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Thai vs. Viet Food

milkbunnymilkbunny my bf's boxerPosts: 2,921Member


the battle of the foods begin :]
So me(thai/chinese) and my boyfriend(viet) are having a competition
who's national food taste better mine or his?
so we thought soompi... would be a good place to answer this question:
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  • yummyOyummyO Posts: 539Member


    well um i would pick padthai over pho
    but other than padthai i dont really like thai food.
    overall viet cuisine got my vote, BUT on my top ten favorite food list for now padthai is my number one
    but that is just one dish."if that even make any sense"
    kinda bias cause im viet lawls!
  • JAMIESHOCKJAMIESHOCK Posts: 565Friend of Soompi


    THAI FOOD!! So, so good. image

    It helps that Davis has a fair number of decent Thai restaurants and my Thai/Chinese-mix aunt makes some of the most delicious foods in the world.
  • xkrndreamerxkrndreamer BASKETBALL IS LIFE Cal State FullertonPosts: 6,295Friend of Soompi


  • xm1chellexm1chelle Posts: 1,275Member
    I like both...but I like viet food a bit better image
  • Hap^_____^PYHap^_____^PY TexasPosts: 179Member
    Vietnamese Food gets my vote =]
  • chifunichifuni ★☆★☆★☆ CaliforniaPosts: 4,843Member


    Vietnamese Food! PHOOOO image
  • TimidSoulTimidSoul UKPosts: 70Member


    Viet for me image

    (I still love pad thai and green curry tho!!)
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  • CaramelSweetieCaramelSweetie PFTTTTTTTT yeah vancouverPosts: 4,357Member


    I haven't tried enough viet food to decide properly, but for now, it's thai for me. image
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  • teruteru_chanteruteru_chan POWER OF MUSIC Posts: 1,703Member


    Viet food FTW! xD
    i find Thai food kinda spicy for me lol

    [maybe i'm biased cuz i'm Vietnamese ;D]
    naichu @ lj 
  • ichigo_no_powderichigo_no_powder VancouverPosts: 4,632Friend of Soompi
    thai! sorry but i am not a fan of vietnamese food
  • herro dianaherro diana CaliforniaPosts: 2,503Member


    I like both, but I choose Thai. I like my food spicy and whatnot, haha. Pad si-io and pad Thai are so yummy...
  • pampam CaliforniaPosts: 1,726Member


    I love Vietnamese food!!!
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  • dainty!dainty! Posts: 1,465Member


    I don't get why it would matter, but thai food ftw! +___+
  • leelee.leelee. USAPosts: 1,508Member


    So basically, this is like a poll on whether most people prefer Thai or Vietnamese food? It's all based on personal opinions though... and there's SO MANY different dishes in each country's cuisine.

    I've never had any Thai food (sad right?!), but I only like some Vietnamese dishes.
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  • kissez*kissez* YEAH OH YEAH Posts: 8,252Friend of Soompi


    I love both but I prefer Vietnamese food.

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  • XenTXenT hmh. Posts: 787Member
    I'd prefer thai food.. if it wasnt that spicy image
  • stjapo46stjapo46 Posts: 4,477Member
    Thai food for me =) I like both, but spicy food is just too good to pass.
  • WinnieexxxWinnieexxx UKPosts: 132Member
    edited May 2010
    That's actually quite a hard question since they're both very different.. image can't give a straight answer unfortunately..

    Viet food tastes so much "cleaner" to me, lighter with more veggies and herbs, more soups, also I'm more used to it as I'm vietnamese myself,

    When I went to stay at my boyfriend's place in Thailand for a month i ate pretty much every thai food possible (and still do with him as thai restaurants outnumber viet restaurants 10:1 in my current city) and to be honest they're quite evenly matched...for beef/pork stirfries,noodle dishes like pad si ew etc I prefer thai food, but otherwise the curries and etc. I don't really enjoy, and some dishes can be a bit greasy for me sometimes. For soups and salads vietnamese food wins hands down image...tho I love larb as well...

    Overall though, I prefer vietnamese food slightly more...but I kind of wish that I had more experience with home cooked thai dishes....while i was visiting thailand I only had a 1-2 dishes cooked by his maids, the rest of the time the thai dishes i tried over there and here were in restaurants, and i'm pretty sure that they're not as "authentic" or at least cooked with more oil or have some fusion elements to them compared to dishes cooked at home. For example I'm used to eating pho at home with most of the fat having been skimmed off the broth; I basically hate eating pho at restaurants because its oily as hell LOL.

    Other than that the only time i wouldn't have a preference is between the very similar dishes, like canh chua/tom yum goong, or ga nuong/kai yang..
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  • greentea:vee xogreentea:vee xo My lips like sugaa. TEXAS!Posts: 2,871Member
    I'm vietnamese but I prefer thai food.
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  • delightfuldelightful Posts: 296Member


    thai food for me since i grew up with it. but vietnamese food is also good. i love pho and could probably eat it everyday of my life if i had to, since the flavor all depends on what you add to the soup, meat, and noodle. image

    if you're not thai and have not lived in thailand before then you probably haven't had real thai food, because restaurant food even in thailand is not always made to your taste. and this goes the same for vietnamese food too i suppose, since my viet friend's mom can cook better than anything i can get in a restaurant.

    so this question really depends on what most of us on soompi prefer, not which one is better. image
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