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♥ Official Khuntoria Couple Thread ♥



  • 90DegreesBow90DegreesBow Posts: 52Member
    I wish today's episode is 2 hours long for Khuntoria (well, 2 hours long to for YongSeo couple to make it equal) coz I really can't wait till the next Saturday. I want to know more about what happened during the practice!!! Hehe... No wonder if Victoria was very nervous ~ only by watching them, I feel nervous too. Victoria, your nervousness means ` thing for me : you like Nichkhun that much! Haha :wub:
  • riri_jktriri_jkt Posts: 60Member
    hi all, thanks so much with the info, since i couldnt access the video clips now...just imagining all the moves and the way they looked at each other makes me giddy...
    when i saw their gayo performance, they looked like different persons.
    i didnt like khun hair at the dance but seem that may be necessary to give that sexy vibe haha...
    @katecabs, thanks for the news...thats from wgm intl forum right? whoa, gotta watch it asap...
  • mdpierrettemdpierrette Posts: 97Member


    usually we thiink ep are cute, cheesy & sweet, but today it was tenseeeeeeeeeeee i mean i never saw so much tense even in a drama, the dance, the look, the touch, i don't even know where begin. seriously feel like i have a heart attack becoz of them, now i understand why while the mbc gayo i was speechless & stunned by the attraction about them.

    ok now im spazziing my fav part:

    when euyn suggest they look in eye in held their hand, immediatly our couple did it whitout notice even euy was gigling & happy, but after our couple can't even look each other vic was so shy

    when vic must touch khun's chest but can't & succesd with euy, khun was stunned & angry even he tried to hide it, but when the choregraph explain it's because vic has feeling for khun so it's more difficult, khun was happy, i can understand vic when u luv someone it's not easy to do skinship with him when everyone look.
    i otice vic & khun react of the same way when each one is jealous, when vic was angry becoz vic can touch euy easily, she immediatly grab his arms, khun alwas do that when vic is angry or jealous .

    & when khun grabs her towards him awwwwwwww, someone want a hug wub.gif

    the jealousie part was so funny, vic who tell her frustrations, but when eunyhuk understand it was about the seller is was like "what? just for that", so funny, 

    khun & the chair, so awkward, he pays with vic chair to be close with her & she was between his legs so intimatewub.gif, i don't know if u noticed khun always touch vic's legs in this ep, by my exp, just couples who are an intimate relationship can do that, so i was a little bit suprised they ddid'nt cut it. 
    when eunyuk is gone, they succed to stared, so i guess it's just becoz they want be alone to show their  passion lol.

    omo i still on the first part & i write all this, just ep just made me crazy, khuntoria made me crazy

    i come back after watch again
  • babyfat61babyfat61 Posts: 346Member


    where can I watch this week raw episode , Please advise ??  Thank you
  • janine1986janine1986 Posts: 39Member
    edited February 2011
    babyfat61 wrote on 26 February 2011 - 09:14 PM:

    where can I watch this week raw episode , Please advise ??  Thank you

    Check the channel for the rest. This is the whole WGM ep, not only Khuntoria cut, but the quality is very good!
    Cre: the07rain

    This ep is DEABAK!!!
    I was speechless and giggling all the time watching them! So tense!!!
    If only time could stop If only we could erase If only we could go back in time To the day when we first met...

    Always keep the faith

  • ayakadyaayakadya YES, I am Posts: 623Member
    oh my god i'm dying waiting for the sub :excl: :excl: :excl: hahaaaa
    its episode just toooo :wub:
    Vic You don't need to be nervous!!!!! :P
    KHUN & VIC


    cr: khuntoriaworld by 순대는 열받고
  • katecabskatecabs Posts: 145Member


    [allkpop] Victoria and Nichkhun confess that they would like a kiss scene


    f(x)’s Victoria and 2PM’s Nichkhun recently confessed that they would both like to kiss, but they just haven’t been given the opportunity to yet.

    On this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married”, viewers were able to watch the behind-the-scene preparation for the couple’s dance at the “2010 MBC Gayo Daejun” that was broadcast a couple of months ago.

    Super Junior’s Eunhyuk made a special appearance in the episode to help the couple for their dance practice, but he was able to sneak in a few questions about the Khuntoria couple’s love  life.

    Eunhyuk asked, “It’s been six months since your marriage, and you guys still haven’t kissed yet?”

    Although the couple chose to not answer his question at first, the couple finally gave in to Eunhyuk’s persistence, as they answered, “We have thought about kissing, but we haven’t been given the opportunity to do it.”

    To this, Eunhyuk replied, “That is because of the lack of effort in your marriage,” and even gave a short explanation on how to kiss.

    Source: Sports Today via Daum

    Cr: allkpop

  • falc0n3falc0n3 Posts: 17Member
    Cannot wait for english subs for this ep, its awesome!! I thought it might be boring to just watch them rehearse but Khuntoria really never disappoint, their chemistry is amazing :wub: Just kiss already!!!!! xD
  • riri_jktriri_jkt Posts: 60Member
    @janine1986, thanks for the link..

    omo omo.. i get goosebumps watching their practice.. hahahaha

    i think they really show their real -selves ?
    vic look comfortable, maybe because the practice room, and the choreographer are all SM's ?

    aah spazz spazz...
  • KgrlKgrl Posts: 1,273Member


    edited February 2011
    Buahahaha...Khunnie really wants that kiss. I don't know how many times he licked his lips and swallowed. :D V was so shy. ^_^ She tried so hard to be professional and treat it like any other dance collab, but ends up giggling and blushing all over the place.

    I love the guest stars in Khuntoria eps. One, they all get curl-inducing goosebumps. Two, they all become Khuntorians. Love watching Eunhyuk spazz over Khuntoria's moments - just like us! :lol:

    Khunnie is! He definitely thinks creatively when it concerns Victoria. :lol:
    Khun wore the sweater in the preview and changed his twitter photo using these 2 poses - choose 1 or 2? ^_^
    cr: as tagged and 清修门老五loli仙
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  • mochie93mochie93 Posts: 43Member
    edited February 2011
    This episode is beyond adorable :3 :3
    i love how khun looked at vic when they practiced the dance just the two of them alone.
    i kept on pausing that part <3 <3 <3
    cr: khuntoriapantip on tumblr

    oh what did victoria say on part 5 (07:20) that caused everyone to disagree with her??
    nothin' on you babe

  • mdpierrettemdpierrette Posts: 97Member


    i think she talked about her height, that she's heavy, but everyone told her she's not especially khun, i luv he rassures her about that.
  • never_ribetnever_ribet Posts: 280Member
    edited February 2011
    ARE U STILL ALIVE GUYS??? :w00t:

    Eunhyuk-ah... enjoying much eh? Thats what all khuntorians do all the time...




    Aww Khunie was frustrated here. its ok khun.. Vic does "piano finger" well with Eunhyuk becoz there`s no feeling involved. haha


    all gifs above belong to 淡紫追忆@baidu (via khuntorialurve)
  • nitaanitaa Posts: 2New Member


    edited February 2011
    ^just kiss already
    cr: khuntorialurve @ tumblr

    omg, that part of the dance that the choreographers did, where everyone went woah, was crazy haha. probably would've been too much for my eyes (spazz till i faint) imagine if khuntoria did that dance part? :blush:

    edit: so it's confirmed this 'SM training' was taken place on 11/30/10, so in the video where they send a short message each other, they already called each other yeobo/ and nichkhun said saranghae? haha did they already call each other honey before the SM training dance? orr am i being mistaken (vid was uploaded on 11/27/10 + 11/14/10) (nichkhun--> victoria msg) (victoria--> nichkhun msg)
  • nonna_manisnonna_manis Posts: 123Member
    Been away too long (got tons of work, travel, etc.). Miss spazzing with you guys.

    This ep really made me red-faced blushing, and oh yes...(the usual) screaming, squealing and giggling!. My face's hurt right now! lol... :P

    My fav moments:
    - K & V practiced dancing the "Elevator" dance, K complimented V saying "your dance/movements was cute"! Auww... So sweet ;)
    - The "matchmaker/guidance counsellor/partly dance guru" aka SuJu Eunhyuk was Jjang! He kept on insisting this 2 to "kiss...kiss...and kiss"! (*good job, Eunhyuk-ssi*)! Yay :)
    - K suddenly blurted (something like) "my lips are dry/stiff", he started to loosen them up! He was so eager to give V a kiss, even a practice one! lol
    - I really like the "finger-walking routine" but maybe cuz it's similar to Taeyang's "I need a girl" dance routine, they decided to cut it off! Oh well...
    - The lovers quarrel! could they still look cute even when they're arguing???, & K held V's hand very tight! Ommo....
    -KV invited Eunhyuk to their house! Oh yeah bring in the SuJu boys (add TVXQ HoMin too please...;))
    - V gave a box of chocs to K. (Khunnie, March 14 is "White Day", give V a "candy kiss" then! Hehe ;))
    - I was surprised when V called "Appa" to Hwang San Hoo's choreographer buddy! (Isn't 'appa' her special nickname just for him?). K was surprised (even froze on his seat!). He's so jealous V ran up n gave a big hug to another guy, while he even never hug/got a hug from V! Poor Khunnie :(
    - The first time I've seen K got so frustrated during his blackroom interview. He tried hard to calm himself saying "it's OK"!(*No, you're not,Khunnie! Just admit it*! lol :P) He got so many things to deal with...the kiss, hug, passionate dance routine! Really drove him crazy! Haha..

    Oh...that's all for now. Really exhausted watching these 2 (in a good way though). Am waiting for the subs to come up then. See ya.... :)
  • ellainemyapellainemyap NYPosts: 174Member
    edited February 2011
    It's too cute how Khuntoria is just too aware of each other... It's romantic and all that fluffy emotions too...

    They're just too aware of each other. And with all that we have seen and have not seen in WGM, it would be a lie if they wouldn't have thought of kissing each other right? I mean, with the palpable attraction that they have between them, it's a given already. But, what is different in their situation is that they constantly meet in front of the cameras. And, with the consciousness that comes with that, it's not as if they could just give in to the moment and kiss. Because of the repercussions that they constantly think of. This stage that they had should have been the greatest opportunity for them to have that kiss.

    The backroom interview was just too precious... Hahaha... It's obvious that Khun was really thinking about a "kiss" before. He got all flustered talking about it too which makes it all the more real for me. Not to mention his jealousy because Victoria greeted the choreographer oppa's with a hug. Khun is just like all normal men too. kekeke... :phew:

    And the same could be said about Victoria, that she's just like a normal girl. She gets shy and nervous about the dance because she was doing it with someone she liked. She couldn't act nonchalant about it because of all the emotions she had. Her heart must have been going doong~ doong~ inside.

    I just feel that although their "marriage" is reel, their feelings are REAL. Nobody would deny that and anyone who can't see it deludes themselves. Hahaha~!

    Eunhyuk just jumped a couple of places up my favorite people list... Hahaha~! When they started to argue about talking to the woman for 5 minutes. Khun said that it was not as if he asked for her name and stuff. They were talking about the movie and then they started to have a little "lover's quarrel." Hyukjae was just *SIGH* and *shakes head* and *headache*... Too cute~ And he was such a fanboy... Hahaha~! That "giggle" when he saw the sweetness of Khuntoria. They're just "nakakaKILIG" (to my fellow Filipinos please help me in explaining this term).

    I can't wait for more and more of Khuntoria~

    IISY~??? ♥♥♥
    cavatar:єυηιѕє_вιтєѕ™ /
  • AristaRockstaAristaRocksta Posts: 5Member
    So, after watching the latest episode with Chinese subtitle, I finally understand parts of what their laughing and talking about!  Nichkhun actually wanted to kiss her when they were in the yacht!!! OMG~ He said that it was a perfect timing to give Victoria a kiss... But Victoria was shocked and didn't gave any facial expression of being very touch(at least to Khun, she is not touched enough) by the yacht event.. So he didn't kiss her~ ): What a pity... He was asking her thousands of times if she wants a kiss or not for their performance this episode. Hmmm.. as a girl, even if Victoria wants a kiss as badly as Khun, I don't think she will say yes cause it's too embarrassing~ HAHAS! 

    Now, I'm hoping that there will be a kiss on Victoria's birthday which was already done shooting weeks ago~ PLEASE... NICHKHUN! You wanna give her a most memorable birthday? KISS HER!!! xD
  • pochacco3pochacco3 Posts: 438Member


    This week's episode had jealousy and tension... i had to cover my face half of the time to finish their part. cannot wait for the eng subs to be released.
    - thanks eunhyuk for always emphasizing on "bobo" and get them closer thru skinship... khuntoria was blushing and since vic is a girl, she was especially shy throughout this whole episode.
    - khuntoria's jealousy was funny... vic is jealous of khun's manners toward females, and khun jealous of vic comfortably calling a choreographer "appa" and hugging them too. khun's reactions afterwards was not too pleased, but i guess he cleared up the misunderstanding later on when vic calls the choreographer's girlfriend "umma"
    - it is obvious that both wanted a kiss... eventhough i don't understand korean, i think khun kept on asking vic if she wanted to kiss and even sending sms to her, since she didn't reply back whether it was option #1 or #2. this can be sooo frustrating though... i think khun needs to be a 'man of actions' not a 'man of words.' he should just kiss her, you don't need to ask her, cuz asking just makes the whole atmosphere so awkward. This reminds me of their thailand trip, when khun asked 'when did they start holding hands?', and even vic said in the blackroom interview, that it was awkward, and no need to ask. Yet, i can't really blame them for not having a kiss yet, with all the cameras and crew around. I think khun regretted not having a kiss on their 'busan love boat.'

    I'm just wondering whether they did kiss at the MBC Gayo now...Hopefully, they did or else wouldn't vic be kinda jealous of khun's it's skin CF.

    Looking forward to next week's episode....

  • thao_2512thao_2512 Posts: 1,297Member


    edited February 2011
    Omg this ep is driving me nut with all the sexual tension and cuteness
    Khun really wants to kiss Vic
    You can see it through his eyes and gestures...

    Anyway, this is what we are all waiting for
    CR: RainMaker

    Will be back and spazz more late
    And I cant help but think Khun has Vic on his mind all the time, even in his profile photo ( yeah he must have taken in on that day)
    Cr: Khuntoriaworld

  • pinkcookie.pinkcookie. Posts: 25Member
    edited February 2011
    OMGGG... this episode was seriously EPICC 8D
    guys i think we can now say eunhyuk is officialy a khuntoria shipper. seriously i loved all his giggles and spazz when ever khun and victoria got close x)
    i think we should be thankful to eunhyuk for bringing up about kissing each other xD THANK YOU HYUK xD
    hehehe khun invited eunhyuk over, (hyuk bring suju over so all of the members can spazz over khuntoria cuteness, lol.)
    haha anyways this episode was filled with such cute moments, you could tell both khun and victoria enjoyed their practice /cough/nichkhun/cough/.
    hahaha, you can totally tell khun really wants to kiss victoria, just look at the way he looks at her (;
    favorite part of this whole episode was probably towards the end when khun and victoria were dancing with eachother ^^
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