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Has anyone ever had a class where you learn more about your teachers personal life than the subject

annie_XDannie_XD Posts: 5Member
I've noticed this in my chem class recently. I'm pretty sure I know more about my teachers personal life than the subject chemistry. Because of this when it comes time for exams everyone does horrible ><


  • chopper!chopper! cr: tearings@lj Flushing, New YorkPosts: 1,688Member


    LOL reminds me of my friend's history teacher, becus, literally everyone who had that teacher ALWAYS complains how she doesn't teach but goes on and on about her life story. relating it to her life and stuff, and complaining about her day~ i couldn't find a single person who had her that ever liked her XD and i tried haha, luckily i never had her~
  • myGLAMrocksmyGLAMrocks Posts: 457Member


    yup, that's how it's like in my U.S. History class. Everyone is either sleeping or talking about their lives (including the teacher). He's a really cool teacher though. Right before the test he gives us a review and then everyone ace the test.
  • chewy130chewy130 Posts: 612Banned
    lmao for real i've had some teachers who always talk about their lives and sh and somehow they make it relate to what were learning. these ppl need a therapist or something..
  • kawaiiaikawaiiai ~{Eishars}~ London UkPosts: 1,346Member past art teacher at sixth form..he would always discuss his personal life with the class..he had a very talkative..& sociable character..
  • annhhannhh Posts: 65Member
    lol YES. One is my English teacher. Everytime during class she told more about her personal life than the subject. About her family, family history, about her suing some people over land, and so on..
    But now that the teacher changed, I really want to know how the lawsuit ended or is it still going on
  • maydai3333maydai3333 FloridaPosts: 1,738Friend of Soompi


    In my Spanish II class, every other word that came out of my teacher's mouth was fiance, wedding, or Harriet, his soon to be step child. Oh, that was only when he wasn't talking about his job as a swim coach or the flipping Bronchos. Needless to say, I didn't learn much, other than the standard, "hola".
    BIG BANG <333
  • superstar`kisssuperstar`kiss DESTINATION--love ya Posts: 7,154Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2010
    Yuppie, sophomore year history teacher. Then she was gone for 3 months and told us everything that happened during that time.
    & now my AVID/Econ/Gov't teacher. Super nice but she gets sidetracked easily. We once spent the whole class period listening to her cat story. image I seriously know her life, lmfao..considering that I have her for 2 classes as well.

    SuperStar five together as one.
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  • superhumanchichisuperhumanchichi Chichi~licious New YorkPosts: 2,427Moderator


    edited February 2013
    LMAO omg I seriously thought I was the only one going through this... My macroeconomics professor last semester was EXACTLY like that! He'd bring in a diet coke every day and talk about how much he loves diet coke then talks about his wife, wife's family, cousin, neighbor, pizza, and the most random crap EVER! He will get back to economics during the last 20 minutes of class and even then he still manages to get off track (i.e. supply and demand of pizza, then he'll talk about how good the pizza is at Gino's down the block from his house image').

    Man WTF is up with these teachers?? They weren't paid to teach about their personal life...
    Diamond Stardust  
  • DarkApprentice89DarkApprentice89 Posts: 383Member
    OMG lol Same here! ^^^

    My MacroEconomics teacher for the past fall semester, has THE most long examples ever that relate to his life once in a while. One time he was explaining what intermediate goods mean then he used bakery's as an example. Soon after he starts talking about how much bread costs many years ago, and then it SOMEHOW leads to how dating was so complicated back when his great grandfather "court" his great grandmother in the Medieval Ages.

    About a month ago I saw this macroeconomics teacher again on the public bus. He said hi to me and I started explaining how he would waste literally 80% of class time with his almost useless examples. Later on I found out I have him for microeconomics next semester. FML!
  • nobody knowsnobody knows what I think outof thisworldPosts: 13,096Member


    my teacher's the saaaaaaame way
    and I swear I know a lot more about his FRIEND's lives than chem as well.

    teach your stuff or retire already, old man!
  • SupremacySupremacy Posts: 1,047Member


    Yes, my math class.
    He tells us he despises us and that we are raised with no honor or respect and stuff like that is unacceptable to his culture(Spanish).
    Can't transfer out because my guidance counselor is a pinkberry.
  • adiavoyadiavoy Posts: 2,281Member


    Haha, yeah, probably my Geometry teacher awhile ago. He was a total jock!... what's worst is our class was also full of jocks. They would always talk about sports, his wife, and his childhood image Lols, gosh he was like 6 feet and so immature! The guy once threw my binder. I guess he wasn't a bad teacher though.
  • QUOTE (chewy130 @ Feb 9 2010, 02:57 PM) »
    lmao for real i've had some teachers who always talk about their lives and sh and somehow they make it relate to what were learning. these ppl need a therapist or something..

    AGREE. never learn anything in that class and just sleep. ><;
    PM me if you have questions or requests from my posts because i'm too lazy to check back on threads :B
  • Alice_DraconusAlice_Draconus Florida, USAPosts: 204Member
    edited February 2010
    -LOLing- This is SO my Psych/Macro/Gov teacher. XD (Yes he teaches all those subjects~)
    Granted, he usually is relating his life somehow to the subject at hand, sucessfully too. But I seriously can relay practically his entire life story from high school 'til now, I know so much about him. XP (especially because I have three classes with him!)
  • `dang sun mei`dang sun mei ❝ so i love you ❞ Posts: 517Member
    Year 3 of Spanish. Senora Segura, it was her life & sex education with bits a pieces of spanish flying everywhere. Oh the memories and pain.
  • YuenieYuenie Leges sine moribus vanae Philadelphia, PAPosts: 1,164Member
    I have a calc/stat teacher who tends to go off on tangents sometimes... (a lot of times) but she usually always is able to teach everything we need to know, and all the stories she tells are so interesting. It makes calculus and statistics less boring lol.

  • prechuz_aznprechuz_azn Posts: 3,043Member


    My psychology teacher talks about his kids a lot.
    When we did the unit about language he talks a lot about his kids
    babbling and stuff.
    Then, on the emotion unit, he talked about how he met his wife
    and stuff. It was weird.
    credits to serenityx3 
  • chrissatineechrissatinee Brooklyn, NYPosts: 7,219Member


    omg yess!

    Last year, my chinese teacher spend the WHOLE period talking about other people's life. Yes, the whole period. He is the only chinese teacher whom I never learned anything from.
  • EHNerJIEHNerJI 내꺼하자. ♥ Posts: 8,487Member


    edited March 2010
    Ugh. My teacher for science in grade 9 & 10 =.=;
    Grade 9 wasn't AS bad. But grade 10 was all about her and her boyfriend,
    how she had such a tough childhood, how people always made racial comments towards her blah blah blah.
    Then she went psycho and accused our whole class of being racist and refused to teach us o.o;
    I had to learn everything for physics from the textbook v___v; surprised I passed that class.
    I have nooo idea why she's still a teacher. So crazy.
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  • disgradiusdisgradius Toronto, CanadaPosts: 215Member
    One of my history teachers... I learned more about Monty Python from him than the Renaissance (which is what we were supposed to be covering).
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