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Lots of small bumps on forehead?

Help! Need to get rid of them....
So over the summer I went running and once I started it I've developed these small bumps on my forehead. It's not acne and I always clipped my bangs back too; I guess the sweat drips down and the bacteria formed on my face? I really haven't been using my face cleanser everyday and I have stopped running now as well. Should I switch my face cleanser or continue to actually use it for a couple of weeks and see what happens? Oh, and sometimes I feel the urge to scratch my face because it itches because of the bumps. What to do to get rid of them!??


  • SpicePhoenixSpicePhoenix Posts: 5Member
    I got bumps on my cheeks. Its ever since I got in the sun since I just moved to California. I've been in the sun and is forming little bumps on my cheeks...
    Maybe its because of the sun.
  • xKanane_1xKanane_1 Posts: 302Member
    I've got bumps on my forehead too. I thought they were pimples at first, but they actually aren't.
    Sorry I'm no help, I'm actually curious too..
  • applecrumbleapplecrumble CanadaPosts: 119Member
    are they whiteheads? because i have those on my forehead and i'm using clinique's toner right now and it is helping a lot! but that's only because the bumps i have are due to the oil clogging up in my pores so that's why the toner helps dry it up... i'm not sure if you have the same problem as me
  • cherrylollipopcherrylollipop Duckyism Posts: 442Member
    @ applecrumble : I have that exact problem! how does toner help? which clinique toner are you using anyways? haha sry for asking stp questions...

    i have a lot of those bumps on my cheeks & those are called white
  • candyl2454candyl2454 So Nyuh Shi Dae is <3 USAPosts: 341Member
    OMG i used to have them alot..all over my was disgusting..but now they are gone =]
    All i did was changed my face wipes and i changed my skin care routine as well
    but i also think it was due to my stress

    try drinking alooottt of water and change your skin care products..maybe that will help =]
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  • pbjsandwichpbjsandwich Posts: 204Member


    Maybe you need to exfoliate? I've heard that dead skin gets trapped in your pores and form those bumps. If you have sensitive skin like me, which can't handle harsh exfoliators, I would recommend washing with a washcloth :)
  • SiMPLYNGOCx3SiMPLYNGOCx3 Posts: 14Member
    i have that problem too. my friend said it might be heat bumps? idk. but i have been using the clearasil ance treatment cream for a week now,just on my forehead and the bumps have cleared up. so maybe you can try that too. its like $4 at the drugstore.
  • DelsterDelster Soon to be Crazy Cat Lady. Vancouver BCPosts: 2,675Member


    They're clogged pores probably from the oil from your hair or your skin type and for the person above changing skin type (more oil production in the nose/cheek area) from changing climate. I'd suggest:

    • keeping hair away from forehead for a while
    • exfoliate - physical exfoliant like a sugar srub (but gently) and a BHA (benozyl peroxide, salycylic acid) that'll help to clear the pores and make it easier to extract.
    • skincare if it's oily skin: toner will help to bring the impurities to the surface and use an oil control moisturizer
    • get a facial so they properly do extractions
  • melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,066Administrator


    look up "milia" or "milk spots" and see if that's what you have.  i got a ton of them on my forehead a few months ago.  i tried exfoliating, i tried a salicylic acid face wash, but what REALLY made them disappear was my prescription retinoid cream.  like, the bumps literally went away in just a few days.  there are non-prescription retinoids that you can buy at the drugstore, and they might work too -- just look for any lotion that contains retinol.  otherwise, i agree with delster, you should try products that contain BHA or salicylic acid.  BHA, salicylic acid, and retinol are all supposed to slough off the top layer of skin, so any of these might work to open up the bumps and release the stuff trapped within.  otherwise, the fail-safe solution is a trip to the dermatologist -- s/he can take care of the milia with some sharp implements.  but if i were you, i would try the creams first.

  • thepastrythepastry Posts: 17Member
    I have this problem during Summer too and I always get milia around my eyes. I tried changing my routine and using face wash/make up with BHA in it, but the thing that's helped most is this 1% BHA gel that I got from Paula's Choice.
    I don't use anything else from that brand but their gel has reduced/eliminated like... all the bumpy parts of my skin and the blackheads on my nose.
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  • evelynxuevelynxu Posts: 6Member


    edited May 2014
    I had this problem as well, and whenever I tried to put on foundation or BB Cream the bumps were very visible and it couldn't be covered by concealer. These are probably clogged pores, if you steam your face and try to extract them, a oil plug should come out... then use something soothing like aloe vera gel or tea tree oil to reduce inflammation. 
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  • ImboredthatsnotfunImboredthatsnotfun Posts: 1,611Member


    Argh I have a problem with this too, on my forehead. Regular exfoliation seems to calm it down.

    I'm not sure if it's because of the sun. I live in a cold country and I have them.
  • gauri92gauri92 Posts: 689Member
    hmm...well, bumps on the forehead could also be because of a problematic in, u could have the starting of dandruff or something...thts wht the dermatologist told me...
    so yeah, anti dandruff shampoo in that case (and try getting a medical one after consulting ur doctor) and a daily or oil control toner, whatever your skin type needs....
  • pumpkinbunpumpkinbun Posts: 155Member
    edited March 2011
    Those small bumps are probably from heat rash! It's caused by excessive sweating which usually happens in the summer, so yes in essence is is caused by the sun's heat. I had the same thing before on my forehead last summer, and a while back when I went on vacation in Florida. They look like pimples at first, but they aren't. Using toner and acne scrubs/exfoliants do not work, and it only further inflames the rash and it will burn like crazy. I washed my face with a mild soap before bed and apply one of those medicated powders. Regular hypoallergenic powders should work just as well. You just want to keep the area DRY. This will help to slowly get rid of it. Hope this helps.

    Also make sure not to sue heavy creams and lotions on your face until the rash disappears. Heat rash is very common, but in any case you can always check with your doctor.

    Heat Rash

    A heat rash occurs when sweat ducts become clogged and the sweat can't get to the surface of the skin. Instead, it becomes trapped beneath the skin's surface causing mild inflammation or rash.

    Heat rash is also called prickly heat or miliaria.
  • HeartedHearted *Insert witty phrase* Posts: 1,007Member


    i'm wondering why there isn't exact pictures of this posted.. it'd be convenient and nice.
  • MichelleMichelle CanadaPosts: 84Member


    Has anyone found a solution to these yet? I read from a blog that the Arcona Clarity Pads are supposed to help but I live in Canada and can't find a site that ships them here without being overly expensive. :( Any other solutions?
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