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Lee Yeon Hee 이연희

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Name: Lee Yeon Hee (이연희)
Year of debut: 2001
Talent Agency: SM Entertainment
D.O.B: 26th February 1988 (Lunar D.O.B: 9th January 1988)
Birthplace: Bun Dang, Seoul, South Korea
Height: 172cm
Weight: 46kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B
Religion: Christianity
Family members: parents, 2 older sisters & one younger brother
Education: Boon Dang Joong An High School, Joong An University: majoring in media performance theatrical studies.
Hobbies: Film appreciation, reading, swimming
Specialty: Swimming, sports

Quick Facts
What I like most about myself: Eyes
Acting Ambition: To become an actress like Soo Ae in the movie "A Family"
Favorite celebrity: Won Bin, Kang Dong Won
Favorite food: Korean, Chinese, Japanese & Italian cuisines
Favorite music genre: ballad, rock ballad
Favorite seasons: Spring & Fall
Favorite animal: Puppy
Favorite color(s): Black, white, blue
Favorite number(s): 7,1
Favorite sports: Soccer/football, swimming (likes any kind of sport)
Dislikes: Duck & Fish
Good Way to Relieve Stress: Sleeping
When in a Good Mood/Not So Good Mood: Will be *charming/cute when in a good mood; when in a not so good mood, will think be alone thinking to self whilst listening to music. (*애교 would roughly be to act cute/charming)
Ideal Guy: Someone who doesn't have big eyes, has a good built, tall and not pretentious
What You Would Like to Say to Fans: I will try my best to become a great actress! Everyone, please keep monitoring my performance ^^ fighting!

"Gu Family Book / 구가의 서" (MBC, 2013 April release)
"Ghost / 유령" (SBS, 2012)
"Paradise Ranch / 파라다이스 목장" (SBS, 2011)
"East of Eden / 에덴의 동쪽" (MBC, 2008)
"U-Turn" (OCN, 2008) [mini-drama]
"One Fine Day / 어느 멋진 날" (MBC, 2006)
"Resurrection / 부활" (KBS, 2005)"My Precious Child / 금쪽같은 내새끼" (KBS 2004)
"Emperor of the Sea / 해신" (KBS, 2004)

"Kwon Beop/권법" (Preproduction - 2013 TBA)
"The Night Before the Wedding" (Preproduction - 2013 TBA)
"My Way" (2011)
"Pure Comic Strip/Simple Manhwa/순정만화" (2008)
"My Love / 내사랑" (2007)
"M" (2007)
"A Millionaire's First Love / 백만장자의 첫사랑" (2006)

(2001) e-Pyunhan SeSang DaeRim Apartments
(2001) Elite Basics School Uniform
(2002) Nong Hyup Ssal Rice
(2002) Japan National Tourist Organisation
(2003) Orion Maple Sweeple
(2003) Clean and Clear Fairness
(2004) FuJi Film "FinePix"
(2005) Coreana Entia
(2005) Pocari Sweat
(2005) 비요뜨 Model
(2005) Pizza Hut "Big 4 Set"
(2005) White Angel Chocolate
(2005) Ivy Club
(2005) White Angel Chocolate Christmas
(2006) White Angel Chocolate Valentines
(2006) Nii CF
(2006) Japanese McDonalds Melon Shake CF
(2006) Ivy Club
(2008) Actyon
(2008) Sony Korea Cybershot W Series
(2008) NongShim 찰 비빔면 (2008)
(2009) AeKyung Cosmetics' "Point"
(2009) VIPs, '내 메뉴는 내가 만든다'
(2009) Coca Cola 'Vio Jeju V Water +'
(2010) SCINIC
(2011) JOINUS
(2011) The North Face
(2011) Hite Beer
(2011) Seoul Milk
(2012) SK-II 

(2001) Moon Hee Jun - Our Story
(2001) Moon Hee Jun - Alone
(2001) Kang Ta - Thanks God
(2002) Kang Ta - Memories
(2002) Kang Ta - Pine Tree
(2002) Kang Ta - Propose
(2002) Shin Hwa - Hero
(2003) Fly To the Sky - Condition of My Heart
(2003) Fly To the Sky - Habit (Poison Ivy)
(2004) Dong Bang Shin Ki - My Little Princess
(2004) Dong Bang Shin Ki - My Little Princess (Acapella)
(2004) Dong Bang Shin Ki - The Way U Are
(2005) Kang Ta - Persona (note: only her picture was in there)
(2005) Park TaeWon - 비련/Tragic Love ('Hae Shin' OST)
(2005) Dong Bang Shin Ki - One (movie, "Millionaire's First Love' OST)
(2006) Dong Bang Shin Ki - Insa/Greeting (movie, "Millionaire's First Love' OST)
(2006) Jang HyeJin - Tears Falling ('One Fine Day' OST)
(2006) Jang Ri In - Timeless Part 1 & 2
(2007) BoA - Mist ('M' OST)
(2007) Humming Urban Studio - Hawaiin Couple ('My Love' OST)
(2007) BoA - December 27th ('My Love' OST)
(2007) T-Max - Lion Heart ('My Love' OST)
(2008) 고유진 (Flower) - 너 하나만 (OCN's short-movie, 'U-Turn')
(2008) Jang Ri In - I Will (Part 1, Korean and Chinese ver.)
(2008) Jang Ri In - Left Shore of Happiness (Part 2, Korean and Chinese ver.)
(2008) "2008 연가/戀歌/Love Song" Music Video Drama
(2008) SG Wannabe/Kim Jong Wook - Going Against Fate ('East of Eden' OST)
(2008) SG Wannabe/Kim Jong Wook - 갈증/Thirst ('East of Eden' OST)
(2008) Kim Yeon Ji, Lee Hae Ri, Lee Jung Min - Crazy Woman ('East of Eden' OST)
(2008) Song Seung Hun - Time Mask ('East of Eden' OST)
(2008) Lee Seung Hwan - Happily Ever After ('Hello Schoolgirl'OST)
(2008) Oh Ji Eun - Is This Love ('Hello Schoolgirl'OST)
(2009) Clazziquai - Wizard of OZ (LG Telecom OZ Generation 'We Live In OZ' Campaign)
(2010) S.M THE BALLAD - Miss You

(2008) MBC Drama Awards - Female Newcomer Award "East of Eden"
(2008) MBC Drama Awards - Best Couple Award with Song Seung Heon "East of Eden"
(2008) MBC Drama Awards - Popularity Award for "East of Eden"
(2008) Golden Cinematography Awards - Best New Actress "M"
(2007) 5th MAX movie award - Best New Actress "M"

(2011) "Good Person", "I'm Breaking Up" - Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate E134
(2010) "Slow Motion", SMTOWN LIVE in Seoul & L.A
(2008) "네게 다시", MBC Drama Awards - Opening Performance
(2007) "Mist", 6th Korean Film Awards
(2007) "Voilet Fragrance", 'My Love' Heartbeat Concert

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