Bang is really different to all of the other k-pop boysbands. They're the only one who can manage to inspire me that way. You're just amazing the way you are.

    So that's it. I have to end up by showing how much I love you guys right ?
    Well, that's simple.

    I love you guys so much, that I wish you had debuted earlier. So that if anyone asked me "Hey boy, what do you want to do later ?", I would have answered "I just want to be like the boys from Big Bang."

    Thank you for reading,
    Thanks to Big Bang & YG Entertainment for their hard work,
    And I wish you good luck for the future.

    Keep sharing your amazing music to the whole world !


    (Oh, and I want to say that all of those drawings are mine. I drew them and colored them by myself, I didn't take them anywhere. So I hope that you like them. :) )
  • JenizzJenizz GermanyPosts: 54Member
    edited February 2011
    So, I'm done. Literally. ;)

    Please excuse my poor editing skills. ^^

    My Video for Big Bang

    (If you or Youtube already banned my video, click here.) ^_^

    Uhm, ya.. I could have said so much more, but I don't want to steal so much time. ^^

    And before I forget it, please give us German fans the chance to watch all YG MV's at your Youtube  page.
    Many videos have content of YG Entertainment and can't be seen in Germany. :mellow:

    THANK YOU YG. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. I really cannot imagine ANYONE but YG to make something great like this happen.

    You know there's more than Asia in the world. ♥

    Love from Germany. :D

    The post under me.. it's.. wow. ♥
    I love your song! =D
  • wutermelonbubblegumwutermelonbubblegum Posts: 21Member
    edited February 2011
    I'm only writing this much because I know that Big Bang will read it. I must say Thank You to them.   

    I had the pleasure to first see Big Bang, not in the 거짓말 era, but the Lollipop era. In fact, Lollipop, with Big Bang and 2NE1, was the first Korean music video I had ever seen. I am American, and I've honestly never seen anything like it before. I was completely blown away with the fact that any country other than the United States took Rap seriously.
        That, I guess you can say, made me love Big Bang. Before the year 2009, I was an extremely ethnocentric girl. All that mattered was America, and I never really thought to look at other countries. Even with the rise of successful foreign artists like Enrique Iglesias, Hikaru Utada, Adele, and Shakira, I never gave other countries a second glance. 

    I saw Big Bang. I saw Big Bang for the first time. And all I could think about was Big Bang.

    I spent the next few weeks devouring anything I could get my hands on that had to do with the boys. I learned everything. I cried with them, I laughed with them, I grew with them. In fact, each one taught me something. TOP taught me to work hard, extremely hard, to get what I want. 승리 taught me to be self confident, even if self-confidence seemed like the hardest thing in the world to have. 대성 taught me to laugh at myself, and sing amidst troubles. 태양 taught me to understand my weaknesses and overcome them even stronger than they set me back. G-Dragon, however, taught me the most: Work your hardest and produce more than your best, and when faced with troubles, pull through like a Champion. ^_^ Thank you for teaching me. 

        I find myself sitting in my car and listening to music, and thinking "Boy, would this song be great if 대성 sung that part" or "If TOP wrote this rap instead, this song would be amazing!!" Should I be ashamed? 


    Because I've come to find that no matter how much I listen to music that does not have a Big Bang effect on it, it is always lacking something that Big Bang music has: dedication, teamwork, and amazing-ness. ^_^

    ~~~~~~~ This is a side note, I've been to Beyonce' concerts. I've been to Justin Temberlake concerts, and I've been to Black Eyed Peas Concerts. But the best concert I have ever seen was Big Show 2009. No questions asked. The level of stage presence that Big Bang has is awe inspiring. ~~~~~~`

    Big Bang has also done something else for me that no one has ever done; it made me attempt to learn Korean. My brother has been learning Japanese for four years now, but I've never been a language person. I guess that came with my original ethnocentrism. But now, I've been learning for a little over a year now, and it's definately the best thing I've ever done. Big Bang opened my eyes to a world that was not just my own, and that is irreplaceble. Honestly, I feel as though I owe them a lot for this. I would like to say Thank You. 

    Thank you for the songs 하루하루 and Koe o Kikasete. Without them, I don't think I could have pulled through my cousin's death as well as I did last year.

    O_O I didn't plan to write THIS much. WOW! SUCH A BIG WALL OF TEXT. TT_TT But I'm not done yet. . . .

    In 2009, when 대성 got into the car accident, I was surprised by the fact that I cried as though he was family. I cried as though I'd known him for many years. I cried like when Dumbledore died in Harry Potter (That death was. . . . heartbreaking). When GD received so much hatred for his work that he worked so hard on, I felt bad for him. As though I knew him as a brother. As though he was me. I couldn't understand why I felt so close, and why I hated the people who constantly criticized everything he worked so hard for. Never has any artists been able to reach me like Big Bang has. Their music is all I have on sad days. Their words of comfort are all I need when I feel down.  

    I think I speak for everyone when I say:

    Thank You for sharing your talents with us.

    Thank You for teaching us.

    Thank You for comforting us.

    Thank You for entertaining us.

    Thank You for working as hard as you do.

    Thank You for opening our eyes to a new culture.

    Thank You for being Big Bang.

    We really admire you.

    And woohoo! GD and I have the same birthday!!!

    Thank You so much

    --- Mildred Murphy, a Devoted Fan of Big Bang.

    Now, here is me singing Thank You to the tune we know as Haru Haru (하루 하루).
    (please excuse my microphone. . . It is old and cheap. And I'm not a great singer, I just wanted to thank them)

    I Also have a Dance cover to 모두 다 소리쳐 (Everybody Scream)

  • LuckyLucky Cali&#33;&#33;Posts: 1,155Member


    edited February 2011
    [img]http://i51.Richard Simmons/jzabnr.jpg[/img]
    sorry for the bad

    video coming soon.


    Hi guys!!! First off, I would like to thank you for reading my message. I've always dreamed of reaching out to you guys, and due to the fact that I'm an international fan from California it's hard to do so, so I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity.:) I've been a fan of Big Bang since day one, I followed the documentary's of when YG was choosing which members to stay and which ones don't. I've been a fans since then until now and forever. I never imagined any boy band to have such great control over my fandom. You guys are so great, that even with all the new groups coming out, they still can't manage to steal me away from you The reason for me being such a Big Bang fan is all thanks to G-Dragon oppa, I've had a crush on you since I've seen you in YMCA and Fly Gentlemen and etc. At that time I was about 12 years old or a little younger. And after knowing that YG was going to wait until your out of school due to the fact that you were still young.(At that time I also knew Taeyang oppa because I've seen you two since then.) So when I knew you two were going to debut later, I then at the time decided to wait until that special day come, and when 2006 came that was one of the most craziest year ever for me. Because I made a promise to myself to always support you, I kept that promise until today. It's funny how even my boyfriend knows that I'm a huge fan of Big Bang and he even gets jealous because of how much I love G-Dragon oppa and Big Bang My dream is to meet you guys one day and to let G-Dragon oppa know how long I've been his fan. I'm also glad to be a huge Big Bang fan because everyone I know here in the States all know you guys because of my craziness over Big Bang and I feel proud because I manage to spread out the Big Bang fever to those who are unfamiliar. To me Big Bang is the best artist/entertainers ever, not just best kpop artist, but best world artist! I also would go crazy if I'm picked for one of the winners, because getting a video message from you guys to me would be like a crazy dream come true. I would be crying tears of joy. I've always wanted to get an autograph saying to me, Luckyna from all the Big Bang members. It didn't feel so nice having to buy an autographed cd that other fans try to sell..and if I ever do recieve such gift, I would never sell it even if I am broke and in the need of will feel more amazing than getting a brand new

    So I hope you guys enjoy my message and was entertained by it, I hope to win the contest, but if I don't it's okay too, it makes me happy knowing that Big Bang is actually reading all this craziness.:D. But I'll pray on it!!! and I wish you guys the best of luck and I'm looking forward to the new mini album and albums to come!!!!It's been soooo long! I love you G-Dragon oppa!!!!I love you all Big Bang!!! I love you YGE! Saranghaeyo!! I hope you also enjoy my video! thank you! I'm thankful for all the joy you guys have brought into my life, you play a BIG part because I listen to you guys through hard times and good times. Big Bang makes me stronger as an individual. and I thank you again for that.So please please continue to do your music guys, and never stop!thank you!

    P.s. One of the best thing about Big Bang that I want to point out is that you guys all shine individually and as a group. You guys are all talented in so many ways. I hope Big Bang will last forever just like Shinhwa!xD

    I LOVE YOU KANG DAE SUNG dong saeng?^^


    Love yours truly,
    Luckyna Chan (California, USA)
    Help support Big Bang; BUY THEIR ALBUM!!:D
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