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Hair ON the Nose! From Biore Pore strips!

sourelectricsourelectric Perth AustraliaPosts: 674Member
edited February 2010 in beauty & fashion
does anyone knw how to get rid of it?
I think i used to use biore pore strips before i even heard of a toner. I'm not sure that its because I didn't use a toner or what, but I now have little tiny hairs on the top of my nose. Their black and kinda thick, they don't look like hair unless you get close. But from far away they look like BLACK HEADS!

I think i got them from pore strips, cos I don't remember having little hairs on my nose that thick or anything. I hate it! They look like blackheads!
I stopped using the biore pore strips now, cos im so scared their gonna grow even thicker, and I heard it makes your pores bigger anyway.

Does anyone else have this and do you know how to get rid of it?

I tried threading them my self.. but its so hard to get in to the curve of the nose.. ! arghhh... I tried plucking tooo, but their so tiny and so hard to pluck. ... oh and i dont have money for laser.

EDIT : They arent black heads. They just look like them from afar. Its definitely hair, it extends out.


  • uhrelaxuhrelax Florida, USA.Posts: 91Member
    Ugh, I feel your pain. I get some tiny hairs on my nose too and they're sooo annoying, I'm scared to pluck them because I'm scared they'll grow back longer and thicker. And that's just gross. /:
    save the world D;

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  • BatgirlBatgirl The Oracle San Jose, CAPosts: 2,634Friend of Soompi
    hair on the nose is pretty normal.
  • eccentricGIRL_eccentricGIRL_ Posts: 89Member
    edited February 2010
    QUOTE (uhrelax @ Feb 17 2010, 06:57 PM) »
    I'm scared to pluck them because I'm scared they'll grow back longer and thicker.

    That won't happen.

    I use the nose strips and my nose is fine =S
  • pig_tailed_girlpig_tailed_girl Posts: 157Member
    I think those are blackheads. not hair.

  • sourelectricsourelectric Perth AustraliaPosts: 674Member
    QUOTE (pig_tailed_girl @ Feb 17 2010, 05:11 PM) »
    I think those are blackheads. not hair.

    Nope im pretty sure its hair. When you look a them from the side its long and on the exterior of the nose!
  • unwritingyouunwritingyou Posts: 1,556Member


    edited February 2010
    having fine hair on the nose is normal. it's like the really fine facial hair that everyone has...
    if it bothers you a lot, I think you can use a facial wax?

  • riceasaurrriceasaurr Posts: 848Member
    edited February 2010
    Some people have nose on their hair, some people don't.

    I for one, do. And like you, I was paranoid about it for a while.
    I did pluck a couple out, but then it was a hassle to do.
    Then I realized that I can't even notice it unless it stare at my nose for the longest time and 1cm away from the mirror.

    It's not a big deal. People won't like you any less b/c you have nose on your hair (:

    Edit: just noticed that you said you have black hairs on your nose, and mine is basically like peach fuzz.
    So, you probably have blackheads. In that case, I recommend you stop using biore strips because that ill only open up your pores more.

    Instead, try using a daily cleanser, or like Delster (below) said, get a facial.

    If you run into more trouble, I'm sure you'll be able to find ways of getting rid of blackheads on Soompi/Google. Just use the search button ^^
  • DelsterDelster Soon to be Crazy Cat Lady. Vancouver BCPosts: 2,675Member


    Sounds like black heads to me. Get a facial instead of using pore strips.
    It is more expensive but it makes a lot more difference
  • ninthninth CanadaPosts: 714Member
    if they are blackheads you could try using the pimple extractor (flat side) to get them out

    it if they are hairs only thing you can do is use the epi-stick, or a facial epilator
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