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HELP! My right, lower eyelid is swollen! O__O;

AnnyonAnnyon サンキュー!^-^アメリカPosts: 2,002Member
So this morning I awoke to find that my right, lower eyelid had become swollen! image

I'm almost 100% sure that it is from my make-up remover pads, because while I was using them last afternoon, I dabbed a little too close into my eye (near my lower eyelid) and it got in there so I had to rinse it out. Could this just be from a minor allergy to the make-up remover pads? By the way, it's a new brand I just got and never tried before, so maybe that's why I had a different reaction to it than the past products I've used? O_o;

I need some reassurance or feedback from you guys before I make an appointment with my doctor just in case if it's severe. I looked it up online though and it said it SHOULD go away by itself in time, but how long will it take!? My boyfriend from another state is finally coming back up again to visit me and we leave for Hawaii this saturday, and I don't wanna look weird or sickly in pictures or something. LOL

Anybody else experienced this before?


  • shufflepuckshufflepuck DutchlandPosts: 222Member


    If it's swollen in one place, it might be a clogged hair follicle.
    Check if there's a little bump/pointy thing near your lash line.

    If it is a clogged hair follicle, try to soften the bump a bit by applying a warm compress ( fancy word for: tea bag soaked in warm - WARM not hot or you'll scald and mangle your eyelid- water) 3-4 times a day for 10-20 minutes. Chamomile is nice.
    At some point ( a couple days later) you'll be able to gently push against the bump and the rubbish that's in it'll come out. Though don't force it or, once again, you risk mangling your eyelid.

    But if it's from the make up pads, it might be irritated from that.
    In that case, if it doesn't go away any time soon, I'd check with your dr. to be sure.
  • AnnyonAnnyon サンキュー!^-^ アメリカPosts: 2,002Member
    ^ HAHAHA YES! I think you're right! There are little red bumps underneath my lashes. I think I'll do what you say. THANKS!
  • shufflepuckshufflepuck DutchlandPosts: 222Member


    Hope it gets better soon!
  • .Demy.Demy MichiganPosts: 820Member


    This happened to me too except it was just kinda random.

    If it's not red or oozing it just might be a bit swollen and there's no reason to be alarmed.
    What I did was I applied some camonille tea. It's a natural plant and it works great to remove inflammation. Just buy the organic tea bags, brew them, and once they've cooled you can apply the tea-bag right over your CLOSED eye. Just leave it there for a couple minutes (15-20) or however much you need. The swelling should go down image
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