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321 thai singers (kamikaze)

tulip1tulip1 Posts: 17Member
I found this group 321 pretty good from kamikaze so just wanna share

tj- poppy-gavin

this song pretty nice
321- my boo


  • hungrycollegeboyhungrycollegeboy Orange CountyPosts: 2,089Member


    ^ I liked that mv, lmao with all the movie spoofs and everything. Thanks for sharing, I'll keep an eye out for this group.
  • monkeyheromonkeyhero Posts: 209Member
    They have another song as well check out the video and actually this one came before my boo

    321 Shake It

  • oohdioohdi Posts: 1,065Member
    i like the song 'my boo' better than the other one :sweatingbullets:
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  • CandyGirl89CandyGirl89 baltimore marylandPosts: 143Member


    the song seems nice. i do not really listen to thai pop but maybe i should do so more. :)
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