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[Variety] X-Man X맨



  • __Christine__Christine ☆ AWESOME YO. 집.Posts: 1,051Friend of Soompi
    edited November 2006
    first time posting here ^^

    061112 New X Man (MQ) - Yunho + Yoochun + Junjun etc [334 MB]
  • dreamweaverdreamweaver CanadaPosts: 12,080Member


    edited November 2006
    added HQ to my CB. image can't wait to watch this!!

    available in my CB image

    [LQ & HQ] New X-man - Yunho, Micky, Junjin, Andy, Sung Si Kyung, MC Mong, etc. (2006-11-12) [131.4MB / 700.2MB]

  • swtchunsaswtchunsa Posts: 405Member
    edited November 2006
    Is today's new xman the very first one? Or did they have a episode 1 last sunday?
  • LkpopLkpop Posts: 96Member
    edited November 2006
    QUOTE(swtchunsa @ Nov 12 2006, 12:52 PM) »

    Is today's new xman the very first one? Or did they have a episode 1 last sunday?

    the first new x-man was last week. image

    image Does anyone know the song of kang eun bi? (sorry if the orthograph of her name is wrong) image
  • swtchunsaswtchunsa Posts: 405Member
    I'm sorry to such a pain, but does anyone know where the link for last week's new xman is? Thanks
  • sweetbabigrlsweetbabigrl Posts: 1,791Member
    edited November 2006
    thanks for the link camy i didnt see it there
    oh my god andy looks so hot dancing to my love
    and junjin looks hot break it down now =)
    oh my god yunho so cute with bubbles and he's so funny
    he had like 3 different dancing thingys proud of him he went from a 3 to a 5 aww
    i wanted to see micky and bsg dance =\
    the song Sung Shi Kyung was pretty good it was funny how all the girls circled him
    mc mong and haha was funny when they were playing dodgeball
    hahah mcmong looked funny when he was xman int he end

    wow the judges are tough

    i wonder who's on next week
  • htruchtruc Toronto, CanadaPosts: 2,257Member


    I'm sorry to such a pain, but does anyone know where the link for last week's new xman is? Thanks

    Page 867: http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=D2Z3THBS

    This week they took out the number game thingy... O.o

    Sigh... Less and less games, less and less action. The dodgeball game was kind of better this time. MC Mong and Haha! Lol.

  • Smelly TofuSmelly Tofu Posts: 835Member
    OMO you guys even subbed the various highlight special...hahha thank you soo much
  • StylishAzNx07StylishAzNx07 las vegasPosts: 2,566Banned


    haha thats cool how haha and mc mong are on together....the best of friends lol
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  • kitkatkitkat SOCALPosts: 1,227Member


    omg thanks iyagi for the HQ! can't wait!!! it seems like today's eppie is pretty good than 1st one. so that's relieved... gonna see jindy! <3
    Pink Lipstick's Ha Jae Bum
  • repeat_on_echorepeat_on_echo HogwartsPosts: 3,173Member


    can anybody tell me what the new xman's about?!?! thank you!!! =]
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  • kitkatkitkat SOCALPosts: 1,227Member


    edited November 2006
    can anyone tell me which clubbox link that can be downloaded faster with quick download? because the one i use is iyagi's and it's super slow. it's just stucked at 15% for a quite long.......

    HQ one. thanks!


    thanks shortboy! it's going to be faster now. just a hour and half left! yay can't wait! XDDD
    Pink Lipstick's Ha Jae Bum
  • xlilvietgrlxlilvietgrl Posts: 1,118Member


    wow...this week's episode sounds sooo good....i wanna see if imma
    *runs off to d/l it*
    laugh w/o understanding what they're saying....ahahaha

    thank you for the links!!!
  • babietinhyeubabietinhyeu Posts: 671Member
    what is this week question for finding the xman? Who has the most phone contact?
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  • kingkokingko Posts: 565Member
    O so the xman for the show is answered by a question. So wut was the question on findng the xman for last week.
  • formula17formula17 Ohno Satoshi&#39;s la la land &#9829;&#9829;Posts: 202Member


    Thanks Iyagi for HQ!!! image
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  • desertrose281desertrose281 of the long white cloud...Posts: 118Member


    edited November 2006
    QUOTE(itsybytes @ Nov 12 2006, 10:51 AM) »

    ok just so that i am not asking stupid questions again, the subs for the choosuk special, if its not in front means there isn't any..right?

    and there isn't any subs for the new xman yet right?

    i'm really sorry, i am new to the i am having a little bit of a problem navigating my way around!!

    yes and yes image if ur having trouble navigating, just stick to the first page, the new links for vids and subs are all there image

    oh, and thanks for the links to the new episode everyone! especially the MU link image

  • klutzyklutzy Posts: 248Member
    Guys - sorry for the very slow update in translations. My computer was down for weeks and has only just been fixed so I hope to have some translations for you guys this week.

    Thank you for your patience

    Again, any help with translations will be much appreciated. I'm working full time now so I have less time to work on them
  • heartdropsheartdrops yooruce willis. Posts: 7,052Friend of Soompi


    edited November 2006
    I love Yuri. She seems like such a fun girl to be with.
    Aaww Andy's performance was cute. I like the song xD

    The Brothers Four - Try to Remember (Sung Shi Kyung's performance)
    http://www.Richard Simmons/?d=KU8YCAGY
  • frenchllamafrenchllama Posts: 85Member
    edited November 2006
    Come on guys... let's stop kidding ourselves.

    This new format sucks now. Apart from the people who don't understand Korean and/or the young girls who want to watch their favorite boy star, the best part of the show was Dangyunhaji. When this show first started, it was just kinda ehh... until the 10th X-man in Jejudo when they introduced DYHJ. After that, this show gained a HUGE following and became pretty much the most watched variety show. Especially the earlier X-man (with Kim Jedong and Gong Hyung Jin), before Park Kyung Rim... those episodes, I think, were THE funniest episodes of any show I've ever watched. It was the combination of the Horse Game and DYHJ, with Kim Jedong's wit, Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Ji Hyun, that really made the show amazing, before they got rid of the Horse Game, and before the couple's selection got out of control.

    The show started to really drop when they got rid of the Horse Game, then in my opinion, introducing Park Gyung Rim as team leader, who was just bad and annoying. The show got a little better with Lee Hyuk Jae and Park Myung Soo's tantrums, but the games still really sucked. At this point, I was just watching due to sheer inertia; I'd been watching for 3 years, how could I not?

    But now this new format...??? No DYHJ, no horse game, no love-line... a poor excuse of a show to showcase more generic and uninteresting "dancing" by the same ol' boy stars who I'm getting so tired of. No wit, no time to really talk, no fun games (and for me especially, no Shin Jung Hwan), no fun at all.

    If you don't believe me, go back and watch the X-Man #10-30's. Those were pretty much the funniest, rip-roaring episodes of the show. I still remember waking up my roommates with my laughter. Queen of DYHJ Lee Ji Hyun, the always funny Shin Jung Hwan, witty Kim Jedong, Kim Jong Guk, Chae Yeon, Yoon Eun-Hye, Kim Jong Min, etc. For those of you who aren't prepubescent girls and are interested in watching a truly funny show without having to wade through the same old boy band members doing their same old "hip-hop dancing", I highly recommend the earlier episodes.

    At this point, I'm just saddened. I guess all things come to an end some time. At least I have all those earlier episodes on my comp. But as to this new X-Man, without anything to really make it worth watching, I must say adieu and just go on with Sang Sang Plus (which also got worse after No Hyun Jung left).
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