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Skinny everywhere except for my stomach

meilovemeilove For the love of Mei <3Virginia *Posts: 8,572Friend of Soompi


edited November 2010 in fitness & sports
I'm not super skinny but I'm pretty slender. Everything is proportionate except for my stomach. My arms are thin, my legs are thin, my waist is thin, but my stomach sticks out a lot O_o
I work out so that I lose weight/tone all over my body and it seems to be working everywhere except my stomach so it always looks bloated and fat. Looks great in the morning but it'll slow puff out as the day goes on..even if I barely eat anything. People probably think I never do any situps when I do =__=

The only thing I can think of is excessive bloating. Even when I'm not on my period or pmsing.
Any tips on how to reduce bloating or what could be wrong with me? I did some research, I don't think I have IBS...I can only say that 2 or 3 of the symptons are true out of 10. I don't need exercise tips or anything. Thanks =)


  • thesteelthesteel Posts: 487Member


    Well the morning is when you look the leanest, so that's normal. Everything else you said is pretty much normal too but if you want to get rid of your stomach, you should increase your cardio, eat clean and continue working out.
  • Kui~XianKui~Xian Posts: 503Member
    It could be just the way your body distributes fat. People's bodies all do that differently. Like for example, SNSD's Sooyoung, if you look at how skinny her arms and legs are comparitively to her face. It's all in the genes, for the most part. If you've lost a lot of weight everywhere and can't seem to get a certain part of your body as skinny as another part of your body, it's most likely that.
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  • alligatortearsalligatortears <3 Posts: 2,206Member
    edited November 2010
    try to eat less carbs
    (breads, grains, etc).
    in simple terms,
    too much carbs turn into sugar,
    which get stored as fat.
    i don't suggest getting depleting your diet of all carbs
    since they're a good source of energy,
    but reducing the amount might help with loosing some belly fat.
    google search "low carb diet" if you want more information.

    if a lower carb diet is out of the question for you,
    just be smart with what you eat.
    so that means no candy, chips, fast food, etc.
    those last few pounds that are hard to get rid of
    can usually be lost with a clean/strict diet and exercise.
  • JyumJyum Posts: 322Member
    I think it's the way your body stores fat. I have that problem as well, my wrists/arms/legs/calves all very slim, my stomach...pudgywudgy lol your stomach is one of the last places to burn fat, (FUN FACT: the last place your body burns fat from are the soles of your feet, because they provide the cushioning for you to walk/stand). And I agree with what the above poster said about diet, I work out consistently 5 days a week, i eat nothing but horrible junk food, so i'm stronger/leaner.. but so much fat intake.. it goes straight to my stomach...IF it is bloating..which it might be.. do you take a number 2 daily? if the answer is no, then it could be (I don't, yes ew..i know), Drink green tea daily, it'll help.
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  • lonelygalz1993lonelygalz1993 SINGPosts: 251Member


    hmmm.... maybe is your sodium intake?? Dis you eat food that is high in salt content? Too much sodium in your body will cause bloating and will cause your stomach to get bigger. and also water retention:D SO, apart from exercising, you should also be aware of what you are eating and how much:) and try to sleep early and sleep at least 7h coz that will reduce your body's ability to gain fat:)
  • ElmoWuvsUElmoWuvsU The Major Rice ProductionPosts: 633Member
    It's a pooch D= My  bro told me it's genetic but I dunno. either that or it's just your water weight making ya bloat. Well everyone basically said what I wanted to say xD

  • larislaris Posts: 1,825Member
    In addition to your genetic predisposition, it could be edema or ascites. Edema & ascites is water retention due to low interstitial fluid pressure caused by factors such as excessive sodium intake and low serum albumin levels. If you are suffering from edema and ascites, go see a doctor. Some things you can do are both a. limit sodium intake b. increase protein intake. If you want to know what edema is, picture the malnourished children you see on TV.

    If you are NOT malnourished however, it's most likely a genetic predisposition.

  • sussus AussiE lANdPosts: 3,213Member
    how often u goin to the toilet??
  • ShrimpCrackerrrShrimpCrackerrr Posts: 507Banned
    LOL, me too. i'm really skinny all over except my stomach. xD
  • SeX1eStAsaBaSeX1eStAsaBa Posts: 581Member


    I mostly notice my bulge when I eat my carbs before my workout. It's pretty huge, hahaha. At first I thought it was viseral fat, but it's not. It's probably the carbs you're eating. I'm gonna start cutting down on it in mid December and see if it goes away.
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  • AyumiExclusiveAyumiExclusive Posts: 260Member
    If you're sure its not food/water/bloating , then maybe that's just where your body stores fat :)

    I'm skinny everywhere except for my thighs . If its your problem spot , don't let your weight yoyo cause sometimes your problem spot gets worse and when you try to work it off , it'll still be there and it'll be harder to lose it -_-
  • nobody knowsnobody knows what I think outof thisworldPosts: 13,096Member


    I wanna say that it's possible that you're taking in too much salty foods?
    like soy sauce, pizza, pretzels (??), ketchup, etc.?

    I dunno, when you touch your stomach, is it jiggly (hahaha sorry), or kinda hard, it just sticks out?

    if it's jiggly, then ofc it's fat, which means cardio to burn it off
    if it's not jiggly, then I have a feeling it has something to do with your sodium intaaaaaaake~ or maybe I'm wrong.
  • ricric in your heartPosts: 337Member
    have you ever try the stomach vacuum exercise?

    it improve the transverse abdominis, the muscle that keep the abs looking flat. you just need to suck your belly, hold it for about 5 second, and release it. you can do it while doing other activities..

    and avoid sodium
  • NinsharkNinshark I like crabs Posts: 1,805Member


    trust me- it's probably a good thing it's this way instead the other way around~ 'cause it means you're active. Since you use your arms and legs, fat won't pile in your joints or it'll prevent movement. Now- do more ab work-out or stretching in the stomach to get the fat away from there.

    note- ab workout will add muscle and make your stomach bigger a big until you either/both use that fat up or redistribute since the joint is more active.
  • tng0o0otng0o0o Posts: 5Member
    yeah. it could be the way your body distributes fat.

    Do you drink often? That could also contribute,but normally happens only if you do it often enough.
  • farkmedeadfarkmedead Posts: 84Member
    It's genetics. There is no way to target an area of your body to lose fat. Your body will always lose fat as a whole, and genetics will decide where the fat comes from. In your case, the stomach may be the last area for the fat to leave the body. In fact, this is exactly what's happening to me.

    Some suggestions to reduce your stomach size: reduce carbs and eat low GI foods (ie brown rice>white rice, wholemeal/grain breads) intake more protein and less sugars and fats. For exercise, HIIT(high intensity interval training) is definitely the way to go, stuff like P90X and insanity workout work too and only takes 30-45 minutes per day.
    It is also important to do some resistance training, the more muscle you have, the more calories ur body burns everyday without even having to exercise. and also more muscle leads to more calories being burned during cardio.
  • beana*beana* Posts: 1,687Member
    UGH I have this problem too. Skinny arms and legs but pugy wugy tummy ><
    I started eating better and exercising more often but since I'm in my early stages of working out I can't tell a difference. I do sometimes feel bloated even when I'm not on my period! Argh, but thanks for the suggestion everyone I might try it (sodium especially I'm a sucker for it)!
  • yu_sukhdevyu_sukhdev Posts: 177Member


    all of you that have the same problem = fat... the belly is your center of gravity, it's the last place for you to lose fat and the 1st place to gain it (you use less energy carrying those weight close to your center of gravity). AKA slim down, it's that simple. the reason why your arms/legs aren't fat is because you're not at that stage yet (or you have low muscle mass and the layer of fat isn't enough to make it look big).
  • b2stbaabyb2stbaaby Posts: 656Member


    ahh i have this too! it sucks D:
  • J0hnnyJ0hnny oh hallo sydney australiaPosts: 511Member
    stomach always look big when u eat a lot for a meal without any training =D
    I don't have a 411 >,<
    if i drop a comment, just reply on your thread

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