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I made my nose smaller! (without surgery)

ShadajiahShadajiah Posts: 11Member
edited August 2010 in beauty & fashion
Okay, I'm kind of nervous because this is my first thread and I'm not sure if there may be one like it so.. bare with me.

Well the way I made my nose smaller was really simple. There is a product called NoseRight that squeezes your nose into a different shape, which is totally possible because the nose is made out of cartilage and is moldable.  
I didn't use that product. i simply squeezed the sides of my nose together for a count of thirty and let go. There was a significant change in the size. Do this a few times a day and I'm sure the results will be at least semi-permanent if not better.

NOTE: I did not buy and use this product. I used my fingers which did exactly what the product did (in a shorter amount of time)


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