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Beginner guitar song to play for my boyfriend?

aznch4mpaznch4mp Posts: 413Member
edited September 2010 in love & relationships
My 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up, and I'd really like to learn a song to play for him on my guitar. I know he'd love that so much.. I'd appreciate any suggestions you guys could give me!

I really have no idea how to play, so easy beginner-friendly songs would definitely be best.

Some songs that I was thinking of:

-Corrine Bailey Rae-Just Like A Star
-Switchfoot-Learning to Breathe
-Death Cab For Cutie-Title and Registration

And some artists that he really likes
(I'm not very familiar with any of them so I don't really know which ones would be good to learn):
-John Mayer
-Jack Johnson
-Matchbox 20

Thank you!


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