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Prom Etiquette: Wear the same dress to two different proms?

carrilinacarrilina In a FairytalePosts: 78Member
So, for my school prom, I'm wearing this dress:

but .. i'm debating about whether to wear this dress to a prom at a different school the following night:

... or whether the second dress is too blah and to just stick with the dress i wore the first night.
any suggestions?

* In retrospect, this seems really frivolous, but regardless, I'd appreciate any opinions/suggestions/recommendations on what I should do...

Thanks ahead of time for all your comments--
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  • little mixed girllittle mixed girl little miss trouble west jaPanPosts: 4,604Member, Friend of Soompi
    if you already own both dresses, i don't see anything wrong with wearing both of them.
    however if you just have 1 and are debating on whether or not to buy a second, i'd just wear the one 2xs.

    basically if you have both, go for it.
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  • tokureitokurei Posts: 258Member


    personally, i'd go with wearing the first dress to both proms.
    mainly because i don't like the second dress as much.

    however, if i had two dresses which i thought both looked lovely,
    then i'd wear different dresses to both proms.
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  • <3 Kim<3 Kim ~~~ AustraliaPosts: 7,678Friend of Soompi


    Back when I was in highschool I went to 2 proms and I wore the same dress for both so there's nothing wrong with it
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  • BatgirlBatgirl The Oracle San Jose, CAPosts: 2,634Friend of Soompi
    edited June 2010
    QUOTE (<3 Kim @ Jun 5 2010, 11:36 PM) »
    Back when I was in highschool I went to 2 proms and I wore the same dress for both so there's nothing wrong with it

    Same here. I actually went to 3 senior balls. 3 different guys. 2 different schools (one year my school with a senior when i was a junior, then at a different school with another senior when i was a junior. Then next year to my own school for my own senior ball with my boyfriend) Lol.
    Same dress for the 2 i went to when i was a junior, nicer dress for my own senior ball.

    Lol think about it. If you're going to a different school's prom, how many kids there, are kids from your own school's prom.
    Honestly. No one will care. I've seen a girl recycle a dress for her prom and winter ball. And then even lent it to someone. 5 years from now, you won't really care. LOL.
  • lovelove Posts: 2,283Friend of Soompi


    Your first dress is gorgeous. I would wear it to the other prom since the second one is a little plain.
  • KoutarouKoutarou Posts: 432Member
    edited June 2010
    I would wear different dresses. If you're going with dates to the two separate proms, I don't think it'd be fair for them to have you in the same dress, you know what I mean? Like, for pictures, if you're wearing the same dress, it might seem like you didn't care enough to make the night special. And even if you're not going with dates, it'll seem like you didn't even bother to prepare for the proms. I know that the quality of the two dresses makes a difference, too, but showing up in the same dress two times... haha.....

    I'm not sure if my point of view makes sense haha. ^^"
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  • ai.s2ai.s2 Posts: 219Member
    just depends how much you care for the other prom,
    if its not that important just stick to wearing your first dress x2,
    if you care enough to buy another dress go for it :]
  • carrilinacarrilina In a FairytalePosts: 78Member
    edited June 2010
    everyone, thanks so much for replying back.
    koutarou, I was actually thinking the same EXACT thing... and i think that's why I had so many qualms about wearing the same dress. in retrospect it's not a big deal... but I just felt like with the whole big thing with taking mass amounts of pictures and uploading them to all these social websites like facebook and such, would it be kinda awkward to be caught (in that sense) with wearing dresses. *the same dresses*
    to batgirl and <3kim, I completely understand that side too. hahahah.ayy.
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  • CaramelSweetieCaramelSweetie PFTTTTTTTT yeah vancouverPosts: 4,357Member


    I personally don't like the second dress, so I would go with just wearing the first dress twice.
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  • kaydeexkaydeex Posts: 277Member
    If facebook didn't exist then I would just say wear the first one for both... but obviously people will see pictures of you wearing the same dress... but if you don't care what others think then I guess it doesn't matter xD
  • x kisekiboshix kisekiboshi Posts: 1,502Member


    personally, i'd wear the first one to both prom events. i can understand that people might be like why'd she wear the dress twice, but honestly, if you are comfortable with wearing the same dress, go ahead. otherwise, just wear the second dress to the other prom you're going to.
  • mechant-lapinmechant-lapin dystopiaPosts: 875Banned


    edited June 2010
    Personally, I think the first dress is absolutely hideous looking
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  • arpeggioarpeggio Posts: 135Member
    i like both of them. wear both of them =)
  • hAppynotehAppynote over there.Posts: 250Member
    edited June 2010
    I think I would change dresses because I'd have more fun changing my hair and makeup accordingly and taking pictures. But if i didn't get to take many pictures w/ the first dress, i'd just wear it again for the next prom.

    If the first dress is comfortable enough for you to wear two nights in a row, go for it. I think the second dress is a bit boring. I'd accessorize/add a broach or sth if I was going to wear that dress, but just that dress alone is "blah". If you can alter it, i think it'd look better as a short a-line dress (with the skirt starting just underneath the bust/drapy things). That way you could wear some cute attention-grabbing heels.
  • JooliyahJooliyah CaliforniaPosts: 632Member
    Wear the first one to both.

    What's the point of having a dress if you're only going to wear it once...?
  • * veenee* veenee Posts: 917Member


    i like the 1st dress, the 2nd seems too long and not as pretty..

    its okay to wear the same dress twice. as long as you aren't seeing the exact same people there. its a waste if you wear something once and never again.. for me, if i buy a dress, i'll wear it to a party, and then again for someones wedding, and then another party.. as long as the people that are attending won't recognize the dress
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  • prisonerzeroprisonerzero North Carolina, USA.Posts: 4,512Member
    Haha, does it really matter if the dress is shown twice...? The second dress is like |:. The first one is nice. I would have no problem wearing that to both.
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