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How to know when a very flirty guy likes you?

ax1989ax1989 paradisePosts: 575Member


When he's flirty with every girl! Ugh
So just wondering, there's this guy in my class, i THINK he might like me a little, but he's flirty with everybody.... like he's very touchy feely so he'll hug anyone, wink at anyone, etc....

Is there a special signal for guys like those?
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  • sharin.kenichisharin.kenichi Posts: 22Member
    yeah they're hard to read aren't they?! 

    lol. i think for me, I just had some sort of a vibe between us anddd like I would notice that even if I try not to, he would be by my side talking or walking with me. So I got a sense that he may like me too....? But I was never sure. After like half a year of all these "possibilities" and I felt like they grew really strong in the past 2 months or so (which is apparently when he started to like me) I just took the chance and confessed lol. and it worked out well between us ;]. 

    Just hang around with him a little longer, see how he deals with other girls and if you notice a small difference, it's possible. haha. 
  • StarblazerbonStarblazerbon Posts: 1,423Member


    Sherlock_Mowg wrote on 10 December 2010 - 02:09 PM:

    This reminds me of an old Chinese Proverb: "When man have boner all time, how does woman know she sexy?"

    Which, if you think about it, is absolutely true. In this case we can imagine the guy you're talking about to be that man with a constant boner, and you're the woman. If he's always flirting with everyone (aka his boner doth never die) then how the hell do you know if you're special to him or just like the rest of them (aka woman know she sexy?).

    But the real question is, do you really want to be with a guy with a never ending boner? Wait, I meant a guy who always flirts and touchy feelies everyone he sees (of course you want a guy with a perpetual twanger, it's every woman's dream!), cos to be honest he sounds like a dirty pervert. The truth is, he's probably not worth your time and effort, otherwise you might find yourself a bit led on. But if you're merely interested, the real answer is: he doesn't flirt or touchy feely to the girl he likes, in fact he's quite the introvert when it comes to her.

    How the heck can you even know if someone has a boner without asking them?

  • MannosukeMannosuke Posts: 12,760Member


    Sherlock_Mowg wrote on 10 December 2010 - 05:37 PM:

    Back in the really old days of China, they all wore loincloths. It was easy.

    Finding a guy wearing a fundoshi at the beach nowadays isn't too rare either!
  • WeEzYWeEzY Posts: 170Member
    When he asks you out... or when he hangs out with specific girls more often.
  • christinacaoo.christinacaoo. Posts: 341Member


    woahh, i like just got over a guy like this like couple of days ago.
    he would always talk to me and hug me and all that stuff.
    i thought he really liked me but he was always flirting wo=ith other girls.
    i gave up on him becasue i was the one that was always getting hurt
  • evz88evz88 Posts: 817Member


    hmm i wouldn't say my bf was "flirty" but sometimes in my eyes hes too touchy (putting his arm around a good girl friends shoulders) and talking/doing things that seemed he cared about them more than a friend (like insisting a girl to put on a jacket because its cold), however he was rarely like that to me and i later found out actually all this time that i've seen him do that infact the person he liked was me lol. i asked him about it and he said since he liked me he was nervous around me and he'll think a lot about the consequences of his actions so end up doing nothing because he was scared he would scare me away if he got too close.. so i agree with what Sherlock_Mowg said: he doesn't flirt or touchy feely to the girl he likes, in fact he's quite the introvert when it comes to her. maybe ur guy is like that, or maybe not its hard to tell because everyone is different, either way hope all works out well for u :)
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  • NINEorMoreNINEorMore Posts: 251Member
    Lie wrote on 10 December 2010 - 09:03 PM:

    Why would you want a guy who flirts with everyone to like you, anyway? This is the kind of thread that inevitably leads to, "My boyfriend is always talking to other girls on facebook, what should I do?" or "my boyfriend is too nice to other girls, how can I tell him that it bothers me?" threads lol.

    word up! +1
  • NinsharkNinshark I like crabs Posts: 1,824Member


    unless you want to be in a relationship(especially someone who flirts w/everyone) you shouldn't even worry about it and just enjoy his compliments, they're free. he's probably just fishing for someone to bite back. he doesn't really like anyone, but will go w/ whomever steps up kinda thing.
  • bonitagirlxbonitagirlx Posts: 934Member


    flirty guy = dont even try.

    headaches, jealousy, lies, deception

    not worth it. flirty guys are usually trouble because they are players and love attention from other woman. if you can look past those "flaws" that ur man has, try to get with him, but if u cant stand that and want a guy who will be faithful and loving only to you, dont even give him a second thought.

  • Cloud ExpertCloud Expert Kamen rider REBORN cardboard box :3Posts: 142Member
    This is from experience but I noticed when he... chatted to me the most, tripped and was very clumsy, took a lot of pictures of me (WEIRD BUT TRUE), complimented me often, talked about me to other friends etc.

    But I guess in time you'll find out the answer. Because he's flirty, he should be quite confident too. So if he really was interested, sooner or later he'd ask you out.
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  • mukinsvivimukinsvivi Earth :) -FL ^^- Or land oPosts: 1,677Member


    I used to become so frustrated with my s/o because of this very reason too! He would hug girls and girls would call him randomly to say hi. Haha, but if he truly likey likes you he'll let you know you're the only one for him. Or when you guys talk...there's this energy. You have to give him a chance, he might not be flirting to other girls..just being friendly with them. (if that makes sense...>w<) :sweatingbullets: Just pay attention to his speech and gestures~
  • XangelXtranXXangelXtranX I heart heart! Posts: 1,522Member
    You might want to stay away from that type lol. Friends with them is thumb up! Liking them, thumb down. Thinks of many other girls who think the same.
  • apatheticDOLLapatheticDOLL Posts: 74Member


    Girl, don't even bother with that type of idiot. If he's flirting with other girls during the "pre-dating" stage, then it's no doubt he'll flirt also during the "dating" stage. If he flirts with you, reject him. The sooner you get yourself out of his "charm", the easier it would be for you to move on and not get hurt. It's better safe than sorry! :)
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  • syakikoonaramisyakikoonarami Posts: 71Member
    stay away from that type. if he can flirt with another girl when you guys were not dating, i can imagine what he'll do when you guys actually dating.

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  • DaylightfulDaylightful Love and Peace! Cincinnati, OhioPosts: 1,272Member
    Guys like that tend to treat someone they actual take interest in differently.

    They'll care for you, not flirt with you as much but instead wonder how your day is, are things okay, etc. Instead of being flirty he'll be more so careful and concern.

    I do agree with trying to avoid those kinds of guys, though. Some of them just like to play around with feelings.
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  • sugar_girlsugar_girl Posts: 66Member
    They give you special attention! 
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  • Ayuu~Ayuu~ ^_____^ smile ! SYDNEYPosts: 5,002Member
    super flirty guy eh...

    well.. when a flirty guy actually likes a gurl..
    he surprisingly wont be as flirty with her..
    he would get a little shy.. just like any other normal guy..
    he would naturally treat the gurl differently and more special..
  • chrystalmchrystalm Posts: 4New Member
    Well there's this guy in the year above me. And I don't like him. He's really hot so gets all of the girls. And he flirts wiv all of them. And he went on a school trip to china wiv me. And he was annoying me the whole time. Like playing wiv my hair and singing to me. But I'm not sure if its all a joke cuz he flirts wiv loads of other girls. How can I tell if he actually likes me?
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