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  • jaekyung03jaekyung03 ???~ Posts: 331Member
    edited April 2013
  • ChristayniumChristaynium Des MoinesPosts: 353Member


    edited February 2

  • yongming87yongming87 Posts: 40Member


    id: yongming.
    feel free to add me.

  • Deni94Deni94 Posts: 17Member
    edited August 2012
    Ooh. Add me me for it
  • da wei geda wei ge Posts: 6Member
    id: marcellius add me and lets chat :P
  • ixLoveXse7enixLoveXse7en Posts: 1,483Member
    id:Whataliewser Add me(:

    id:Whataliewser Add me(:
    Please kindly read the signature rules.
  • mz taebinymz taebiny Posts: 651Member


    edited December 2012
    ||instagram|| tumblr || fbook || 

  • zcanbyzcanby Posts: 259Member
    edited July 2011
    I have it. I use it to talk to friends who are overseas. Ones that I can't really talk to or text.

    Add me if you wanna talk :) Zach Canby
    "People with good hearts are the ultimate winners"-Seo Joohyun
  • o_O-huwaaahChinCHA-o_Oo_O-huwaaahChinCHA-o_O FTISLAND/CNBLUEPosts: 30Member
    I am new to kakaotalk as well
    add me
    id: bluefishcake
  • MushuIsHereMushuIsHere Posts: 7Member
    My ID is: Mushuhere
    Add me if anyone wants! But please send a message saying you find me on here...Or I won't add! Kkkkkk
  • ZOMGITzHibariZOMGITzHibari San JosePosts: 404Member


    Add me! I just made one !

    ID: SarangAiNix3

    tell me you're from soompi so I know :D
    Buyerlist: 1 2
  • LaurachanLaurachan Posts: 57Member
    Just downloaded the Kakaotalk :)
    Add me :D
    ID: lyfv7
    I can wait forever 너와 함께 할 수만 있다면 기도해요 우리 영원하기를

  • ForeverFantasY-ForeverFantasY- Grey skies are just clouds passing over. I Posts: 371Member
    I have no friends on this, add me T ^ T; junbabyy.
  • MiekeMieke ViennaPosts: 34Member
    Mine is Mieke :P
    Check out my 411 ;D
    and add me in cyworld :P
  • amziiiamziii Posts: 3Member
    I have one aswell, but I have zero people on my list so add me :
    ID : gogagaforme
  • nikkibell84nikkibell84 USAPosts: 249Member


    I got it last night. My first chat was with a seventeen year old from Japan. It was going well,until he wanted to send me pictures of, uh, his private areas. :( :unsure: Had to stop that right there.

    But, I'm sure you guys are more mature and not, uh. . .perverts.

    So - add me: NikkiBell

    I'd love to chat with any of you. :) Having friends from around the world is always fun.
  • krnricekrnrice Posts: 1New Member
    im new to soompi and kakaotalk.
    add me: krnrice
  • zellbedistazellbedista Posts: 3Member
    Kakao ID: zelloppa

    I wish to talk with Koreans who know how to speak English. Or anyone who can speak English and interested at Hallyu.
  • mayassealmayasseal Posts: 22Member
    always up to meeting new ppl ^^
    add me: mayasseal

    chuuuuu~ <3
  • MarkXDMarkXD 비가 오는 날엔... Posts: 1,525Friend of Soompi
    edited January 2012

    I got a new phone.
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