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How to achieve ash blonde hair?

-TiaraDoll--TiaraDoll- Posts: 155Member
edited June 2010 in beauty & fashion
I have always dye my hair dark brown and wanted something new for a change. I was thinking of going for ash blonde hair, but the problem is how do I achieve it. My natural hair color is black and my hair is not thin or thick (if it matters xD). My budget is a bit tight and planning to do this at home. Does anyone know what brand and color to suggest? I tried looking for palty hair dye, but sadly they don't have ash blonde and am a fan of asian hair dye for its nice results.
sorry if my grammar is off

Here is a sample picture of the ash blonde:
[IMG]http://i49.Richard Simmons/2h4xc0z.jpg[/IMG]
Who ever he is, he totally pullled off the hair color hehehe :wub:


  • *.yl=]*.yl=] UKPosts: 687Member


    jaejoong <3 hehe

    the only way i can think of is using bleach
  • angels.disguiseangels.disguise Posts: 1,846Member
    you have to bleach it. i don't think there is any other way.
    i don't recommend you bleaching it yourself because many things can go wrong.
  • JannieJannie California, Orange CountyPosts: 48Member
    obviously, you'd have to bleach it
    or have very light hair to begin with
    then you dye it over with ash blonde. be warned though, it may look nice on jaejoong (probably because he's rich and pays top hair stylist to do his hair without much damages)
    & For regular salons out there, there's no guarantee.
  • MyNameIs_LukaMyNameIs_Luka igbygrl Vegas BabyPosts: 2,048Member


    ^Agreed also you have to put into account your skin tone and if you can pull off such a drastic hairstyle...I've seen too many Asians with bad blonde dye jobs which completely washes out their complexions or just makes their skin look ashy and gray cast.

    And the picture you have of is Kim JaeJoong a popular Kpop singer in Korea...He can pull off that hair color so well because he has such a milky and creamy complexion to his skin tone.
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  • XxSwt Lilo LuverxXXxSwt Lilo LuverxX Brisbane, AustraliaPosts: 1,742Member


    bleach your hair - it'll turn bright orange.
    wait a couple of days, bleach it again. if need be, bleach it a third time.
    by now it should be a whitey blonde, then buy an ash toner - you'll have to keep check on it, since you want it like Jaejoongs you'll probably only leave it in for a couple of mins because its still got that blonde undertone to it.

    in between do some deep hair conditioning
    but be prepared for some major hair damage. most salons won't do it because it kills your hair ..

    & also its only a hair colour, if you like it then do it =)
  • suzana1993suzana1993 Posts: 208Member


    the only thing i can think of would be bleaching it till you reach your desired shade and then use a toner :D

  • acsradacsrad Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 672Member
    You can't get it overnight and will need to take many trips to your hairdresser! It's a gradual process of bleaching and burning of the scalp but it's worth it in the end :)
  • yujunyujun Posts: 596Member


    edited July 2010
    just bleach it twice and use a toner or any light ash dye (like beauteen sweet milk tea, any dye that has a green base to get rid of the red, or revlon colorsilk light ash blonde or something similar). you can do it yourself :)

    i don't know why many people say bleaching hair yourself will turn out disasterous, i have been bleaching my hair all this while myself and no one could tell i did it myself, they thought i went to a hairdresser. gatsby ex hi bleach or beauteen platinum blonde bleach are good DIY bleaches.

    just remember to give your hair at least a few days of rest in between bleachings, and you must condition it like crazy those few days.
  • KristtinaKristtina Posts: 2,034Member
    1st bleach your hair in order to loose the hair color
    2nd dye your hair again with the ash color on top

    the bad thing is that sooner or later the color will fade away and u have to color it again :tears:

    i did this method to achieve light brown but after 1-2 months my hair became more orange than brown :crazy: and i had to dye them again.+ it really damages your hair after dying them so many times but the result is worth it
  • kinellakinella your fav smelly buddy Posts: 440Member
    You need to bleach your hair but please don't do it yourself at home because it could be very dangerous
    have you ever seen a head burnt because of bleach?
  • ImboredthatsnotfunImboredthatsnotfun Posts: 1,611Member


    Lots and lots of bleach to take out the black. Then you can apply the ashy blonde-grey.
  • anchovypwnsallanchovypwnsall Posts: 63Member
    edited July 2010
    OKAY. so i want that ash blonde look .
    but most of the stuff i see are about going from virgin black to .. that ..

    i used sun in to get this color and im wondering what to do to get to that ash blonde .
    just use a dye? use a toner? bleach it?
    and if i do have to bleach .. can i just use like 5 million apps of sun in to get that bleach stripping hair color effect?

    please help. .__." (IM ON THE LEFT!)
    IMG]http://i30.Richard Simmons/sg68vk.jpg[/IMG]
  • Ringo.Ringo. mew :3 Marseilles :3Posts: 402Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2010
    use palty sparkling blonde
    then loreal preference in the shade of ash blonde that you want
    that should tone your hair and make it ash blonde

    that's what i did to achieve the colour in my hair before.
    i had really pretty ash blonde hair. :3
    good luck.
  • AiKairiAiKairi Posts: 17Member
    edited July 2010
    That guy is PALE, so he can definitely pull it off. Skin color is the biggest factor when dying your hair such a drastic color.

    Oh and if you do bleach you hair, go to a professional. I've been through the whole phase from blonde to platinum hair. And trust me, you'll save yourself the trouble just going to a salon. Although, I'm going to warn you, touch ups are going to be a PAIN.
  • flyxme.flyxme. ???????? Posts: 6,750Member


    bleach you hair, its gonna turn bright as.s orange
    but you need to do it until its blonde
    then you dye it with your desired 'ashy blonde' should get it done professionally
    jaejoong pulls it off really well cause he pays $$$ to maintain it lol
    think about whether you can pull it off first..

  • chuckles_chuckles_ Posts: 48Member
    edited July 2010
    Good luck with this my dear!!

    I did my hair at the salon by doing a full head of foils twice with toner (waiting a month in between)
    then another full head of bleach but using less volume.
    Then about 2 weeks later i used a light ash blonde dye myself.

    I studied hairdressing for a while but still cannot trust myself to bleach or get anyone at home to bleach my hair in fear of uneven-ness.

    But my recommendation for home bleaching is:

    1. bleach your hair mixing it with a 30-40 vol peroxide for about 20-40 minutes and make sure you use alot of bleach because it will dry on your hair (no longer than 40 minutes) (your hair will turn out a fire orange and oh so grosse, but do please wait at least 2 weeks before you do it again because your hair is going to go stringy and snap\fall off and will thin very much)
    2. bleach your hair again mixing it with a 30 volume peroxide again for about 20-40 minutes. until your hair turns to a golden colour (again please no more than 40 minutes)
    3. (if needed then you may need to bleach it again if its not golden like leeteuk <3 http://4.bp.blogspot...leeteuk+(3).jpg (heres a pic for eg)
    4. buy a very light ash blonde hair dye the professional tube ones (something with green\grey tones) and purchase a 3% activator peroxide to mix it with. leave it in your hair for at least 30 minutes (but you can leave it as long as you want until you get your desired colour) 

    i think if you want a hair colour like jaejoong then yeah you will need to bleach it at least 3 times but if you dont mind abit darker then i suggest and do highly recommend only bleaching it twice.

    Please please please!! make sure in between that you use a really good shampoo and condition and PLEASEEEEEEEEEE invest in a hair treatment and use it every 2nd day (if you wash your hair everyday or every 4th day if you wash your hair every 2nd day) whilst in the bleaching process and also the first 2 weeks after you dye your hair. 
    -After the two weeks then at least treat your hair once a week,
    -Get your roots done (which will be a pain in the beind!) once a month
    -Use blonde shampoo and conditioner every 2nd time your wash your hair

    sorry for ranting!! but also, unfortunately sun-in wont give you that desired bleach look. I tried sun-in about 10 years ago about 100 times (not literally) but didnt get as light as a dark brown.

    p.s do watch your scalp and try to avoid doing it at the roots. only bleach the roots area (about 1cm from your scalp) once and start at the ends first because your roots contain the most heat and will lighten quicker then the rest of your hair. Try doing the roots only once because you might end up burning your scalp and it will burn and itch like crazy.


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  • kikkiekikkie Girl. L.A., CaliforniaPosts: 1,808Member


    AiKairi wrote on 21 July 2010 - 11:27 PM:

    That guy is PALE, so he can definitely pull it off. Skin color is the biggest factor when dying your hair such a drastic color.

    Oh and if you do bleach you hair, go to a professional. I've been through the whole phase from blonde to platinum hair. And trust me, you'll save yourself the trouble just going to a salon. Although, I'm going to warn you, touch ups are going to be a PAIN.

    I have my hair at a dark brown auburnish (because it's brassy D<) color and I feel like retouching is a pinkberry/taking over my life already. I feel like I have to retouch every three weeks because I see roots and it annoys me to hell and back. Imagine the contrast between blond and black @___@

    Go to a professional. Or find a professional friend and buy your own developer and toner. Don't do it yourself the very first time, especially if you have no experience. Blond is a hard color to maintain. You can't just dye it blond once and forget about it until it's time to retouch roots. If you have ANY warm tint in your natural hair color, your blond (or any other color you dye it) will turn brassy. You will need to tone it (with a color correcter, not the one you used for initial dying, one that's less harsh and one you can mix with your shampoo ideally) often. If you do get the ones that you can mix with shampoo/conditioner, you will need to leave it on for a few minutes for it to work. And you will need to repeat often. Then deep condition. Over and over again. D:

    It is a pinkberry.
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  • Atmosphere.Atmosphere. RELAX. SEATTLEPosts: 12,656Member
    Whoa it's called ash blonde? Anyone has other pictures of Korean celebrities having that hair color??
    Me too dude, I want to get new hair color change, was thinking of something similar like that!
  • kiiemlkiieml Posts: 64Member
    edited July 2010
    please go to a salon so they will use peroxide to bleach your hair and a purple toner to offset the orange/yellow that comes along with bleaching asian hair.

    if you do this yourself with some type of drugstore (includes palty) hair dye you'll get the nastyy orange brass hair that all asians attempting "blond" tend to get..


    the hair color all "fobs"/fob wannabes have.
    i have yet to meet an asian with nice real blond hair that didn't go to the salon or used salon products at home.
    although some have dyed their hair with the same drugstore blond dye like 5 times and get a yellow blond? never the ashyy color though..

    what happens if you bleach and don't use a toner.. it will turn really yellow.
  • misscupcakemisscupcake Posts: 43Member
    after you get it dyed (professionally preferably) don't forget to use violet shampoo! Aztec has one called white violet or clairol shimmering lights from sally's.
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