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Trouble with ASOS US order...

winterlainwinterlain east coastPosts: 225Member
It's taking so damn long, even though they are in the US now.
I ordered a couple of dresses from ASOS's new US website. I placed my order on Oct. 9th and still haven't received anything, even though the delivery date was Oct. 20th. I emailed them and they said to wait until Nov. 1st and then contact them again. I don't understand why I have to wait that long... Is that normal? They also didn't give me a tracking number because the package is "delivered by your domestic postal service"... What does that have to do with anything? How can they not give me a tracking #? How am I supposed to know where my package is?

Has ASOS always been like this? Have any of you experienced the same delay with the new US site?
I always thought their clothes were really pretty. This is my first time ordering from them, but after this, I'm not sure I want to order again. Good thing I don't need those clothes for an event or something.

So, frustrating! I hope they didn't lose my package... I paid a lot of money for those clothes!
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  • alligatortearsalligatortears <3 Posts: 2,206Member
    edited October 2010
    a lot of people are having the same problem as you,
    including myself.
    it's been about 3 weeks since my order "dispatched."
    i tried emailing them about it,
    but they just sent me an automated response,
    like they did to other people.
    i plan on calling my bank about either tonight or tomorrow,
    depending on whether or not they want to actually answer my reply email.
    i've ordered a few times from asos before,
    and they've been great.
    i got my package within two weeks..
    well needless to say,
    i will not be ordering from them again.
  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,435Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2010
    many complains on their facebook page.
    This has been happening since they open the US Asos and offer free shipping. I wonder why.
    Yah, good thing my order is only worth $9.

    I ordered many times in the past, my order always arrived within 2 weeks.
    Only 1 time my order took a month to arrive, but that's because they were having natural disaster (A mountain erupted).

  • -heartbeeps-heartbeeps Posts: 52Member
    I ordered at the beginning of October also. I'm not that worried though. It's a trusted website, & I'm in no hurry to wear the items that are coming sooooo I'll wait.
  • lisa_bb123lisa_bb123 Posts: 13Member
    same here. my order was shipped on 12th and i still haven't got it. i left a message on their facebook page and they asked me to wait until nov 1 and contact them again. the only way u can get a response from them is through their facebook page.

    it was my first time shopping there;I'm so glad i only spent $14 on the fall sale. If you don't get a satisfying response from them, I'd suggest u file a claim with ur credit card company or paypal. I'm planning to file a claim if i don't get a satisfying answer on nov 1. I don't want them to delay response so far back that i can't file the claim with paypal--within 45 days.

    asos really disappointed me. the mass delay shudn't have happened if they were willing to spend a little bit more on mailing the packages with tracking numbers. now that it did, asos hasn't been handling it well. simple apology isn't enough. many companies would have given their customers some compensation for the stress and inconvenience. anyways, i highly doubt asos is going to compensate their customers for the trouble, the most they'd do is refund your money.
  • azzerazzer VancouverPosts: 958Member


    A lot of people have been having the same problem. If you contact them, they are replacing orders BUT if the item is sold out now, they are refunding for those items and you won't get them.
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  • winterlainwinterlain east coastPosts: 225Member
    So...they are telling everyone to wait until Nov. 1st and then what? They will get a huge surge of people contacting them asking about their packages and they will get overwhelmed and ask for more time... They should have anticipated all of this. And seriously, mailing without a tracking # is so irresponsible.

    I'm sorry that all of you are dealing with this too~! Hopefully it will all turn out okay.
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  • cinnemoncinnemon Posts: 155Member


    edited October 2010
    I ordered twice, in early October. One order was lost (and I have to wait up to 10 working days for a partial refund since 3/4 things are sold out :mellow:) and the other is apparently still coming...

    It makes me wonder how they can know our packages are lost when there's no tracking number. Maybe they were never sent out to begin with. Their explanations are kind of vague and unconvincing, but whatever. Once I get my refund and second order I'll be finished with them; the bargain is just not worth the trouble.

    (How they can know an order is "lost" when all freely shipped orders are also "untrackable" is beyond me)
  • missM.missM. Posts: 1,330Member
    My order was on the 2nd and they told me to wait till the 25th!
    Guess what my order still hasn't come and I contacted them like
    3 times already with no reply so far >:[
  • plumeriasplumerias myao .. ( ???)??? PhiladelphiaPosts: 1,526Friend of Soompi


    For everyone wondering: Go on their FB help page and give them your order #. They're pretty quick at checking what's up and refunding you if it's lost.

    Mine got "lost" apparently, and they're sending a new package but some of my items were out of stock since they were on sale, but I was refunded partially. So annoying >_>" Apparently this happened with a lot of late september/early october orders.
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  • muhreeahhmuhreeahh Portland, OregonPosts: 160Member
    Will someone be kind enough to post the link to the Facebook page? I tried looking but can't actually find it. Thanks in advance!
  • cinnemoncinnemon Posts: 155Member


    edited October 2010 :)
  • muhreeahhmuhreeahh Portland, OregonPosts: 160Member
    cinnemon wrote on 26 October 2010 - 08:00 PM: :)

    Thank you so much! =)
  • winterlainwinterlain east coastPosts: 225Member
    thanks for the fb link~!

    I find it a little ironic that in order to rage upon their wall about your missing order, you have to "like" their page first. :P
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  • RissaliciousRissalicious California (:Posts: 789Member
    i really wanted to buy from their US site, but i think i'll hold it until these problems are solved. maybe it's because they recieved TONS of orders at once, and they just rushed to send everything up, and everything got screwed up? i'm sure this is only a temp type of problem, being they've only recently launched the new US site. i hope everything gets solve soon though.
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  • DelugeDeluge Posts: 212Member
    My first order (In late August/early October) arrived within two weeks. Unfortunately, other orders are taking unusually long to arrive. I've never had problems with them before. Frankly, I'm rather disappointed. ^^;
  • CHOMP!CHOMP! Posts: 1,064Friend of Soompi


    edited October 2010
    I've ordered from the ASOS UK site before with no problems. My package always arrived when it said it would and there was never a tracking number either.

    I ordered from ASOS US on October 8 and still no sign of my package. They also told me to wait til November 1 before contacting them again. I really hope my package arrives because I was looking forward to my items :/

    I don't understand how so many packages can be just "lost".
  • tirahbunnytirahbunny ? ??? ? ? ?&#44 Orange County, CAPosts: 1,591Member
    the first two times i ordered from them, the packages arrived on the time.
    the third time was during the volcano eruptions in europe and my package got delayed so i contacted them and they told me to wait another week so i did and my package came.
    the fourth time was recently, and my package was pretty late so i contacted them and they said they would check with their carrier, and they did and told me that the package got lost so they went ahead and sent me a new package. im expecting it in a couple days. all you really have to do if you dont receive your stuff is to contact them.
  • missM.missM. Posts: 1,330Member
    apparently my package got 'lost'

    they're replacing one of my items but refunded the others coz it was out of stock.
  • XHINAXHINA Posts: 26Member
    edited November 2010
    I order from the ASOS - US site last week. Like several days later, they emailed me apologizing for taking so long with my order (i didn't think it was long at all tbh), and that they were upgrading my shipping to express delivery. they even said that they'd refund the shipping costs (weird, cos the site says its free). about two days ago, i got another email with my tracking number for my order. so hopefully everything works out well and my stuff gets to me?!

    110210 // i just got my package! i would have gotten it the past saturday but there was no one home to sign for it.
  • JENNY*JENNY* originally unoriginal Posts: 5,059Member


    I ordered a dress from them and it was delivered in like, three/four days. I was really surprised at how fast it came since this was the first time. I guess I'm lucky cause it seems like a lot of people are experiencing delays...
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