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DIANA - Japanese Shoe Brand

alasamalasam NYC Baby!Posts: 741Member


edited July 2010 in beauty & fashion
anyone else familiar?
I am in love with the Diana brand shoes often advertised in different Japanese magazines (like ViVi), but their shop doesn't ship internationally. I haven't found any other online sellers that sell this brand and ship internationally, but I still love to drool over their stuff anyway. Is anyone else familiar with this brand?







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  • ichigo_cremeichigo_creme Posts: 3Member
    I bought a pair of kitten heels from their outlet store in Sanno in Japan. I can't remember how much I paid but it was a decent price. I've had them for about a year and a half. Their quality is good although the heels have worn down quite a bit so I want tobuy a new pair :wacko: I'm in the same boat trying to find someplace that ships to the States!
  • iPhetsiPhets Perth, AustraliaPosts: 4,235Member
    i can only see one picture and it looks so cute ><"
    i would buy it but if since you said it doesn't ship internationally...:(
  • sparkerlysparkerly Apple&Cinnamon; bay area, caPosts: 1,459Member
    ahh, same here.
    I can only see one picture...
    could you repost the pictures please?

    I have a friend in Japan coming and I need to know what shoes to buy..
    b a y a r e a
    I am selling an authentic chanel, juicycouture, and coach bag . message me if interested

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