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How to transfer pictures from cell phone using a USB cord?

amyoiiamyoii BrooklynPosts: 1,311Member
edited June 2010 in general discussion
I have a Sanyo Katana LX. I can't access the internet & my phone's features are very limited. I use it mainly to make phone calls & take pictures. But unfortunately I can't send the pictures & access the web so the only way I can transfer pictures from my phone to my computer is using a USB cable. Does anyone know how can I do this? When I connect the USB cable from my phone to my computer, nothing happen. I went to "My Computer" and it wasn't there under the "Devices with Removable Storage" :( I really need to get some pictures off my phone!! I'm a computer illerate so please bear with me... Any help would be greatly appreciate ^^ Thank you in advance ♥

Some info about my phone if it helps. But believe me, half of it is LIES! >:b

Sanyo Katana LX Features and Specifications

Talk time : 4.8 hrs
Stand by time: 7 days
Weight: 96g
Size: 9.4x4.8x.18 cm
Internal display : 128x160pixels, 2 inches, 65K colors TFT
External display : 96 x 64 pixels, 1'' hidden OLED LCD display
Gentle design


Download ringtones, sceensavers, games and applications
Text message
Tools including calculator, voice record, alarm clock, calendar
Internal antenna
2-way speakerphone
Picture messaging
VGA camera
Languages - English and Spanish


Network: CDMA (800/1900MHz)
3.70 x 1.90 x 0.70 inches (94 x 48.2 x 17.7 mm)
3.40 oz (96 g)
Type: Li-lon, 840mAh
Talk time: 4.8 hrs
Main display:
Resolution: 128 x 160 pixels
Type: 65 536 colors, TFT
2 inches
Additional display:
Resolution: 96 x 64 pixels
Type: Greyscale, OLED
Camera: 0.3 megapixels VGA
Built-in memory : 7MB
Internet: Wap 2.0

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  • autumnleavesxautumnleavesx Posts: 127Member
    Is there an option that lets you use it as a "mass storage device," or something like that? It's been a while since I had a non-smartphone lol, so I'm not sure exactly, but I remember that used to be what popped up on my old phone or you'd have to manually look for the option on your phone. If that works, your picture folder should be named "DCIM."
  • amyoiiamyoii BrooklynPosts: 1,311Member
    hmmm it still does not work.
    I goes to "Device Manager" -> "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" -> "USB Mass Storage Device" (it has a "!" exlamation sign next to it) and this is what I got.
    [IMG]http://i47.Richard Simmons/2rohunn.png[/IMG]


    Thanks for your help though ^^

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  • IonNukeIonNuke USA / TaiwanPosts: 980Friend of Soompi
    Try a different USB port. Sometimes the IRQ flags will get confused. Happens to me a lot or you can get an application that will release the IRQs unfortunately I don't remember the name of the application lol but it's something alone the lines of usb gate or something like that.
  • bigD103bigD103 United StatesPosts: 123Member
    try and set up the camera to store pics on the memory card instead of internal memory. or just goodle sanyo phone drivers or something so you can use a program to pull files off of the phone
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