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Same brand, different products for different countries - have you ever tried them?

hellohello Posts: 22Member
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Biore, Olay for Japan, Taiwan, China, and such
When I visited my cousin in California, she used this gel cleanser by Olay, except it was in Chinese. I don't know where she got it but I really liked it - it was milky and it felt nice and gel-y(? I know, weird description D: ), so I wondered why they didn't sell the same thing here in the US. When browsing around in the supermarket yesterday, I saw some Japanese Biore products. Curious, I picked one up. I've only used it once and I didn't really like it... smelled kinda funky... but if it improves my skin, I'll be sooo happy. image

So have you seen these around, and where? I really don't like drugstore skincare products like USA Biore, Neutrogena, Aveeno, etc... and I've tried quite a few. I'd love to try the Asian versions but they're really hard to find. If you know a place in NYC, please post image


  • yoko102308yoko102308 Posts: 867Member
    Most companies have different products for each country. Not only with makeup but also with phones and other electronics.

    With the makeup..I dunno why, Maybe because there are different legal standards for the products and in the US they are allowed to put a lot of horrible ingredients in what they sell but not overseas.

    I like the Japanese Biore stuff! but I can only buy online or from a soompier. The other versions of products always work better on me skin.
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  • Explicitj0yeeExplicitj0yee Posts: 1,245Member
    Well they have it in Elizabeth Center, pharmacies in Chinatown and in 8 ave in Brooklyn.
  • sweetfantasy09sweetfantasy09 Still searching for myself... 慶太の世界Posts: 1,572Member


    well, because these companies know that ppl in different climate, countries, ethnicity and etc have different needs and so products in the US will not suit ppl all over the world. stuffs that might suit caucasians wouldn't suit asians.

    since i live in asia, of course i would prefer using products that are asia version such as neutrogena hydration boost, which i believe US version do not have it.. or the US version is call continuous hydration or something? even make up, i prefer those asia brands make up more unless when i want to use something with less shimmer, then i will go for non-asian brands. haha!
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  • ImboredthatsnotfunImboredthatsnotfun Posts: 1,611Member


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    If you live in the EU, they have really strict laws about what can be sold. There is a ban list of ingredients. A LOT of food items and beauty items are illegal to sell in the UK. For example, did you know its illegal to sell some kind of pocky in the UK? It contains some ingredient that's on the ban list. There was a shop near where I live selling it and they got fined or something.

    In many other leading developed nations this is also the case.
    For example, it is unsuprising that counties like China and Korea have a less strict 'ban list' than the EU or US.

    With the makeup..I dunno why, Maybe because there are different legal standards for the products and in the US they are allowed to put a lot of horrible ingredients in what they sell but not overseas.

    Actually I'd imagine it is the other way round.
  • ~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~~~:Usagi-Ayumi:~~ Princess Princess... Love me ^^ Posts: 1,030Member


    if you do like to try the asian version olay i can get you the travel sides but you will have to give me some time due to the fact that i am having my musical exam in June...
  • I_play_with_dollsI_play_with_dolls c: under your bedPosts: 2,789Member


    I see these all the time, especially when I go to Mitsuwa. I've used a whitening lotion with the Japanese Niviea brand, it worked very well for my dark elbows.
  • cystaltearscystaltears Posts: 1,391Member
    Japanese Biore is really good and it's the cheapest! I got a face wash for less than 300yen = $3 and it works really well. I think it depends on your skin type, because the same product didn't work for my friend. I recently got the same product from HK Biore (same product different packaging), I haven't tried it out yet... so I don't know if it works the same.

    Yea, Japanese Niviea is so much better than the US version! The normal US Niviea blue chap stick is sold in all kinds of flavors in Japan. It's the best!
  • buenogeebuenogee Posts: 60Member
    ahah yeah its true. ponds in asia have a LOT of whitening stuffy as oppsed to here.. the only think i can think of is the cold cream
  • joolietjooliet ??? USAPosts: 27Member
    QUOTE (buenogee @ Apr 25 2010, 05:16 PM) »
    ahah yeah its true. ponds in asia have a LOT of whitening stuffy as oppsed to here.. the only think i can think of is the cold cream

    I use the ponds whitening set from China! Facewash, toner, cream, face UV lotion. It's the BEST. I don't particularly want to be very pale, but it works really well to keep your face smooth and BRIGHT. I look very clean and my skin stays very soft (although I don't have oily skin or any other skin problems like acne). I think it is better formulated for Asian skin.

    Also, I bring Asian shampoo back because it works better for black hair, to make it shiny etc...

    I am a big believer in using products of the same brand but from Asia. This is because you can trust the product (the quality of ingredients) because it is a brand you know, but it is better formulated for your ethnicity. I would warn against using random Asian brands because there are still quality control issues in many parts of Asia, so you don't know what you could be sticking on your face.
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  • plumplumplumplum Anh lu Posts: 1,462Member
    I love the Japanese Biore products! Especially their makeup removers.

  • akira53akira53 AieaPosts: 7,842Friend of Soompi


    I bought a ton of biore products when I lived in Japan and I loved them! I'm happy to be going back this summer so I can stock up. I refuse to buy them in the states because it's way too's so cheap in Japan!
  • SUMM3RxBABiiSUMM3RxBABii NYPosts: 3,260Member
    Hmm...well no, I haven't really tried any Asian versions of products..because I never look for beauty products (except MAC) when I'm in Asia. mom did buy some Shiseido products (even though it is an Asian brand) from Hong Kong or China and it seems really good.

    I think you should try Koreatown in Flushing...a lot of them sell beauty products, so perhaps you can try?
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  • HemeraHemera Posts: 4,350Member


    i've only used the always pads that i got from watsons when i was in china a few years was the same except packaging was different

    as much as i would love to try skincare and cosmetics from japanese or korean brands...something always holds me back..there's a reason why some products from the same company are available and popular in asia but aren't allowed in the states unless they alter some of the ingredients..people can say what they want about american cars, clothes, etc. but their safety standards are still at the top..
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  • BoAFriendBoAFriend Los Angeles, CAPosts: 2,822Member


    edited April 2010
    East Asian countries have very different product lines and such.

    I know in Taiwan, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, and Loreal have skincare lines for whitening. Biore also seems to have various product lines in East Asia, not like America where everything is just the same green colored line. Garnier also has products for moisture and anti-acne. Sucks how Garnier products in America only seem to aim for anti-sun damage and anti-wrinkles.

    I've also seen different cosmetics, mainly make up with skin whitening abilties. A friend of mine said Maybelline has BB cream in Taiwan, too.

    So again, like others have said, the different product lines and product types depend on law/safety rules and most importantly of all, beauty standards of each country. East Asia emphasizes white skin, thus many products aim for skin whitening.

    Personally, I haven't tried any of these products, but the first Asian product I tried was a Biore SPF 36 PA+++ milk type sunscreen. I immediately loved it and from that point on, stocked up on Metholatum milk type sunscreens. Now luckily I don't have to since Japanese beauty/gift shops near where I live sell these sunscreens and also, Neutrogena now has a milk liquid sunscreen available.
  • hellohello Posts: 22Member
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