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  • shar_shar_ Posts: 1,609Member


    @jae twitter pic, he's so cute.

    finally, JYJ thread! thank you so much.
    I'm so happy. I've nothing to share.
    congratz on new thread
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  • yeezeryeezer USAPosts: 1,181Member


    edited January 2011

    JYJ fans just made this poster to display love " we will be next to your life "
    Credit: @mickeyyuchun twitter
    Park Yoochun hwaiting!

  • Kasumi08Kasumi08 Posts: 83Member
    omg finally, I'm so happy!!! Thank you mods!! It was so frustrating and painful in that other thread so I'm forever grateful. We can finally have a place where we don't have to feel bad for loving and supporting these three strong but dorky individuals and I know it's just a thread but it's been so hard since the lawsuit, this is nice step for a new beginning. I'm also glad to see people who were against the seperate thread understand why it was a necessity. Thank you so much mods (forgive the emo but the last few days were hard)

    I'm also usually a lurker but I feel the need to participate in the JYJ loving so I'll try my best to post more often. I may not post news or articles but I will spazz as mch as I can
  • miar815miar815 Posts: 565Member
    edited January 2011
    JYJ in Seoul Concert "Director's Choice" on Mnet Part 1 - 2

    "Director's Choice" on Mnet Part 1

    "Director's Choice" on Mnet Part 1 - 2

    Yoochun Cyworld Update

    Want to give myself some strength so I wrote some tuff, but when writing the letter to you all, my tears wont quiet down. We are much more stronger people than most people think, thinking like this, we’ll always be by your side, please… please support us. Truth is always on the side of the righteous person.

    Saying in a very small voice… I really love you all… I’m just like that… just like that…
    Believe, from the beginning until the end, I love you.

    source: yoochun’s cyworld
    credit: jyjbar
    trans+shared by: sharingyoochun
  • yanna1990yanna1990 Posts: 134Member


    edited January 2011
    Congrats on the new thread ^^ It looks like we can finally find peace here. I'm looking forward to hear more from the boys ^^ I will always trust and support them no matter what other people say. I hope Junsu will not leave Twitter because I'd be really sad if he does...he hasn't tweeted ever since. Let's pray for the best !
    Btw, you can listen to Yoochun's Cyworld music list here. The songs are lovely
  • intanintan MalayXiahPosts: 630Member
    edited January 2011

    In my country, some people call this 'the coconut tree' hair..
    haha..don't you just love this man..cutie YC :wub:

    credit: tagged,Quynh Pham twitter

    Is that JiJi-nim ???
    Someone tell me, does a cat normally behave like this?? :blink: I'm really shocked when he put that thing on. I thought all cats hate those kind of thing. lol Amused me to death haha..Fashionista just like its master..

    *** Currently listening to Itsu Datte Kimi Ni, W, Long Way, Chajatta performance and some other songs..Totally comforting me :wub:
  • sweetie1611sweetie1611 Posts: 23Member
    Ughhhh I've been away from soompi for so long and now I'm back to celebrate the new JYJ thread. I should now come to soompi more often :rolleyes: . This thread is nice and I can feel the warmth of love here. It feels good to find a peaceful place to stay away from all of those arguments out there and freely express our love to the boys.

    So basically I barely read any news about DBSK/JYJ after the news about the lawsuit first came out and I'm just back to the fandom after listening to JYJ's The beginning so I missed a lot of information. Are JYJ still under Avex? I thought they are not anymore since the conflict about CJes :sweatingbullets:
  • miss_hmiss_h near the north polePosts: 1,225Member


    OMG... guys.. you are fast!!!!!!!! The thread has not been open for a day and we are on our 5th pages already.

    BTW, does the 5 post restriction still apply to this thread (and HoMin thread??)

    cecilia wrote on 07 January 2011 - 08:32 AM:

    ahhhhhh when i saw JJ's tweet i was like OMG
    is he perhaps...a secret garden fan as well??


    PS I hope JJ is giving junsu lots of support atm... the situation is getting so out of hand.. ><

    He is doing nothing right now. I bet he is doing what a good lonely korean did: watched a good k-drama...

    and NO bashing toward other member. Be a fans that JYJ proud of... Be respectful toward other.
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  • kay35kay35 here, of coursePosts: 599Member
    edited January 2011
    Im a JYJ fan. Love the other two as well but as long as all are on stage, together or not, Im happy.
    Hope all will reside in time. Everyones just upset.
    Ok, Im finally watching Scandal S. Wow...

  • J-PoohJ-Pooh USAPosts: 370Member


    intan wrote on 07 January 2011 - 07:13 AM:

    Hopefully this will be a safe and comfortable place for us to show our love and full support to Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun, to PROTECT them..without feeling restricted or guilt of having to explain our self. I'm glad to see many silent readers, new fans and soompiers who I haven't seen for quite sometimes giving your support here. Thank you people. I love you all.

    I may care more about JYJ but I cannot bring myself to hate Homin, just a bit ignorant perhaps, because personally I feel like they haven't given direct respond on the situation..up until now. I'm confused on how to feel upon that. I dunno.

    Sorry to cut your post - but I've actually been an advocate for NOT having a separate JYJ thread just so I wouldn't have to keep going back and forth from TVXQ and JYJ threads.

    Also, because being a latecomer to the TVXQ fandom (just when the lawsuit was announced) I really wanted to keep track on seeing if and when they would get back together (I would love to be able to see all 5 live - from all the vids I've seen, they are even more amazing live! - They are indeed a group that lives up to the hype).

    Yet another thing was keeping up with what's going on with HoMin. Because they had little to no real interaction with the public/fans that could give us an indication how they felt about JYJ, the separation and the possible reunion of TVXQ. Fans are just awesome helping fill a gap in any leads on how they might feel.

    Now, I'm all FOR this thread. As others have expressed too, the TVXQ thread gotten pretty heated. I did like the arguments but I realized how hesitant I felt about posting after while. I want to spazz about JYJ but will I need to also temper it with a little HoMin love so that I don't get bashed? Seeing this thread open I was amazed how happy and relieved I felt.

    For one thing, I saw a tweet venting anger at Avex for disparaging JYJ and yet still try to profit from them. I thought it might have been the calendar issue, but then I saw this posted here:

    Sayuri JaeJoong wrote on 07 January 2011 - 08:33 AM:

    [TRANS] 110107
    Avex to Release JYJ CD & DVD

    *quoted image*

    GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! It already sickened me when it was revealed that Avex will be supporting HOMIN now, but this?!? More and more developments have been making me even more sympathetic to JYJ.

    This bashing of Junsu due to his tweets from people like Sungmin of all people! Here is a link to when they trainees together:

    sungmin eunhyuk junsu (1)
    sungmin eunhyuk junsu (2)
    -this part is when you can see Sungmin and Junsu better.

    I wonder how Eunhyuk feels about the whole matter? I would like to think he's supporting Junsu. For newbies, this is a good vid showing their closeness (although the audio has been removed):

    Junsu & Hyukjae

    Eunhyuk's real name is Hyukjae. Hyukjae and Junsu were is a group which they formed called SRD (Song Rap Dance):

    HyukJae (EunHyuk) and JunSu (Xiah) Dancing to Shinhwa's Hero
    HyukJae(EunHyuk) & JunSu(Xiah) - Condition of My Heart
    - Surprising Eunhyuk did most of the singing here!

    Just to give a little Junsu love, my collage of twitter pics of Junsu (during his "apple" phase):

  • lenalelenale hero... Posts: 1,390Member
    Because I'll never forget this night - Yoochun's success, JYJ's performance - so I want to post again those gifs.. I'll never forget the boys expression that night.. they were excited and nervous like rookies while performing Chajatta onstage.. my boys, they're so alone.. our support and love are all what they have to fulfill their dreams.. i'll always be there for them, supporting their projects and buying their music.. crossing the continent just to see them onstage..

    [img]http://i56.Richard Simmons/2jdjshs.gif[/img]

    [img]http://i55.Richard Simmons/10zscw9.gif[/img]

    [img]http://i55.Richard Simmons/2e2il3l.gif[/img]

    [img]http://i56.Richard Simmons/sn0xw1.gif[/img]

    [img]http://i53.Richard Simmons/5upkjk.gif[/img]

    [img]http://i52.Richard Simmons/347b49h.jpg[/img]

    And earlier, when I saw the picture posted by Jaejoong on his twitter account, I couldnt help but think about this.. and wish i could do the same to Jae.. lolz..

    Wherever You Are, That Place Is My World
  • ChrissymaruChrissymaru New York CityPosts: 325Member


    With the start of the new JYJ thread, I'd like to take this opportunity to post more.
    Jaejoong really knows how to cheer us up, doesn't he? That's what I love about him so much, He loves us fans.
    <3 His Foam Kiss picture, perhaps he watched Secret Garden? :D

    intan wrote on 07 January 2011 - 12:17 PM:

    Is that JiJi-nim ???
    Someone tell me, does a cat normally behave like this?? :blink: I'm really shocked when he put that thing on. I thought all cats hate those kind of thing. lol Amused me to death haha..Fashionista just like its master..

    It's pretty amusing, but I remember watching a guy's review on the video and he said the person just reversed the video, so in reality the cat was taking the hat off. Though I'm not sure if that's actually JiJi.
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  • ti404ti404 Posts: 44Member
    edited January 2011
    A comment about “SM’s artists attack Junsu”

    hi lindsay  some people say that SM artists probably know exactly what’s going on between jyj & homin which is why some artists posted what they felt regarding junsu’s tweets.i disagree that they know everything.what’s your take on this?thanks

    These SM artists should shut up and focus on their own careers. It’s not their place to defend or comment on other aspects of the company, they need to focus on entertainment and marketing themselves to fans. It’s bad enough that we are focused on the business more than the content, the fact that other artists are contributing to this will only make matters worse. Yes, naturally, they know more about what’s going on than we do, but it’s best for everyone if they keep it that way.

    source: linzerdinzer
    shared by: JYJ3

    (TRANS) 100108 Yoochun Cyworld Update

    Want to give myself some strength so I wrote some tuff, but when writing the letter to you all, my tears wont quiet down. We are mush more stronger people than most people think, thinking like this, we’ll always be by your side, please… please support us. Truth is always on the side of the righteous person.


    Saying in a very small voice… I really love you all… I’m just like that… just like that…

    Believe, from the beginning until the end, I love you.

    source: yoochun’s cyworld
    credit: jyjbar
    trans+shared by: sharingyoochun

    [INFO] Broadcast of SBS Good Morning feat JYJ has been scheduled to air Jan 20! PD intends to air entire 80 min on 20th. Previously was scheduled for 19th but has been pushed to 20th as announced in a message on the sbs website by a representative for the PD.

    source: cristabel88
    shared by: JYJ3
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  • Yane1210Yane1210 Posts: 151Member
    [VID] 110107 Ystar – JYJ Music Essay Best Seller

    Credits: xixilovexiah
    Shared by: DBSKnights

    I really hope the best for this AMAZING album!

    Can´t wait for it!
    I want it so badly
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  • BrisingerButterflyBrisingerButterfly Posts: 194Member
    congrats all!! happy spazzing!!
    question to all who might know, there are always thins being shared here from chun's cyworld right? cone someone give me the link to his actual page?? i've been wanting to visit it for ages!
  • P ri ss `P ri ss ` Posts: 345Member


    ohh wow, is it even right for avex to be releasing JYJ's products ?! and making money out of them ?! <_<

    anyway, a quick question !
    a few days ago, i have placed an order at Yesasia for "Their Rooms" and the current status is "processing". it's been a long time since i last pre-ordered anything from Yesasia, so is this normal ?

    and hey, as much as we dont like what the other artistes are saying in response to Junsu's tweets, let's keep everything civil and not bash other artistes ^_^
    Credits: gracestarr at Soompi

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  • kokoChulberryjamkokoChulberryjam Posts: 246Member
    edited January 2011
    Thank you for finally opening a JYJ thread. i knew of DBSK but was not a fan then. Now i admire Yoochun because of his drama and from then on i have been following his group JYJ. currently too many dramas and controversies that are branching one after the other regarding the former management company and other artists. it is sad but then it is reality. what more to do but to face it with truth, honesty and bravery and to rise above it all with grace and dignity.acceptance may be a long way to go but surely it is not far from the horizon. we may never know who is right or wrong but we as fans have loyalty to whoever our heart is telling us speaks the truth.

    all i want as a new Yoochun and JYJ fan is to offer support for a very talented group of young people. i am no longer young but i appreciate all the hard work they have put in after all the adversities they are facing. good luck to them and more power.
  • yanna1990yanna1990 Posts: 134Member


    @Priss It is normal because mine is at processing stage too, once the album is out on the 17th it will be shipped and you will probably receive it by Feb, 3rd. 

    I cry reading Yoochun's update. His words reassure me a lot although I have never doubted him. Let's pray hard that everything will go well for them once they release their Korean album. Too many people adding fuel into the fire and makes everything even more messy than before. 

    I hope Jaechunsu will meet up and share their feelings + comfort each other instead of holding everything onto themselves. 

    I pray really hard for the album's success.
  • gaynessgayness DONG BANG SHIN KI HoniPosts: 3,166Member


    edited January 2011
    Hello lovers~! it's time for me to juggle 3 threads. ;-; so much info.
    Gah.. I wonder why other artist are stepping out. It's none of their business, man.
    Wah~! Music Essay looks great so far!! I cannot wait to receive it! Does anyone have pictures of the CD?? Hehehe that's what I am anticipating the most.

    [IMG]http://i52.Richard Simmons/51at55.jpg[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i56.Richard Simmons/2mzff9i.jpg[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i56.Richard Simmons/2z57nl0.jpg[/IMG]
    credit: tagged
    Credits: gracestarr at Soompi
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  • sindeesindee New YorkPosts: 564Member


    Congrats for the new JYJ thread :) Finally a place with no argument :sweatingbullets:

    Jae with that foam pic, hmmmm could he implying that he wants a kiss :rolleyes: hehe and he's right, he does have a baby face!

    I'm looking forward to SBS Good Morning. A whole 80 mins of JYJ. oh boy, what a treat ^_^

    About SM artists ganging up on Junsu. I'm really disappointed by their action =/ I understand they have the right to voice out their opinion but I don't think they should have butt into this mess because it's only making the matter worse than it is already. Also, the things Sungmin wrote are quite hurtful. I hope Junsu stay strong as well as Jaejoong and Yoochun!!

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