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Do guys get intimidated when a girl is "too pretty"?



  • zantac_2zantac_2 sydPosts: 3,392Member


    if by intimidation you mean doing stupid mini cooper thinking that it will impress them, then yes.

    i do get intimidated by towering girls over 6ft though.
  • dancingbymyselfdancingbymyself Delly-where?Posts: 3,099Member


    Rather then getting intimidated by how hot the girl is, I get intimidated by the guys around her.
    It's like "she has that many goodlooking/good body/well dressed guys around her, why would she want me"
    honestly... you're not half as special as you think you are.
  • lienleelienlee Posts: 1,217Member


    I just assume they're already taken sweatingbullets.gif

  • OfficiallyKOfficiallyK Katt CA, USAPosts: 1,072Member
    edited November 2010
    Its your feelings towards that individual that determines whether or not you feel intimidated.
    * * *

    Nothing is more dangerous than a man with charm
  • _ATELIER_ATELIER ♥ ♥ ♥ ATELIERPosts: 3,963Member


    the guys i'm most comfortable talking with are either average or decent to standards,
    but none are mega good looking 'cus i can't talk straight with good looking guys...

    yes, i get easily intimidated ..
  • ~Cosmicolor~~Cosmicolor~ TorontoPosts: 50Member
    No...only get intimated when the girl is super hot lol :P
    Pretty girls tend to be more gentle and caring
  • my_monkeymy_monkey Posts: 429Member


    i thinks its like a filtering device. Looks filters who comes in and out thus the intimidating feature.
  • tofuxxtofuxx brooklynPosts: 1,408Member
    dancingbymyself wrote on 04 November 2010 - 08:14 AM:

    Rather then getting intimidated by how hot the girl is, I get intimidated by the guys around her.
    It's like "she has that many goodlooking/good body/well dressed guys around her, why would she want me"

    i agree but from a girl's pov.. im not too shy to start a convo with a guy (i used to be shy around people) but when i look around a room full of pretty girls.. then why would a guy notice me. i also notice way more good looking girls than guys.. probably because its easier for girls to doll up.
  • serene_dipityserene_dipity LostPosts: 101Member


    I am not intimidated when they're alone, but when they have a large crowd of friends, it's a bit overwhelming. The guy has to be breathtaking though, there are many good looking guys. I don't find that too intimidating. But if he looks like Oh Wonbin, all hell will break loose. I will trip over my own shoelaces and choke on air.
  • AlixanaAlixana Lannister 9th circle of HellPosts: 1,130Member


    Pretty shiny people hurt my eyes and make me uncomfortable.
    I prefer normal people like me.
    “Fear is a habit; I am not afraid.”
    ― Aung San Suu Kyi
    credits: avatar - itsplashes@lj
  • mz simmonzmz simmonz NYCPosts: 4,103Member


    edited November 2010
    similar to peppermintsugar, I'm not that intimidated by looks (although sometimes a reallyyyy hot guy could make me a bit nervous) but I would be by his social status or by his immediate surroundings. ie: if I knew he came from an insanely wealthy, prestigious background, or if he was some sort of celebrity in his own right, or if he was surrounded by a flock of girls waiting to flirt w/ him already..well that would intimidate me.

    I agree w/ the OP on stating that most girls flirt w/ guys they are not necessarily that interested in =p
    Interestingly enough, I actually find it easier to flirt with really good looking guys, partially because they are so good looking, they hardly seem real? haha does that make sense? Like, I wouldn't care if they weren't interested in me or not because they have so many other girls who are pining for their affections, I would not take it too personally if he didn't like me back, so I feel like I have nothing to lose. The guys I get most nervous around are the guys are decent looking because they are more real/tangible?
  • Rainie YuRainie Yu Posts: 1,041Member


    DREAMiiNG wrote on 02 November 2010 - 04:40 AM:

    I tend to feel slightly intimidated when a guy is attractive because I feel...inferior? I have esteem issues, so I don't feel as though I'm up to par with them. I also generalize that their standards are going to be exceptionally high based on how they appear. Yeah I know it's pretty bad.

    Same with me.

    Also i feel like they'd choose one of those 'popular','pretty','slutty' girls over me any second.
  • ilovesundayilovesunday !!! Posts: 689Member
    Of course there is a distance...
    I know what you are doing right now. Yes, just as I expected you are reading what I have written here.
  • SaLinaSaLina Posts: 459Member
    hmmss....let say i'm kinna 'shy' (i guess) talking to guys in general, i find that i have an easier time talking to girls....let say a guy sits on my left and a girl sits on my right, i would most likely ask help from the girl xp...but when i do speak to a guy, no matter if he's really attractive or not, it wouldn't change the way i speak to them.

    however, like someone mention, status may influence my interaction with the guy (or person in general)...xp
  • LuminaryBloomLuminaryBloom Posts: 21Member
    edited November 2010
    Comment removed
  • celine.foreverceline.forever Posts: 13Member
    sometimes that happens to me too, for example, im not trying to be arrogant or anything but at dances, alot of the not so pretty girls get asked to dance alot, but the prettier ones are sort of not asked out as much. I didn't think much of it until I read this saying
    "girls are like apples and the boy is the picker, they only go for the alright ones at the bottom because they can't be bothered to reach out to the good, ripe apples on the top"
  • writerstalewriterstale WAPosts: 4,831Member


    edited November 2010
    dangerbaby wrote on 02 November 2010 - 01:51 AM:

    I noticed that guys can be really friendly/open towards mediocre looking girls,
    but then towards girls that I think are prettier they're more off standish?

    Why is that?

    I know girls are "really good at flirting" with guys they totally aren't interested in.

    I used to be intimidated. But I've talked to women who are average looking and really pretty when it comes to physical looks. I think it all comes down to self-confidence, and timing.

    Rainie Yu and rache114: I'd prefer to meet the type of women you are compared to materialistic, and air head type women. I'd love to meet a woman I can have a good convo with instead of stopping every 20 seconds to explain what a word means. Or to be told I'm too smart when I'm using basic words such as lethargic, or vice. Lmao.
    Avy by mangosteen
  • rache114rache114 USPosts: 240Member
    Rainie Yu wrote on 06 November 2010 - 05:46 PM:

    Same with me.

    Also i feel like they'd choose one of those 'popular','pretty','slutty' girls over me any second.

    Agree. In other words, they'd be more interested in materialistic, air heads, who would do anything to get attention.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength...loving someone deeply gives you courage...

  • lala-123lala-123 Posts: 227Member
    edited November 2010
    I was thinking about this earlier actually and I'll admit it's a little frustrating when I see so many guys get too shy or nervous. They just get all quiet or just watch from far away. And when I catch them looking or try and make eye contact, they avert their eyes <_<
    I only recently started approaching guys and I'll tell all you girls now, guys really appreciate it ^_^
  • LieLie I'm #1 Posts: 3,282Moderator


    edited November 2010
    dangerbaby wrote on 02 November 2010 - 01:51 AM:

    Do guys get intimidated when a girl is "too pretty"

    Doesn't make much difference to me really. We all have weaknesses of one sort or another, some are immediately visible others aren't, but they exist nevertheless. When I see someone who looks physically "perfect," it makes me fixate on finding their weaknesses, and I usually do.

    I would probably be the villain in any comic haha. I don't like the idea of a Superman/woman, I need to know that everyone is flawed.
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