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Charismatic, asian eyes vs ulzzang eyes



  • vivian0304vivian0304 Hanford, CaliforniaPosts: 810Member
    my eyes are typical asian eyes, i have single eyelid and my eyes are small, but my friends said it suit me well cause my face is small, it would look weird if my eyes are huge ( i still like big , innocent ulzzang eyes)
  • EHNerJIEHNerJI 내꺼하자. ♥ Posts: 8,487Member


    haha wtf @ charismatic. I prefer "ulzzang eyes".
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  • Honey_BabeeHoney_Babee Love Sick ♥ T dot<3Posts: 5,183Friend of Soompi
    definitely ulzzang type eyes.

    ive always hated the slanted asian eyes ><
  • MissTJuneMissTJune Posts: 29Member
    edited March 2010
    Well, I heard that some people don't like small eyes but it's not that bad. Sometimes than I see ulzzang eyes I feel so scared. They are so unnatural and fake. Think before you made something like that!
  • anitazhouanitazhou Richmond Hill, CanadaPosts: 86Member
    edited March 2010
    QUOTE (PDURRR @ Mar 19 2010, 05:34 AM) »
    i like the smaller catty eyes. to me it oozes out like, sexy evilness~

    hahahaha i agree with this. i much prefer long, narrow eyes. like megan fox's. so mysterious and sexy : )

    even for ulzzangs, i prefer it when their eyes aren't huuuuuge, it looks so unnatural.
  • xindixindi Posts: 1,093Member
    edited March 2010
    lol you might wanna rethink your wording; it sounds like you're outruling ulzzang eyes from being charismatic.

    That said, I think this kind of thing 100% depends on the face
    I think big, round eyes (natural-looking ones anyway... some people get a little crazy with it LOL) are lovely but I absolutely ADORE the eyes of CL from 2ne1 ^__^
    and Son Ga-in just wouldn't be the same without her fierce eyes!! haha

  • xOxHoLicxOxHoLic Posts: 61Member
    hm...personally i prefer ulzzang eyes,
    but my mom likes chae yeon's eyes. She says they "hook you in" lol.


    but i guess they do....they're kinda mysterious. especially when she smiles
  • vandalizevandalize Posts: 467Member


    May you post up pictures? I know what you mean by Ulzzang eyes, but I'm not sure what you're getting at about "charismatic eyes". There are many types of Asian eyes.
  • NynnaNynna USPosts: 960Member
    I like vicious and edgy looking eyes on those Asian models who advertise punky clothing like Park Yong Hee.

  • rose_loves_icerose_loves_ice sOmEwHeRe SpEcIaL&lt;3Posts: 344Member


    edited March 2010
    I have to agree with what yumix said.

    You just have to appreciate what you are blessed with.
    Personally, i don't think anything is wrong with Small Asian eyes...I find it pretty image
    Not just Ulzzangs have Big eyes. White people has those type of eyes too. Lol
    I have small Asian eyes...i still accept it.
    You're still Pretty even if you don't have the big eyes.
    Humongous eyes creep my out...just have to point that out. ROFL
    Sometimes when they have BIG ROUND EYES, it seems Fake & Unnatural to me.
    Looks like half the time they're trying hard....not trying to criticize anyone.
    Just my opinion.
    Some of them can really pull it off...&Some can't really. Lol
    You can still make your eyes look big but just having Eyeliner, Mascara, Eye shadow and all
    if you want your eyes to look big & round.....
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    Ha Ji Won ♥ Hyun Bin
  • gdmondaygdmonday Posts: 115Member
    Kim Yunah. One of THE fiercest girls in Korea. Also has single lids, not large uhljjang eyes.
    Nuff said.
    Charisma is in the personality, not the eyes. Enjoy what you have.
    Work it! =)
  • BoomBoomAfridiBoomBoomAfridi Posts: 264Member
    what gdmonday's all in the personality behind the eyes.
  • LazyAzianLazyAzian BoA Posts: 2,300Member
    edited March 2010
    Can someone explain what the hell are Ulzzang eyes?

    Does it mean double eyelids, big eyes? Because I have that.


    Googled it, I actually call those Ayu Eyes (from Ayumi Hamasaki), she has the biggest freaken eyes ever.


    She is looking at your soul ~~
  • CaramelSweetieCaramelSweetie PFTTTTTTTT yeah vancouverPosts: 4,357Member


    Wish you had some pictures to ref. image
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  • LazyAzianLazyAzian BoA Posts: 2,300Member
    QUOTE (CaramelSweetie @ Mar 19 2010, 08:56 PM) »
    Wish you had some pictures to ref. image

    I think they mean this for Ulzzang eyes:


    Stare at her eyes...keep staring...she needs to suck your soul ~
  • filosophy-filosophy- Team L337 SYDNEY Posts: 1,003Member

    In general, I prefer larger ulzzang eyes. But some people with smaller, slanted eyes are gorgeous.
  • k o o k i e.k o o k i e. ?. . . ohmydays WonderlandX]Posts: 3,176Friend of Soompi
    Half moon smiling eyes and deer(are they called that?) eyes!
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  • starberstarber Surrey, British ColumbiaPosts: 566Member


    Do you mean by circle lens, ulzzang eyes or natural large ulzzang eyes ?
    I don't like circle lenses, because it looks fake and tacky :/

    I like the larger eyes better, but the slanted eyes can look gorgeous too : ) Just depends on the rest of the features too!
  • epicpwnageepicpwnage Posts: 1,027Member


    edited March 2010
    ...... i have quite large eyes for an asian, very round and and nice deep brown. long eyelashes too image im blessed hehe.

    o__o wait does that mean im not charismatic?!

    QUOTE (LazyAzian @ Mar 19 2010, 09:00 PM) »
    I think they mean this for Ulzzang eyes:

    [img]http://i40.Richard Simmons/110fwqs.jpgStare at her eyes...keep staring...she needs to suck your soul ~ulzzang eyes are freaking scary sometimes
    Team Peeta <3
  • eoyoungeoyoung Posts: 13Member
    edited March 2010
    You mean like UEE vs. Kim Yuna.

    I like both... but I think Westerners prefer the slanted type, just because everyone envies what they don't have. (Which is why Asians prefer larger sized eyes... it's just a vicious cycle lol).
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