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  • miss_hmiss_h near the north polePosts: 1,225Member


    lolitea wrote on 07 January 2011 - 04:46 PM:

    I don't understand how avex can sell JYJ product and block them to go to japan at the same time! it's so paradoxical!
    this kind of thing kill me!! and the boys seem totally powerless! It's just disgusting! at least, let them promote their music in japan!!

    and I sincerely hope the best their new album in korea!! all the songs are amazing! ♥

    it's common act actually. avex hold a right to JYJ 2010 works. So they can release it although the band is in hiatus or even when the band is disband. And it up to us if we want to buy it or not..

    Off course, from it's unethical to do so while they drop their artist and keep making money from them, but for one thing JYJ signed with avex with different term of contract. They will still have their royalty for this release.

    I stop looking at the company and hoping for them to become JYJ saviour after the SME and avex saga. There are no one to rely on but themselves and us fans who will support them. They can change their agency for many times, but it was the artist that we support, never the company. If anything, this release will remain people that there is a group named JYJ and they are consist of Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong from TVXQ. Their one year exclusivity contract with avex will end in a couple of month (if I am not forgotton, they sign it on February? March?). The company will have no choice but to lengthen the contract or to let them go. So a new release will help JYJ to resume their Japanese activity.
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    pics credit: soompi forum</div>
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  • ElizabethB.ElizabethB. Posts: 229Member
    edited January 2011
    special-me wrote on 07 January 2011 - 05:12 PM:

    Super Junior Eunhyuk visits TVXQ at Music Bank

    Darling, I don't know, but I think this news don't belong to here, since none of JYJ members are in the news even... 

    [img]http://i56.Richard Simmons/20qgeo0.jpg[/img]
    Do you see, HMV has now their new DVD  Memories in 2010!
    They hold #1 and #5 spot wub.gif
    And also #1 for Yesasia
    Because we still have you
    And you still have us
  • SilkInfusedSilkInfused 君だけが守れるものをみつけだしたら up in the airPosts: 1,353Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2011
    [MOD POST]

    Please keep HoMin news in the Official HoMin thread.
    This thread is specifically for JYJ-exclusive content only. Thank you.

    special-me wrote on 07 January 2011 - 08:12 PM:

    Super Junior Eunhyuk visits TVXQ at Music Bank

    Yeah, its not JYJ related but I still posted it here because idk, why..But I cant help but feel that this is targetted at Junsu.  Its not like its a bad action towards Junsu.. But idk.. SM artists just seem to keep on poking at Junsu. 
  • noopie_1noopie_1 Posts: 454Member
    edited January 2011

    AHHHHH so happy that JYJ has their own thread!!!!!! I hope this will be a thread that full of love!!! we can express our love to the JYJ boys without worries!

    It's very sad that the TVXQ FIVE thread has become a thread that full of  bashing and argument.....I hope the situation will be back just like that people happily can discuss the boys without argument  or bashing!

    Thank you for the photos especially the SAMSUNG! THE BOYS LOOK SO CUTEEE!!!!!!!! AHHH CHUNNIE's smile make my heart melt!!! chunnie chunnie is looked best when he smiles!!! chunnie please keep smiling!!!! same with Jaejung and Junsu too!!!

    Junsuuu, I didn't know what you were thinking when you wrote the twitter. You must be feeling very sad. But I hope you're feeling better. Yesh, this world is harsh and tough! not just happened in the idol world, but same with here too, our our work place and our schools...everywhere......But I believe, we can go through it all! Even though it's little, but somehow, we managed to find a way to make us feel better! I hope by reading ONLY love message twits from your FANS, YOU'RE FEELING BETTER and STRONGER, JUNSU/JAEJUNG/YOOCHUN...... As your fans, we will support you with all my heart...positively supporting all of you!

    Once we feel devastated, angry and question to the world.....But with the support with our family, beloved friends, we are able to go through it and the same for JYJ, is US! THE FANS who is holding tight to our faith to the boys! Show them our undying love and support! I believe they will stand up again!

    No matter how hard life is....But they are not alone! With the support of their managers, family, friends, CJes and their PR agency and ALL OF US, they will be STRONG! STRONGER THAN EVER!! and the day will come when they will be able to express their love to music freely on stage!

    I feel like reminding them each and everyday through twitter, that we are not leaving them! we are looking forward to their new activities, new album and their solo activities.

    I feel like telling them, I don't want to feel sad again because of the FAN WAR between TWO different group.

    I feel like telling them, from now on, I will just look and see only the good things! leaving behind those negativity.

    I feel like telling them, please be strong! and keep their faith! we will follow you and wont leaving you behind!

    I hope when times pass by, the boys will not feel hurt again! And they can write music about happiness in Life! and I hope their career in korea and japan is not being blocked and they can continue writing, composing, and singing music FREELY! I hope they are always welcome by korean n japanese audience just like the international fans support them!


    anyone know how much is the price in sg? I really love the packaging!!! so nice! so beautiful photos!
    Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in it. Begin it now. - Goethe
  • HoodwinkerHoodwinker Posts: 646Member


    edited January 2011
    [NEWS][TRANS] JaeJoong was Overwhelmed with Emotions, Why? 110107

    “I am grateful even if the interest shown is small” It can be seen that they have been going through a hard time.

    Junsu expresses his disappointment towards DBSK through Twitter.

    JaeJoong from the 3 member group JYJ was choked with emotions for a moment.

    This was during the 6th when they had dinner together with reporters at a hotel in Seoul. They went to all the tables and made their greetings. JaeJoong’s emotional reaction was during the final greeting.

    On this day, JaeJoong, together with the other members, expressed their thanks to the reporters who had been supporting them in JYJ’s activites. He was unable to overcome his emotions during that moment. After expressing their thanks, he saw every single reporter out individually and JaeJoong repeatedly said, “Thank you.”

    In July 2009, JaeJoong, Junsu and YooChun left SM Entertainment and carried out their own activities on their own.

    After the legal battle, the remaining members of DBSK are now starting new activities.

    Junsu said, “I will try my very best to make this year a better year compared to last year.”
    YooChun too added, “I would like to thank those who have been showing us even the smallest amount of interest.”

    JaeJoong said, “Thank you for always showing us interest even though we are lacking and so many of you came today, thank you.” while saying this, he became overwhelmed with emotion.

    One representative explained the reason for JaeJoong’s uncontrollable emotions, saying, “It has been a long time since he has met so many reporters and because so many turned up, I think he was touched.”

    The two members of DBSK who recently released an album and JYJ are clearly going on different paths. In the midst of this, interest is growing regarding the expressed thoughts of the members.

    DBSK expressed their thanks to the head of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, in the “Thanks To” section of their new album. With regards to this, Junsu tweeted, “I thought we had the same enemy. It seemed like it wasn’t the enemy for all of us. It seems like many things happened during the time when we weren’t together. Even though we are separated, it wasn’t supposed to be like this, hyung! Didn’t we have the same thought.” expressing his feelings of emotions.

    Also interest is increasing regarding YooChun’s recently released lyrics to his self-composed song.

    “It was an imprisonment which wasn’t meant to be an imprisonment for us. Extreme tears, loneliness, rage; all of these made us united as one. Even if anything were to happen, we said that we would not leave each other. I will turn my back first on you who have already changed.”

    People are also under the impression that in the lyrics of the new song by DBSK seem to contain a hidden message directed at JYJ. “I will erase you from my heart completely and proceed on to a happy future. In the distant future, you will realize how genuine the love that you deserted was.” The lyrics contained such warnings and resolutions.

    In any case, on this day, we could see how hard it has been for them. In the future, while supporting them in their activities, we are curious to see how this inherent discord will be resolved.

    Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel8@DBSKnights


    Remember to send them tweets filled with love everyday ♥ ^^
    My 東方神起♥
  • TVXQ~SoulTVXQ~Soul Posts: 138Member
    edited January 2011
    I was just wondering with regards to the AtoZ dancers actually joined JYJ on their worldwide showcase.
    So I suppose SM will not use them again?
    I used to think they are actually dancers from SM but later found out they are actually from another company being employed to be TVXQ's dancers last time.

    So now that AtoZ had chosen their side, as in to support JYJ during their showcases, then I suppose we will not be seeing them with any SM artists right?

    Actually I'm really glad that during these times, there are still many people willing to stand by JYJ knowing well the financial issues that might befall them. Unlike others who have the nerve to close their hearts and be acquaintances with the devil.

    We must keep on supporting JYJ. SM can continue to carry out their unscrupulous attacks but Good will triumph over evil. :tongue2:

    [NEWS] Trax’s Jungmo support for TVXQ >> Saturday, January 8, 2011

    Following in the footsteps of his labelmates, Sim Jaewon, BoA, and Super Junior’s Shindong and Sungmin, Trax’s Jungmo left his own message addressing JYJ’s Junsu’s tweet.
    On the afternoon of January 7th, Jungmo wrote on his personal mini-homepage:

    “I’m getting so frustrated, so I’m going to write a few things…
    No matter how I see it, this isn’t right.
    How could you repay kindness with ingratitude…
    Do you really not feel who they are and how much they’ve cared for you?
    It’s inevitable for everyone to change, but I’m getting scared now.
    They started this because they liked music and the stage, but where has that all disappeared to now?
    It’s upsetting, truly…”

    Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum (1) (2), Asia Economy via Daum
    Credits: Allkpop
    Shared by: DBSKnights

    Why can these people mind their own business??? :angry:

    ↓↓↓ Nightfall - I have your back babe!! I so agree with your post.

    Priss - Gal, those company have no shame to say the least. Axing them and still trying to profit from them... JCS aren't going to get a single cent from it. Some fans will still buy it, that's the sad reality.
    I will love to watch you wake up next to me like this.^^
  • nightfallnightfall In your mindPosts: 86Member
    edited January 2011
    Finally our thread at last! Thanks MODs^____^

    Not sure if anyone share this yet, even so, it's still worth another read! XD

    Right now, reportedly other SM artists are taking the opportunity to criticize Junsu for tweeting about an unnamed "enemy", and about this unnamed person (or persons) showing deference to someone he thought this person saw as an "enemy".

    Well other SM artists are taking to the internet and jumping into this dispute as if their opinion at this time is supposed to mean anything when they couldn't or wouldn't speak up as unfair treatment was being heaped onto Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong.

    Super Junior's Shingdong is claimed to have tweeted in response to Junsu's post, accusing Junsu of not being "grateful" or showing "ingratitude". And apparently he's not the only one to post vague things which can only relate to the current situation between JYJ and SM. The names of BoA, Sim Jaewon (whoever that is *eye-rolling*) and a vague post from Sungmin have also been floating around as well.

    Jaewon is reported to have written "I can’t just hold back any longer.. Hey, little brother, that’s not right at all.. Who do you think you are pointing fingers at? Don’t act like you’re so upset. Who’s the real one that’s hurt in here…? So ungrateful, how could you do this?”"

    Frankly, if "big brother" would have stood up to SM before now, then maybe "little brother" wouldn't have to be the one with the balls to do it. Oh snap! Yes I did go there because somebody has to say it.

    This shouldn't even be a problem JYJ should have to deal with. So many other "hyungs" and "noonas" have been under SM's bootheels years before now but couldn't, didn't, or never even thought of putting their livelihoods on the line. Only a handful of other artists before have sued SM; one of those people - who now reportedly has financial ties to SM - has expressed criticism for JYJ's actions. Surprise, surprise...

    Most of these people shouldn't even open their damn mouths about whether Junsu is grateful or not because he started giving his life to that company when he was 12 (if I remember the bio correctly). That's half his life already. He's been training longer and harder than most of the people who are acting a damn fool about his twitter post. So, while they can express their opinion, they have no real basis whatsoever to even question Junsu's intentions.

    At a certain point, the gratefulness... the indebtedness... is repaid in full. The amount of time Junsu has given to SM, the amount of money that golden voice of his has generated for SM is repayment enough for any indebtedness he may have felt.

    Because someone once gave you an opportunity, does that mean you should be "grateful" to them until you draw your last breath? Even if they control you (until you're no longer useful to them), take most of your earnings, and bash you in public if you so much as question them?

    Maybe someone should tell certain members of certain other groups that a person can be "grateful" without being a glorified slave.

    ... I'm sure there are people genuinely grateful to Kim Jong Il too...

    Furthermore, I didn't hear a damn positive word from these people on any other subject in relation to Junsu or JYJ since this whole controversy began. They apparently never made posts congratulating Junsu or JYJ on their debut in America, or their sales, or the fact that they've ventured into twitter-land, or anything. But when they want to criticize him, they run their happy asses to the web and act like they have something glorious to say now. F_ck that.

    If they supposedly were so close to Junsu waaay back in the day, then allow Junsu his breathing room in a situation like this until it is resolved. Them commenting about him is NOT like us commenting about him. They're not some random dudes from off the street whose opinion has the same impact (or non-impact) as our opinions. And they should take whatever blow-back they get as a result because they should have stayed out of it.

    I've NEVER heard of Junsu posting anything even remotely derogatory or hateful about anyone else, in any other group, on any topic.

    Junsu could be calling all of them cowards for talking about SM behind SM's back and not having the courage to stand up to them; not that Junsu would ever do that. Or he could be accusing "them" of turning their backs on his friendship because he chose to fight when they didn't, not that Junsu would ever do that either.

    Junsu could have thrown your asses to the wind and spoke about some of the bad things he's heard these people say when they were all going through tough times at SM. But Junsu isn't doing any of that. He didn't even name anybody in his tweets! These people don't even know for certain who Junsu is talking about! I mean, seriously!

    Talk about loyalty! Is there any loyalty to Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun? JYJ probably treated some of these people like treasured "hyungs" and listened to their complaints about SM.

    Friendship is like flowers and cotton-candy when everybody is the on the same level and hard decisions have not been made. But it's times like this when you can see the full depth of a friendship. You don't have to root for JYJ, but don't try to trip them up either.

    Remember that saying, 'its always darkest before dawn'. If that holds true, then JYJ must be getting ready for a massive victory because this current $hitstorm blew up out of nowhere, specifically when SM apparently decided to market "TVXQ" as a new 2 member group and alienate its humongous fanclub.

    I don't blame Cassiopeia for making certain painful decisions after being cornered and alienated by SM. But again, all of that includes people actually involved in direct actions from SM. However, to jump in the middle of this dispute, and even REMOTELY appear to be criticizing Junsu for trying to understand the actions of some unnamed person he thought he was on the same page with, is unacceptable.

    All of this, ALL OF IT, is just further confirmation to me that these guys are destined to do the things that other people are too cowardly to do. Whether or not you agree with their method of suing SM, if that was the only way to start this journey then so be it. There has been a cascade of other information revealed about SM and it's practices, but nobody wanted to say or do anything in this recent cycle of hopeful kids until Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun spoke up. As a result, people like Hangeng (who may have also been feeling enslaved) followed their path and opened up a place for himself as a result.

    And I will NEVER look unfavorably on someone who has the balls to put their lives, livelihood and respect on the line to stand up for themselves. If you can take the SM rule, then keep your head down and go about your business. But I despise the actions of anyone who actively criticizes someone whose fight could end up making their own lives better as a result.

    Credit to: dongbanger

    @SolTOHO - Thanks! LOL that actually crack me up! hahaha Chun's one special guy! XD
  • scm_smilescm_smile Posts: 13Member
    SolTOHO wrote on 07 January 2011 - 07:37 PM:

    C´mon Let´s smile and Let´s give our bigeats simles to warm our boys hearts ... They don´t need our sadness... They need our strenght :D

    Ah I'm sorry for cutting your post but I didn't know how to take out the picture tag so that I don't re-quote pictures...What I wanted to ask was: Where did the last picture with Chunnie and his crying-laughing-frowning face from? :lol: It had never failed to make me laugh hysterically!!!! :P So I always wonder if the picture was taken by a fan during filming break...or whatever haha since it is so....epic!
  • petiteange22petiteange22 Posts: 1,671Member


    edited January 2011
    love your gifs lena
    and i also wanna foam kiss jaejae!!! haha *perv*

    P ri ss ` wrote on 08 January 2011 - 02:43 AM:

    ohh wow, is it even right for avex to be releasing JYJ's products ?! and making money out of them ?! <_<
    i know right. how dare avex suspend their activities but still release their products for sale? what?!?! their money-grabbing intentions are so obvious and blatant. ppffftttt
    ♥ JYJ ♥
  • elveskoldelveskold Posts: 122Member
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    [News] 110108 JYJ’s SBS ‘Good Morning’ Show is Rescheduled, Yet Again

    It seems JYJ fans have to wait a little longer to watch their idols on SBS ‘Good Morning’ show.

    Yesterday on January 7th, the official twitter of SBS confirmed that  the ‘Good Morning’ show broadcast that features JYJ appearance is  rescheduled, yet again, to January 20th.

    The tweet said, “SBS ‘Good Morning’ featuring JYJ broadcast schedule  has been adjusted to January 20th. We deeply apologize for this sudden  notice. The PD-nim said that the perfect highly potential broadcast day  for the 80 minutes show would be on January 20th as he explained at his  bulletin post.”

    Furthermore, ‘Good Morning’ PD Jo Dong Suk wrote an official  reschedule notice at the show’s bulletin post. The PD explained that  while the production team had been organizing the order of broadcast  schedule, suddenly on January 7th at 15:00 entered the news about The  parliamentary confirmation hearing of the nominees for chairman of the  Board of Audit and Inspection that would take place on the 19th.  Therefore considering that the breaking news is rather more important to  be broadcast earlier, JYJ broadcast that lasts for 80 minutes has to be  delayed to a more stable broadcast day, and the perfect day that could  be settled was the January 20th.

    credit: SBS twitter + SBS hp
    written by:

    [News] 110107 JYJ to Confess about SM’s “Confinement That’s Not Confinement”

    It is almost certain at this point that JYJ will be talking about SM through their music essay album.

    JYJ‘s anticipated music essay album titled THEIR ROOMS our story is to include their determination to be active as a 3 member group JYJ, their honest thoughts about their first US and Korean tours along with their apparent thirst towards SM through their lyrics.

    Especially in the song that Yuchun self composed, Untitled Song Part 1. A portion of the lyrics goes like this:

    In 2003, we finished our first match after months of rehearsal
    By 2004, we were the rookies of the month
    But unable to be satisfied with all of the rookie awards,
    We began desiring for more
    In 2005, we advanced into Japan
    Thought it would be as easy as Korea
    But after selling only 4,000 copies of our first single
    Our confidence dropped to the floor
    We couldn’t even speak Japanese,
    Every day consisted of pacing between our dorm and the company
    It was an imprisonment under the disguise of what’s best for us
    Excessive loneliness, tears, and anger
    We said those were what turned us into one,
    That no matter what would happen, to never disband..
    But I’m going to turn my back to you, since you already changed.

    As you can see, the lyrics contain Yuchun‘s feelings back when he was a TVXQ member. Going through the history and feelings they’ve had together. Yuchun explained a little about the song:

    There were a lot of things that I held back and didn’t   want to say anything about, because we were family. But now, I would   like to speak up. I really want to speak up. A story that’s strictly   ours and not someone else’s.

    Junsu also refers to SM as family in their music essay. He expresses:

    In doubt that our actions may hurt our families, we were   careful, and obeyed everything they told us to do. But one day we   learned too many secrets. Being kids, we didn’t know what to do, we were   confused at the truth and could not contain our anger. The kind of of   family we thought our family was wasn’t. Our hearts are bruised and our   souls are sick.

    In the middle of the interview, Junsu also said:

    Even through the hindrance of whom we once thought were   family, we were able to sing once again through the help of a new   family.

    JYJ and SM and TVXQ are currently dissing each other through subtle words and intentions through albums and through Twitter.

    In Uknow Yunho‘s Thanks to, he stated that this album would mark the second start for TVXQ which added oil to the fire.

    To this, Junsu expressed his devastation through Twitter:

    I thought that it was the enemy of all of us, but it   seems that it is not. Even though we’re apart this is wrong. Didn’t we   share a common thought?

    The situation is blown more out of proportion when Black Beat‘s  Sim Jaewon and BoA joins in.

    As fans we will patiently wait as JYJ‘s album hits the shelves January 17th.

    credit: Daum + hellokpop
    trans: hellokpop
    shared by:

    "For you to live your life"
    JYJ Twitter:  @mjjeje  @6002theMicky
  • DarkDiamondDarkDiamond Posts: 137Member
    Im late but I still want to say CONGRATZZ everyone for the new thread!! Finally, im so happy!

    Thanks MODs!!

    I laughed so hard at Yoochun's face posted above, ahahahah he's so funny..and wanna run my tongue on Jae's foamed lips kekeke he's so cute!

    Junsu Fighting!!! I dont even know why these people are attacking him as far as I know his tweet doesnt even sound disrespectful at all..he just sounds like someone really disappointed at that time so he has to express his feelings..and no one even knows who he is talking about in his tweet coz he didnt even mention a i think those guys attacking him are overreacting.

    Those suju boys should mind their own business, they must have been seething with anger when Hangeng won the lawsuit..
  • neschnesch AustraliaPosts: 80Member
    Hi JYJ fans,
    Is there anything we can do to alleviate the pain the members are going through? I just feel sad whenever I read reports that another set of SM artists tweet 'attacking' words to Junsu and the other members at that. I know in my mind, that it is all a scheme to tarnish JYJ's reputation and I also think that these SM artists are campaigning to their own fans to withdraw support or not support JYJ at all. It is just so unfair! Very very unfair!!!! :( What can we do???
  • wing834wing834 England~~Posts: 1,032Member


    edited January 2011
    @nightfall OMG, i share the same frustration! seeing all those SM artists bombarding junsu is really heartbreaking! who are they to talk? what has junsu and jyj done wrong? tbh, im the most disappointed with BoA, she was meant to b BBF with jaejoong and really close with junsu... WTH happened? i was in disbelief when she RT that~ (was just reminded in the other thread that jyj recently thanked BoA for paving way for them in japan etc. aigoo~)

    it seems that jyj's path is much darker than it first seems, they have basically no support now, and its painful to see their so called "friends" attacking them~ i hope jyj doesnt feel too hurt... but im glad they have some true friends to push them through this~
    muwon.jpg KahiBanner.jpg

    "If compared to a movie, Dong Bang Shin Ki isn't a movie with one main story. They're all from different movies with different stories, casted in one bestselling Blockbuster movie." ~Mnet21
  • DBSK_realDBSK_real Posts: 118Member
    nesch wrote on 07 January 2011 - 09:29 PM:

    Hi JYJ fans,
    Is there anything we can do to alleviate the pain the members are going through? I just feel sad whenever I read reports that another set of SM artists tweet 'attacking' words to Junsu and the other members at that. I know in my mind, that it is all a scheme to tarnish JYJ's reputation and I also think that these SM artists are campaigning to their own fans to withdraw support or not support JYJ at all. It is just so unfair! Very very unfair!!!! :( What can we do???

    If you want to cheer up JYJ, easiest way to do is sending them message via twitter, their official website, listen to JYJ songs and attend their concert if you can.

    To be honest, I don't think we can't do much. All we can do is to put our effort to support JYJ even more. By doing so, I think we can help create friendly atmosphere for new JYJ fans here. Also, we can do help create a good reputation for JYJ by voice out your polite opinion in various webboard. Sometimes fans help create a good publicity for their artist. + Fans behaviour represent artists' action. + People love positive attitude and positive fandom.

    Tell your friends, your family gradually how good JYJ are at singing. Help them build their fanbase around you. I'm sure you'll enjoy doing that too. :wub:
  • bmw81187bmw81187 Posts: 20Member
    Hi Again!
    Hopefully what I'm going to say is ok here, but I think you'll like it though.
    About the twitter controversy, I'm hearing from a few Korean sources that the Media is 100% on Junsu's side!
    They are calling those SMTown artists the ungrateful ones.^^
    I think there should be some "official" news on it in the next couple of days, but I just wanted to share what I heard right now! LOL (Too excited to hold it in I guess?XP)
    So for right now, this is JUST WHAT I HEARD ABOUT IT.
    But I thought it would be nice to share with you all.^^
  • MaliciousKidMaliciousKid Malicious Kid VirginiaPosts: 223Member
    edited January 2011
    I know I'm late, but I want my first post to at least start happy.. so congrats on the new thread JYJ! Now for the not so happy stuff:

    I don't really like posting about controversies and all.. but this time... I am seriously perplexed.

    For all of you who don't know who Black Beat is, they were a 5 member boy-band that SM was trying to make the next H.O.T / Shinwha since both of those groups were no longer in the company.. (this is also kinda how TVXQ got formed too..)

    However, SM wasn't satisfied with Black Beat's debut album even though it sold well and they had fans... but when it was time for their 2nd album it just kept getting pushed back.. & pushed back.. & then eventually it never came out. The Black Beat members were reduced to only appearing in SM Town songs (Go look at almost any SM Town music video & if you don't know the random dudes that pop up & sing or rap it's because they're from Black Beat >_<), but none of their own music.. If I'm right all of the members (except the choreographer Shim Jaewon) left the company when their contracts were up... Jaewon is the guy whose responsible for training SM trainees in dancing.. so he's trained Suju, Shinee, DBSK, etc.

    So all in all I am seriously shocked & amazed that this dude who everyone (at least everyone in Korea) knows basically got screwed out of his singing career by his company SM, and reduced to being nothing but a dance trainer / choreographer for all of his junior's that get really famous & have concerts all over Asia.. is sitting there defending SM like he has forgotten that he ever had dreams & ambitions of being a singer like JYJ.. I kind've even think that he might be jealous towards TVXQ as a whole.. but that's just my opinion.

    I'm sorry if I shouldn't have posted this opinion here... but I really don't know where to post it with all of the separate threads now... I mean I know Junsu made an ambiguous statement, & he probably was talking about Yunho.. but I don't think it's everyone else's business to but in.. yes they can have their own opinion & yes as an outsider fan I don't know half as much as these ppl posting these remarks on twitter.. but I still think it's messed up. If they had any kind of respect for all of the years they supposedly cherished with each other I don't think they should be speaking out like that... or at least Sungmin.. he was in a group with Junsu even if it was only for a little while before they debuted.. but I can't help but be annoyed that Eunhyuk (who is supposed to literally be Junsu's best friend since they were like 7 yrs old) is even letting himself have articles published about him! Yes, he didn't say anything deregatory, but the fact is that he took time out of his day to go see HoMin's performance. I'm not saying he shouldn't support them, I think he should. But him just being there & even saying anything to the press is just giving the media more fire to play with.. watch tomorrow there'll be headlines saying Eunhyuk & Junsu aren't even friends anymore or something just because his words and actions and anything else can be twisted now.

    I'm sorry for this long kind've venting post, but out of all of the messed up stuff that's been happening, Shim Jaewon's message & Eunhyuk being made to seem like he's going to say any minute "JYJ can eat it" has annoyed me the most today. I think I'm mostly annoyed that someone who obviously doesn't have that much to thank SM for is going acting like he's almighty & SM is made out of gold. He seriously could have been a dance trainer anywhere else.. but being a popular singer is something that you can't just go and do anytime you feel like it.

    Oh & @nightfall I really liked your post.. you made me wanna tell everyone about Black Beat & vent my frustrations about the situation. So thanks ^_^
    The more hardworking you are, the more the distance between you and your goals are closed up. - Tae Yang
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    gosh~ too many good news and comments that I agree with, that I ran out of my quota for positive votes!! lol^^ :sweatingbullets:

    bmw81187, zai263 --> Thats good to hear. :w00t:
    Glad many are on JYJ's side. Hope it's this situation actually turns out to be positive for JCS.

    Yoon Kyung Cheol (OBS PD) -- Love this guy. :wub: He has guts!!!
    Unlike some of those out there, hiding behind their fans and behaving like gangsters. <_<
    I will love to watch you wake up next to me like this.^^
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