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Products make your face...oily?

vandalizevandalize Posts: 467Member


I have recently noticed that during the days that I stay indoors and never set foot outside, I do not put anything on my facial skin. On those days, my skin does not become oily. On the days where I have to go outside, I put on a moisturizer with SPF and around 4-5 hours later, my skin becomes oily. When you do not put anything on your face compared to putting things on your face, do you notice the difference?

P.S. I only wash my face with water everyday.


  • AppleOfMyEYEAppleOfMyEYE c a l i f o r n i aPosts: 806Member
    that happens to me too. the moisturizer with spf i use makes my skin feel greasy. but i also think that when i spend the day at home, i'm not as active so i don't sweat. i think sweat makes me look oily too.
  • loveteajuiceloveteajuice Posts: 148Member
    I don't use a moisturiser with SPF, but my BB cream does and I use it on a daily basis. My nose gets a little shiny after a while, but I'm thinking that might be natural. It also depends on the weather...
    My skin feels quite tight and dry when I don't moisturise and do my cleansing routine.
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  • crushiecrushie Posts: 315Member


    I have the exact same problem. Moisturizers with SPF make my face becomes oily after 1-2 hour. But I think that's better than letting my skin expose to the sunlight.
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  • xradiostaticxradiostatic Posts: 880Member
    same thing happens with my skin. when i stay home, i don't use moisturizer and my skin looks normal. when i go out, i use it, and my face becomes oily. i have naturally oily skin, so the moisturizer just makes it worse. :/ (mine has spf as well. it's 20 spf i think)
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