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  • JunsukiyooJunsukiyoo Posts: 714Member


    Hey everyone, i'm curious about junsu last updated tweets, why did he write that? I heard that sungmin of suju tweets something to defend HoMin. Well, its so sad. Why it seems like lots of people are taking a distance with them? I dont know how horrible is SME power that SM could do that to make people have bad impressions to JYJ. Does SME not want they all to gather together again?
  • xxryexxxxryexx Posts: 2Member
    Yesszaaa..Waiting for this....Thank you for creating this site....JYJ Love you guys!!!
    susu bbapfonfon
  • bravevietbraveviet Posts: 38Member
    Today is a rough day for all of them. Hope tomorrow will be a better day. Please don't go bash on those suju, stay calm. Let's wait and see how JYJ react.
    susu bbrossoapfonfonkawaiiaiyskj
  • TVXQ~SoulTVXQ~Soul Posts: 138Member
    edited January 2011
    I'm sorry to be posting this when we're supposed to be celebrating the opening of this JYJ thread.
    However, I really have to say this:
    I HATE SM and their slaves!!!!!!!
    How dare they gang up on JYJ!!!!!
    Oh my god! I cannot imagine how our JCS are feeling right now!
    Those they thought are their brothers and sisters!
    I can't believe this.
    Esp that woman who was once so close to Jae, how can she close her heart and do this!?
    I'm so mad~~~~~~~

    What SM is trying to do here is to turn elfs against those Cassies and JYJ fans who supports JCS.
    Coz they know so well that there are many who does.
    Hence it got it's puppets to posts things like that --> get JCS fans mad --> JCS fans will then defend them and attack the bullies --> then the bullies' fans will attack JCS and those who defends JCS --> thus creating more antis for JYJ.
    I will love to watch you wake up next to me like this.^^
    jaminepetiteange22susu bbsygdbskdbsk_izcoolSolTOHOagvahelenechorossododytotyraikko9Hoon*gjjnewfcyanna1990yskjSashiJaeGinaaa93Redwarriordiamondzr4evaJaeVaehana-J
  • ruseriouzruseriouz Posts: 12Member
    edited January 2011
    AHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! ([hyperventilates] OMG OMG OMG ! i have found a place called home!

    forget all the bad news right now. lets pop some bottles -- put on some JYJ music -- and celebrate !

    nothing cures sadness/disappointments better than some JYJ goodies :] so everyone please be happy :]
    susu bbsygdbskafterglow.apfonfonyskjJaeVaehana-J
  • AyUmIXxAyUmIXx JaeChunSu's heartsPosts: 198Member
    thanks for making JYJ's thread!
    and i can't believe Sungmin said that..
    it's very obvious and so sad T__T

    I hope, that's it...
    I don't want no more SM artists VS JYJ anymore
    goshh everyone is one is telling lies
    except for SME..i kinda think that it's SME who started everything!
    SME somehow influces their artists to say such painful things towards JYJ T__T

    I hope SNSD won't say the same thing too..I donno how i'm gonna react if they do this too T__T
    susu bbSolTOHOapfonfonkawaiiai
  • ShellamieShellamie USAPosts: 127Member


    Woah!!.. Finally a new JYJ thread is open.. Been really waiting for this and not to forget 132 users viewing this thread and to come hear. Let's keep this positive going. It's nice to know many are supporting JYJ!!.. ^____^

    "You're just not what I imagine"
    susu bbYoochunloverYane1210
  • jaminejamine Posts: 102Member
    edited January 2011
    Congratulations to the opening of the JYJ thread!!!=)<3 Can't wait to get my hands on the JYJ Music Essay album!

    @TVXQ~Soul i agree with you, to think that she was actually jae's 'best friend' and was someone that she supposedly 'treasured a lot' and to think that i actually ship jae and her together for as long as i could rmb, i don't think i can do that anymore..

    @SolTOHO Better to love than to hate huh? I should learn from it=) thanks for posting.

    A few of my fav JYJ songs

    [url="http://"]J.Y.J. - Itsudatte Kimi Ni (いつだって君に) + Long Way[/url]

    JYJ Nine

    @jae's twitter: Hahaha jae's such a dork,cutie,and definitely a hottie too. I'm glad tht he posted this, he makes us fans cheer up a little^^

    and jae changed his bio to "For you to live your life"
    susu bbYane1210JaeVae
  • SolTOHOSolTOHO Posts: 281Member
    edited January 2011

    Elie Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. He says 

    “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

    Credit: DC & JYJ3
    I´m totally agree with him :)

    Please Let´s share LOVE and not HATE 
    Let´s use all our streng just for loveX1000... JYJ

    Ah! I want to thank Mia for creating JYJ3 Go and check it if you can :)

    JACE - join us!                                          
    Others will say, loving someone is tiring: sometimes happy, sometimes you'll cry!  
    They said I'd have enough someday.
    I said to them, that is not true, you know why? "when does ever a person had enough if her love is true.."
    JYJ  shine  forever <3
    sygdbsksusu bbbaboink8ti404Yane1210intanJEJE_SULIebbie308zzzxiahzzzshizusyanna1990shimp92SashiJaemeimi1018diamondzr4evahuongdinhJaeVaewanzhaf
  • apfonfonapfonfon Posts: 50Member
    edited January 2011
    Thank you very much, I'm feeling so relieve now :D



    susu bbZAI263jjnewfcJaeVae
  • HoodwinkerHoodwinker Posts: 646Member


    [Pic] JYJ- Their Rooms Music Essay

    [IMG]http://i53.Richard Simmons/2a5auzm.jpg[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i53.Richard Simmons/654jg2.jpg[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i53.Richard Simmons/6olonn.jpg[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i56.Richard Simmons/5xo1tk.jpg[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i54.Richard Simmons/29fsgo4.jpg[/IMG]
    [IMG]http://i56.Richard Simmons/24eu88g.jpg[/IMG]

    credit: frianmr
    shared by:

    Cheer up everyone. JYJ is only as strong as their fans, and for their sake, we have to be strong. They must be suffering right now, so please send them tweets filled with love. Their Music Essay is going to be released soon, so we will have plenty to spazz. No matter how many obstacles are throw their way, JYJ will always find a way to reach us fan, and we will always be there to take their hand.
    My 東方神起♥
    susu bbcesagvaYoochunloversygdbskapfonfonYane1210baboink8rossoZAI263loliteapetiteange22chiaki_asuka09zzzxiahzzzdodytotyshizusjunsui_soulJaeVaeJenny25wanzhaf
  • Yane1210Yane1210 Posts: 151Member
    edited January 2011
    Congratulations!! I feel so happy !! :D
    Now, We can share our real thinking about this situation!

    JYJ, I love you! :wub:

    [PIC] 110107 Junsu Signature for Korea Charity show


    7 – Day Miracle
    Junsu donation is scarf and gloves
    1/12 around 3pm they will bid them at MBC Ilsan Dream Center

    credit: dc
    shared by:
    iw29fl.jpg "beautiful harmony is something that comes straight from the heart" - Kim Jaejoong -
    Hoodwinkersusu bbdodytotyraikko9Jenny25
  • elveskoldelveskold Posts: 122Member
    Finally JYJ Official Thread!!!
    I am rly happy finally my wish for separate thread come true.
    Its been almost one month I never visit soompi.I so miss it.^^
    Anyway, thanks u so much Mods for creating this.
    Hope here we can express ourself better.
    Let's spread JYJ Love! ^^


    "For you to live your life"
    JYJ Twitter:  @mjjeje  @6002theMicky
    susu bbSakuraCa
  • SilkInfusedSilkInfused 君だけが守れるものをみつけだしたら up in the airPosts: 1,353Friend of Soompi
    [MOD POST]

    Guys, I really hate to be the killjoy mod here but please try not post one-liners.
    It was clearly stated in the announcement that we made for the opening of the JYJ Official. Please go back and edit your post and contribute some content. Thank you.
  • DBSK_realDBSK_real Posts: 118Member
    Dear fans,

    I know this's just a little effort. Normally, I don't join much trending. But at the moment, I just wish that JYJ could know that we are still here. Twitter seems to be the most possible way that JYJ might get a chance to see our support. Let's trend #JYJFighting together. If you have twitter account, please go there and tweet together.

    I don't know whether we could make it because this is unorganized. No specific time. No support from any website. Just little humble asking. You could help more by spreading the trending to any website you know. But it doesn't matter even if it's not on the trending list. Because by do it together and sending your love message to JYJ should be enough.

    Let's try. ^_______________^
    elveskoldYane1210agvaJEJE_SULIsusu bbzeikoYapfonfonjanehotgaDarkDiamond
  • huongdinhhuongdinh Posts: 35Member
    edited January 2011
    Hi everyone,
    So glad to be able to meet you all here in this safely new home of JYJ.
    I used to be a silent reader in the old thread of the 5 and i'm gonna keep being a silent reader in future cos i enjoy reading much more than writting :-D
    But i'm surely a loyal fan of JYJ who loves the boys and all of you guys, always.
    Thank you for opening this thread which is like heaven of our JYJ's fans.
    susu bbzzzxiahzzzapfonfon
  • ti404ti404 Posts: 44Member
    edited January 2011
    [TRANS] 110105 Micky Yoochun's Fanclub Makes A Warm Donation


    On the 31st of December, the day Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun) won the Best Male Newcomer Award at the KBS Drama Awards as 'Lee Seon Joon' in 'SungKyunKwan Scandal', Park Yoochun's fanclub gifted Kim Jin Su (13), who is suffering from a brain lesion disorder, with presents and a donation. Their story was aired on KBS 2TV's News Time on January 3rd.
    Though Jin Su's mother herself is fighting with cancer, she lives every day nursing her son who is unable to move his arms or legs freely. Park Yoochun's fanclub 'Blessing Yoochun' heard about the mother and son's situation through Field of Love ( and immediately began collecting donations. They sent 5 million Won to pay for Jin Su's treatment along with other presents to the hospital in Daegu that Jin Su is currently admitted in.

    The members of the fanclub who visited the hospital with a Field of Love worker had tears in their eyes as they watched over Jin Su, who breathes through a tube in his throat and eats with a tube connected to his stomach. One member cheered on the mother and son as she stated, "I hope his mother stays strong, and I hope great things happen to them from now on."

    The members of Blessing Yoochun are 'Auntie fans' and are people who overflow with love, not just for their favorite celebrity, but also for the community and those in need. Other than their donation to Kim Jin Su, they also donated 10 million Won to Park Hyun Bin (12) to pay for his burn-healing treatment fees through the Hanlim Burns Foundation.

    Blessing Yoochun is a fanclub that only women over the age of 30 can join and the members unite through their love for Yoochun to help the community.

    Source: [coca news+Yuaerubi]
    Translation credits:
    Shared by:

    Do not remove/add on any credits

    I think he want to make us laugh after all the drama…But for some reason I teared up a bit and smiled.

    [font="'Franklin Gothic Medium"] (Rumours & News)[/font]
    Yane1210intanYoochunloversusu bbZAI263apfonfonbeejanehotgakawaiiaiSashiJaeGinaaa93JaeVaeJenny25
  • elveskoldelveskold Posts: 122Member
    edited January 2011
    ^Oops someone posted the news faster than me!>.<

    I'm not  gonna say much about the SMe artists's tweets to Junsu/JYJ.
    Its just so sad then I feel hurt so much.I dunno how hurt the boys.

    Hahahha...Jaejoong's latest upload pic. JJ with beer beard!LOLOLOL!!!
    Looking at his tweet simply makes me smile. Thank u JJ.
    Let trend #JYJFighting to let them know we love them!^^

    "For you to live your life"
    JYJ Twitter:  @mjjeje  @6002theMicky
    YoochunloverJEJE_SULIsusu bbZAI263apfonfonjjnewfc
  • AyUmIXxAyUmIXx JaeChunSu&#39;s heartsPosts: 198Member
    their rooms album is so nice...
    wish to have mine soon!
    the photos seem so nice!
    the colors and everything
    susu bbZAI263
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