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Stuffy nose in the morning?

JoycexGuoJoycexGuo Brooklyn, NYPosts: 503Member
Recently, I've been having this weird thing where I wake up every day and one of my nostrils is blocked. This only started happening recently, so I doubt it's an allergy or something. When I looked up the reasons of a stuffy nose in the morning, most people just said that it was because of a dust mite allergy, but the only thing I'm allergic to is grapes. It makes me so uncomfortable to wake up every morning, because I end up having a stuffy and overbearing feeling. Does anybody know why this can be? I assumed that it was because I started cleaning my room, but I've already finished sweeping and everything, and there's practically no dust around. I just hate having to wake up feeling I'm sick and just "progressively" get better throughout the day. If anybody knows why this is, it'd be really helpful. Thanks!


  • x2the3rdx2the3rd Deland, FLPosts: 19Member


    That's kind of what I'm experiencing too. Every morning when I wake up I've been having an itchy, runny nose and it sort of gets better as the day progresses. I would sneeze and blow my nose right after I wake up and by late afternoon it's gone and sometimes I get some more sneezes intermittently. As far as I know I am allergic to cats and certain types of pollen but I don't have a cat and this has been a chronic thing for me. May be it is the dust. I know that when I do lots of cleaning and dusting, my nose acts up. Doctors have prescribed me allergy medication before but I just don't feel the need to be medicated everyday so I don't take it. I'm curious as to what it is also.
  • Kwcty6888Kwcty6888 New Jersey, USAPosts: 235Member
    My mom and I have this problem, especially in allergy season, but sometimes randomly too.

    Wash your face every morning with warm water, then cold water, then warm and cold again. This increases blood circulation in your face and reduces stuffy noses. It might work for only a short period of time in the first few days, but keep it up, even after you stop getting stuffy noses, and the problem should go away (:

  • PhagePhage Orange, CAPosts: 172Member
    As far as I know the only thing that causes that is allergies to dust and pollutants in the air. I've had that problem for a long time now on and off, and recently it's been kind of severe.

    Strange thing about my situation is the symptoms don't necessarily get better during the day. Wherever I go, the symptoms randomly come about, and sometimes I'll get a severe allergy attack to the point where I'm just sneezing and blowing my nose for a few minutes. >_<

    What helped a little bit is when I leave the window slightly open at night so fresh air is constantly flowing in. You can also try prescription nasal sprays. Although they hardly ever work for me, there are people who swear by them, so it may work for you if your doctor recommends it as well. You could also trying taking allergy meds before going to bed and see how that works out.
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  • L1_m3iL1_m3i SydneyPosts: 124Member
    My nose gets stuffy beacuse I'm allergic to dust mites.

    Probably for you, your not warm enough under your bed covers or your back is exposed without the blanket covering it or there's a cold draft somewhere, though it also affects me too in both hot and cold seasons.

    For me when one side of my nose gets blocked, I sleep on the side where the nose is not blocked, but its only for a short while because then you have to do vice versa when the other side gets blocked.


    I use a pillow with the back up a bit and the front down abit, sorta like a slope going down slightly, to help clear my nose airways, therefore relieving your stuffed nose.

    hope it helps.
    If not not then buy a nasel congestion spray it usually works for me
  • crescendollcrescendoll It's 4AM and I'm awake again. BostonPosts: 1,070Member
    Hm, I don't have any allergies and I actually would wake up with a stuffy nose every morning for a few weeks. I'm going to go with one of the other user's suggestions, which is that you may be getting cold/exposed to cold air while you are sleeping.
  • XxHappyxXXxHappyxX Posts: 5Member
    I get a stuffy and runny nose! But mine is a result of cold weather...
    You might wanna ask a doctor for some advice~!=D
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